Toilet burps big bubble when flushed

Toilet burps big bubble when flushed. Usually, a flushing toilet makes a specific sound when it does something out of the ordinary.

Gurgling or toilet bubbles is a common issue, but it should never be ignored.

You might see your toilet is gurgling after flushing and bubbling back to the bowl, this issue should be resolved, or you might later have to deal with an overflowing mess.

Why Toilet burps big bubble when flushedwhy toilet burps big bubble when flushed 2022

Problems like bubbles forming in the toilet, slow drainage of the toilet, or the toilet that gurgles are common problems that mainly indicate a prevalent cause, blockage.

The water and waste need to flow through the pipes to correct the air pressure. Otherwise, a blockage will cause negative air pressure (suction) in the pipes.

Resultantly, when air goes back up in the toilet bowl, it causes a gurgling sound and big bubbles.

Now it is essential to identify the exact location where this blockage has formed:

Toilet Bowl

If the blockage is in the toilet bowl, you might probably see it. It usually is shredded toilet paper or something else. Whatever it is, it will be floating in the bowl. 

The Toilet Draintoilet drain

This blockage happens when you flush something that you shouldn’t have.

It manages t pass through the bowl but gets stuck in the drainage pipe.

Usually, the things that get stuck are sanitary napkins, cotton swabs, plastic shopping bags, etc.

Sewer Drain

The main sewer drain is the pipe where all the drains of your house lead. From thAll the drainage is collected from the hen, bathrooms, and laundry room in the main sewer.

The waste is carried away from your house to the city sewer system through the main sewer drain. 

This drain can get blocked due to many reasons, like the drainpipe being old, something that cannot be drained has been flushed, or it might not have cleared for a long time.

How to resolve the toilet burping issue?

Here we will discuss the solutions that might help you stop your toilet from creating giant bubbles when it is flushed. Before calling for a plumber, you can try these solutions:

  • Use a sewer snake or a toilet auger to remove clogs trapped in the drainage pipes. They have a blade at their end, which helps cut the clogs or blockage.
  • Set the plunge in the toilet bowl hole, creating suction by up and down the decent ten times, causing the trapped air to escape.
  • Remove the air pockets by turning on all the faucets and central water supply. After 10-15 minutes, the air pockets will be removed.
  • Use a toilet plunger to unclog the drainage. It is a tool having a rubber cup that acts as a suction tool to remove the blockage. This tool solves 90% of the drainage and clogging toilet issues.
  • U can use some chemical drain cleaner or bleach to dissolve the blockage in the drainage pipes. Though not all substances can be dissolved by using chemicals, it does help when the blockage is due to materials like paper, plastic shopping bags, etc.


Toilet burps big bubble when flushed. Though it is irritating when your toilet burps big bubbles after you flush it, it is usually not very complex to identify the reason for this issue.

Usually, it is some kind of blockage that is causing it. 

Despite applying these solution tips, if your toilet still has bubbles after flushing, you might need to call the plumber to resolve this problem.

They are equipped with plumbing tools and professional equipment such as mini cameras and other repair tools.

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