How to unlock push and twist lock door knob

How to unlock push and twist lock door knob. If you are imprisoned in a bathroom or any push and twist-lock door then, don’t waste your time worrying yourself. Let’s find out a way to get off from there.

Problems are part of our lives. But whenever a problem occurs in our life, it has its solution with it. We just need some instructions and an accurate method to tackle the matter.

If you are experiencing any unpleasant thing, like being stuck in a locked room or a bathroom, then you must be worried about how you will get off from there.

Luckily these kinds of doors have private knobs that act as a standard tool and are helpful in case of emergency. Whenever someone is locked in a push and twist door, they think about contacting a locksmith.

Calm yourself,  and follow the instructions with the required tools. You can unlock the doorknob by yourself.  So, here we go.

How to unlock push and twist lock door knob

unlock push and twist lock door knob

Required material

  • Screwdriver or substitute key
  • A credit card
  • Paper clip and a tension wrench
  • Metallic coat hanger
  • An Allen Wrench
  • Butter knife
  • A hummer

We are going to discuss different methods to unlock a push and  twist doorknob below this:

Use of Screwdriver or a Substitute Key

The first way of unlocking the door is using a second key to unlock the door quickly. It will be more helpful if you have an alternate key to unlock the door.

You can also use a flat-headed screwdriver.  Now, turn the handle the same as when you open the door, then you will see a small hole in the handle. Insert the screwdriver to the last point. Turn and wiggle the screwdriver in it.  Pay some attention.

You may hear a sound when it catches the grooves. After it, you can succeed in unlocking the door.

Use of Credit Card/Debit Card

A credit card may use as a short-term key as we know that there are different types of locks, and every technique doesn’t work on each lock. This technique is not favorable for deadbolt locks.

It is just suitable for some locks like spring locks, latch bolt knobs, and lever-type doorknobs. It may be useful to use a flexible, flat, stiff, or laminated card to prevent any loss.

Because using any other card like debit, credit, or identification card is a bit risky. Swipe the card between the lock and the door frame. Lean down the card back, and push the bolt from inside.

Use of Paper Clip & Tension Wrench

Unlocking the door with a paper clip is another unique method. You required 2 paper clips. One of them use for bending and bending out, and the second one uses for complete straight purposes.

Insert the one clip that is for bending and the second one for straight use in the keyhole. Move the clips into the keyhole. At the same time, the second thing that is useable for unlocking is the tension wrench.

It is the same as a minor hex key and is easily available on the market. It will help you to create tension when you insert the wrench into the bottom of the lock.

It means the paper clips work on the upper side, and the tension wrench will move into the bottom of the lock. These apparatuses may help you in unlocking the door successfully.

Use of Metallic Coat Hanger

use of metallic coat hanger

Using a coat hanger made of metal is another method to unlock your locked door. This item may help you in dragging the latch bolt of your push and twist door.

Consider the shape of the hook and the handle of your door, and then lean down the hanger till the last spot. Determine the edge and insert the slip in the middle of your door and wall.

Now, you need to fold the object around the bolt. Then, rotate the doorknob and pull the hanger towards your side. If you have a gap between the door and the wall, then this method may not work for you.

Remove Hinges or Handle technique

Here is another effective method of unlocking the push and twist door.  You can unlock the door without damaging your lock knobs. Follow the process step by step.

The only thing that you need is to get access to the hinges of the door. You have to remove these hinges with the help of essential equipment.

You need a flat-headed screwdriver; then, you need to insert it between the door knuckles and pins. Displace the head and the pins from their spots; you need to hit the screwdriver with the help of a hummer.

Removing all the hinges of the door gives results in the form of an unlocked door.

You can also remove the handle by removing the screws of the handle with the help of a screwdriver. Then insert the screwdriver and rotate the item gently. It may help when the handle of the door becomes loosened after removing the screws.

Use a Technique of Pick a Lock

how to unlock push and twist lock door knob 2022

Whenever you try any method, try to follow the instructions properly. In this method of unlocking the door you essential that you have an Allen wrench.

You need to insert the Allen wrench into the bottom of the keyhole. Hold a continuous pressure and gently rotate the Allen wrench in the lock.

Here are 2 basic fundamentals of the process for correct results.

  • Pin by pin method

While putting pressure on the Allen wrench, insert a paper clip or a bobby pin into the lock. Turn down the clip and lift the object upward.  While bending and lifting, you will hear the sound of unlocking.

  • Scrubbing method

Insert the Allen wrench gently into the keyhole of the lock. After that, you need to rotate the Allen wrench in it till it unlocks the door.

Using a Butter knife

using a butter knife

It is hard to imagine that you can use a butter knife to unlock a doorknob. But honestly, it’s true. You can use this method more effectively for push-button locks.

First, make sure that your knife can bear the strength or some pressure. Next, the only thing that you need to do is insert the butter knife into the keyhole and twist the knife in the keyhole.

Twits the butter knife till you don’t hear the sound of unlocking.

Use a Hummer or Kick

If none of the above methods works, then here are some ways that are a little bit aggressive. The only object that you need is a hammer.

Hit the door lock with a hammer and break the lock. After a little pushing and spinning, you may be able to open the door.

The second way is that you may depend on your physical power. You can assemble SWAT-style kicking and the third law of motion of Newton.

You need to hit the door lock at its weak point. Repeat the process with straight foot kicks.

Final Thoughts

This article may help you to unlock a push and twist doorknob. Follow the guideline properly with the required apparatus.

Don’t harm yourself, and handle the items carefully. If one method does not work, try another one.

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