Kwikset smart lock reset

Kwikset smart lock reset. Door locks are one of the main things that need prior attention. Technology has come up with smart locks that amaze its users. With the innovative and built-in features. one of the best inventions to keep your space under security Is smart locks.

If we talk about good brands that provide the best smart door locks, then Kwikset makes its name in the top quality brands.

Kwikset smart locks are known for their modern technology that wonders the words with its layout and features. They have a built-in alarm that will warn you in case of security issues.

There is no doubt about the quality of the Kwikset Smart home system, but like all other technological gadgets, IT can also come up in a situation where you need to reset it.

But Kwikset smart locks ask for proper attention while resetting it. Because if we do something wrong with it, it can interrupt the whole functionality of the Kwikset smart lock.

So when it comes to Smart Lock, we always recommend you follow a proper step-by-step guide after resetting smart locks.

If you don’t know how to reset your Kwikset Smart Lock, we are here to drain the tension out of your head.

We have covered you by giving you a step-by-step guide that you can follow and reset your Kwikset smart lock authentically.

Kwikset smart lock reset

8 Steps to reset Kwikset Smart Lock

8 steps to reset kwikset smart lock

We have listed 8 steps you can follow to reset the door handling process and a detailed way of helping to factory reset the smart lock.

Step 1: Unlock the Door

The first thing that you have to do is to unlock the door. You can do this by attaching the extended Bolt.

This step is prudent because if something goes wrong during resetting your Kwikset Smart Locks, you have a way to come in or out to your place.

Use a door extender and attach it to the door. And in case of error, you will be able to sneak out.

Step 2: Eliminate the Cover of the Back Panel

eliminate the cover of the back panel

After taking the precautionary steps of unlocking the door no, you must delete the back panel cover. To limit the coverage of the battery’s pack back panel, you must locate the program button first.

The program button is used to factory reset the Kwikset Smart Lock. Moving the back panel cover will help you to locate the battery pack and the power button.

Step 3: Eliminate the Battery pack

eliminate the battery pack

After locating the battery pack, you now have to eliminate it. Well, this step depends on the model of the Kwikset smart Locks that you have.

Most Kwikset Smart Lock models don’t come with a battery pack. And as they do not need any elimination of battery pack.

but if the smart lock you are using has a battery pack, removing it will possibly be the next step you must go through to continue the resetting process.

If you have a first or second-generation Kwikset smart home system, you should skip removing the battery pack because this model doesn’t come with the battery pack that needs removal.

But if you have any other Kwikset lock models, then you should remove the battery pack so that you can turn down the lock of the Kwikset Smart Lock.

After a successful process in which you remove the battery pack in a specific order, you must shift to the next step.

Step 4: Authenticate Program Button

authenticate program button

In this step, you must locate the program button, which is a big one. Look at the program button around the locks manual and press and hold it firmly.

Step 5: Re-installation Of Battery

Now after pressing the program button, you have to hold it. By holding it constantly, you must put the battery back in its place.

You have to be extra careful during this step and hold the program button constant because releasing the whole can cause different errors in the resetting process.

Step 6: Confirm Through indicators

confirm through indicators

This step is different for most of the different models of the Kwikset smart lock.

When you hold the power button for about 30 seconds, Kwikset models will start indicating the light and showing the status led flashes red along with a single beep.

  • Indication of the first and second generation

You don’t have to go further if you have first- and second-generation locks. You can stop your process here because, after the light indication and beeping, your Kwikset smart lock will be headed to complete its resetting.

  • Indication of 917 and 909 smart access code locks

If you have one of these smart code locks, turn off the tracing status led flashes red light indication, and a spot beeping shows that the resetting process is done.

If the lock beeps and a flash red light shows up, the led light confirms the reset process. Green and red lights on the access codes could mean different, so you must keep examining one short beep.

If the lock beeps, the status led light will shift to factory default settings.

Step 7: Authentication of Handling Process

authentication of handling process

You have to authenticate if the Reset is done or not. You can examine it by simply pressing the reset button. No, this process will take almost 10 to 30 seconds to sum up the process.

details about hanging than most of the Kwikset Smart Lock models like 909, 9 14, and 913 for overall manual handling

Step 8: Examine through Testing

If you are done doing all the above steps successfully. Then finally, you come up to the position where you have to examine the resetting process. Check if the resetting process goes well or not.

Use the old access codes and check if the door opens with the old password. If the smart lock is opening with the old password, then it means that the resetting process doesn’t end up on its way.

Like a smart lock is not opening without a password and unlocks with a new password. Then it indicates that the resetting process usually goes, and now you can enjoy your latest password.

3 types of Reset

Before starting the resetting process, the first thing that you have to do is to choose the reason the type that you want to perform.

If you are wondering about the reset setting type, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about smart lock reset.

You can choose from three kinds of Kwikset smart lock reset.

Factory Rest

factory rest

Factory reset is one of the most common reset methods or types that people usually use. That is because it is available for All Kwikset smart lock devices.

If you are going to perform a factory reset by using our factory reset Smart Lock step-by-step guide, then you are in your mind.

It will vanish away all the security settings, and all the access codes angle secure Smart Lock at its default setting.

This is one of the recommended options that you can try, as it is available in almost all the Kwikset smart lock devices.

System Reset

system reset

If you are trying to do a system reset, you need to know what actually system reset will do.

Perform the system design, and you have to clean your hands from lock settings and access codes, and even it will delete lock handling.

Network reset

If you are trying to perform our network reset, you need to know that the network reset will delete all the settings related to the network.

When performing a network reset, the Wi-Fi setting and account lock setting will vanish.


A smart home security system is one of the most important pillars of building a house.

Attaching the Kwikset SmartCode lock is undoubtedly a good decision. But sometimes, when we come into confusion where we think that door lock passcode is in some other hands as well, then in such cases, the system reset is the only option left.

We know that you were in a state where you were blank from the process of factory resetting the Kwikset lock. But now, we are more than sure that you are fully aware and know how to factory reset the Kwikset lock.

And luckily, Kwikset smart lock reset the whole process is here in your reading reach. Go.

We hope that after following our guide, you have successfully reset your password and are good to go up.

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