Outdoor light not working

Outdoor light not working. The main purpose of outdoor lights is to increase the work at night.

Outdoor lights are also placed for beauty, construction, and transport. They also take comfort in the darkness, and we feel safe and secure due to them.

Outdoor lights are of different kinds. Different lights are used for various purposes.  Spotlights, floodlights, garden lights, and step lights are some famous kinds of lights.

It is necessary to use the right kind of light for the right purpose. We always use big outdoor lights for security in the area.

Outdoor lights on roads play a significant role for drivers as well as pedestrians. If you are going in a dangerous area and somehow due to any problems in lights there is darkness, it’s very risky to drive and walk.

Sometimes outdoor lights do not work due to various problems like the bulb being fused or the main circuit breaker being tripped.

We can fix those problems by calling a professional electrician. Don’t even think about going near electrical appliances until you don’t have knowledge about electricity.

Outdoor light not workingoutdoor light not working 2022

There are several reasons for outdoor light failure. This problem can happen to you without any warning.

Whenever you face outdoor lights failure, call an electrician because problems with lights can be simple or complex.

Light bulb is not working

This problem normally happens when the filament of the bulb is finished. If the outdoor light bulb suddenly burned out and electricity is not gone.

It generally happens due to overload on the wire of the filament. This problem can be solved by replacing bulbs.

You can do it by yourselves because it’s easy to change the bulb in the socket. There is no need to call a professional just for a change of bulb.

Not proper adjustment of bulb

Outdoor lights sometimes also do not work because the bulb is not properly adjusted in the socket. Electric current can be broken due to this.

So if your light bulb is suddenly off, then check the adjustment of it before you replace it.

GFCI failuregfci failure

GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) is a circuit breaker that acts very fast. It is used to shut off the power immediately if there is a ground fault.

Wiring of outdoor lights is normally done underground because of safety from water.

If water enters an electrical current, then GFCI can be tripped. That’s why it is necessary to place the circuit breaker in a place where no water can reach it.

Disturbance in the electrical panel

If GFCI is working properly and still bulb is not working, then the next thing to look at is the circuit breaker of the electric panel. It is trip due to many reasons like moisture and rodent damage.

If any of these problems are there, then it can cause short anywhere in connection.

Check now which outdoor light is not working and then see its respective circuit breaker in the electrical panel which is in-home at any place like basement or garage.

Now open the utility socket and check which circuit breaker is not at the ON position. Now just you have to do is that back that breaker that is not at the ON position.

Power failure

People who live in areas where it rains a lot and storms also come more than outdoors lights problems occur more to them. You often see your outdoor light not working after heavy rain.

If there is a power outage, then outdoor lights will go off.

Damaged wire

Sometimes wire problems also occur underground due to digging or water, so also check wire connection when outdoor lights do not work properly.

Mounds of bugs

It is often seen that bugs like fire ants make their mounds in outdoor lights. In the same way, rabbits and squirrels also cut the wires with sharp teeth, so we must take care of our wires from bugs and animals.


What is the benefit of outdoor lights?

Outdoor lights are necessary for the security of buildings and homes.

What is the common name used for outdoor lights?

Outdoor lights are normally called “Scones” because they can give us every type of light that we need.

Which types of outdoor lights are best?

MR 16 lamps are the best bulbs used for outdoor lights. It is an LED bulb.


Wrapping up all our discussion, we concluded that outdoor lights are in need of time. Outdoor lights are fixed for security and to increase the look of the place.

We should wire the outdoor lights underground for safety from various things like water, short circuit, bugs, animals, etc.

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