Kitchen sink clogged past trap

Kitchen sink clogged past trap. Too often, the kitchen sink is blocked past. Still, when you see the drain hoses, they are not clogged.

Knowing the easiest way to unclog that blocked hose is important because if you do not clear the clog immediately, the water flows back from the sink and becomes challenging to work in the kitchen due to the smell.

However, don’t worry; there are a lot of methods to unclog the clogged hoses. The simplest method to open the kitchen sink clogged past trap is to pour boiling water into the clogged drain.

You can also use baking soda, white vinegar, a plunger, and a plumber’s snake to open the drain pipe p trap clog.

Keep reading this article to know the details of various methods you can use to open the clogged drain pipe.

Kitchen sink clogged past trap

A sink drain is clogged in the past trap section due to oil and grease clogging in the drain because both are water rivals.

So, if you don’t want to see a water pool in the kitchen sink, then keep running water in the kitchen sink hose all day so that grease, oil, and other debris do not clog the kitchen sink p trap.

There are a lot of methods to clear stubborn clogs in the sink’s p trap, like pouring hot water, chemical drain cleaners, drain snake, drain auger, coffee grounds, etc.

Pouring boiling water

pouring boiling water

The sink drain pipe is clogged for various reasons like food waste, human hairs, oil, and grease clog.

So, it’s necessary to clear the food residue from plates before you wash them in the kitchen sinks.

In the same way, do not allow your long hairs to go in the shower drain because these hairs are stuck in one place, and slowly push the water to flow and make a clog in the pipe.

The simplest solution to clear the clog is to boil water for half an hour and then pour this hot water into the sink pipe.

Hot boiling water will immediately remove the stuck objects in the sink clogged past trap. You can repeat this process for better results and the complete removal of stubborn clogs.

White vinegar

white vinegar

If there is a large clog in the drain pipe due to coffee grounds and water not draining from the plastic, or metal pipes, then use white vinegar to clean the sink’s drain.

White vinegar is the best ingredient to use in such type of situation, and it is easily available in every kitchen.

Put half a cup of vinegar in standing water for half an hour in the sink and check its initial reaction.

The sharp reaction of white vinegar will appease the food residue, and then after half an hour, pour hot water into the kitchen sink to ensure all the clog is removed, and water flows effortlessly from the double sink.

Baking soda

baking soda

If a water pool is in your kitchen sink and you want to cut down the stubborn clog, then half a cup of baking soda is enough for unclogging sinks.

Put half a cup of baking soda in your clogged drain pipe, set it off there for ten minutes, and pour hot water.

Baking soda is superb for cleaning your drain pipes because it clears the bad-smelling food residue from clogged drains.

For better results, you can also mix baking soda and white vinegar and pour them together in the clogged sink and wait for 30 minutes.

After half hour, put hot water in the sink and check the magic because all the water will seep down quickly, and you can easily wash your plates in the kitchen sink.

Chemical drain cleaners

chemical drain cleaners

Chemical pipe cleaners are also very effective for kitchen sink clogged past traps.

These chemical cleaners are readily available in the market, but people mostly avoid these chemical cleaners because they are highly toxic.

You can easily buy a drain cleaner from any hardware store.

As I mentioned above, these chemical cleaners are very toxic so wear safety gloves on your hands because the bottle material can harm your hand’s skin.

Slowly shove the cap with your hand and turn the cap. Don’t even try to squeeze the drain cleaner bottle.

Pour half of the bottle carefully into the clogged drains. Please leave it to do its job for 20 minutes.

Pour hot boiling water to clear the kitchen sink clogged past.

Use plunger

use plunger

It is very frustrating to see your sink clogged with stubborn clogs. Use a plunger if you have tried baking soda and vinegar and the kitchen sink is still clogged past.

Press the plunger upward and downward on the sink’s drain. Repeat this process ten times to aspirate the clogs past the trap.

Usually, a sink plunger has four cups of water movement. Therefore, it is beneficial to unclog your kitchen sink drain past the trap section.

If there are overflow holes in your kitchen sink, then insert a wet rag into this hole before starting your work with a plunger.

For the double kitchen sink, plug the pipe of the other sink openings with a wet rag.

It will stop air from escaping from another sinkhole to make your plunging will become helpful.

Use a shop vac to clear a clogged drain

use a shop vac to clear a clogged drain

You can also use a shop vac to clear a clogged drain. Detach your pipe stopper and put one end of the shop vac pipe into the drain.

Change the shop vacuum settings to exhaust and switch it on. Now you will listen to a loud sound, but you will notice a clear decrease in sound when the sink’s p trap.

If the loud sound is still coming after 20 seconds, turn the vacuum to suction, then back to exhaust mode.

This powerful force will surely remove the clog from your drain pipe, and the suction must garb all the grease, oil, and residue.

Clean all the dirt by pouring hot water into the sink to wash the dishes.

Plumber’s snake for clogged sink drain pipe

plumber's snake for clogged sink drain pipe

If you have a kitchen sink clogged past and non of the above method is working to clear the soap scum and grease in the sink drain, then a plumber’s snake is a good option because it works fine.

It is a flexible, big tube that goes under the kitchen sink to unblock it. Using a plumber’s snake is not challenging because you just have to put the snake under the pipe and continue revolving it.

When you realize that it’s grabbed the food residue which is blocking the past trap, carefully begin dragging the snake upward.

Ensure to pull it steadily; because if you pull it fastly, the food residue you are pulling upward will drop down again in the past trap.

After pulling the snake out carefully, unload it in a dirty vessel, then insert the snake under the kitchen sink again.

Repeat the activity until all the clog is removed with the help of a snake. Now pour hot boiling water into the kitchen sink to check water is flowing fastly or if it is still clearing slowly.

If all the water drains quickly, you have done your job effectively. Avoid throwing food remains in the kitchen sink and ensure not to throw the hairs in the bathroom sink next time.

Open the P trap section

open the p trap section

If you have not checked the p trap section in your drain pipe, then open the p trap section.

When you wash dishes in the kitchen sink, some of the clogs are stuck in the small curve in the pipes under the kitchen sinks.

Place a drip pan before you start your work. Open the p trap section because when you open the trap, the water will flow on your kitchen floor, and it will make a large puddle.

After placing the pan or bucket, take a screwdriver and pipe wrench and open a couple of bolts to remove the p trap.

It is not a difficult task; nevertheless, now you can open the trap just using your hands because it is no tighter now.

After separating the p trap, check what is stuck in it. Mostly we do throw away the potato or onion peelings, food sludge after dinner, or it may be a spoon also.

If you are cleaning the p trap after months, it may be the grease or oil accumulated in the drain pipe.

First, clean any debris, grease, and residue with hot water and dishwashing soap. Do not install the p trap immediately and leave it to air dry for a minimum of three hours.

Professional plumber

If you still cannot open the kitchen sink clogged past trap, then your last option is to hire a professional plumber for drain plumbing.

The professional plumber knows various methods to open clogged drains. Unfortunately, you will have to pay a few dollars to a plumber, but you have no other option now.


The final thoughts on this article are that if you are having issues with the kitchen sink clogged past trap, then do not leave it on tomorrow because the water flowing back from the kitchen sink drain will make a large puddle on the kitchen floor.

To open the drain hole, you can use baking soda, white vinegar, and hot boiling water.

You can also use different tools like a plunger and a plumber’s snake. If all these methods do not work fine, contact a skillful plumber for drain plumbing.

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