How to remove a stuck kitchen sink drain flange

How to remove a stuck kitchen sink drain flange. The kitchen sink flange requires replacement over time, and the reason could be like changing the garbage disposal, or if you want to replace your leaky sink, then it requires removing the kitchen sink drain flange.

Sometimes food chunks clog the garbage disposal, and for that purpose, you have to remove the kitchen drain flange, but if you try to open it.

It got stuck, and now you are thinking of calling a plumber and then stopping because with the help of the right amount of instructions, you can surely do it yourself, and if you are DIYer, then this is going to be an easy peasy process.

But before getting into the removal process, you have to identify the reasons behind the stuck kitchen sink drain flange.

How to remove a stuck kitchen sink drain flange

how to remove a stuck kitchen sink drain flange

The main reason for the stuck kitchen sink drain flange is the plumber’s putty that is placed between the sink and the flange.

When a plumber’s putty gets hardened then, it creates pressure that causes the stuckness of the kitchen sink drain flange.

But if your kitchen sink flange is old, then it may be filled with dirt, debris, and water minerals. Due to such a problem, they stop providing their function.

If you will not fix them on time, then it is going to be a disturbing experience because the water in your sink will start leaking, and later on, it will cause more severe damage.

So it is recommended that whenever you witness something wrong with your kitchen sink, then check if your kitchen sink plunge needs replacement or not, and if it needs replacement, then try to remove it.

Removal Process

If you are trying to remove the kitchen sink plunge for the replacement purpose and while removing you see that it got stuck, then you have to fix it so that you can remove it smoothly.

But before starting the removal process, you have to gather up some supplies that will help you during the removal procedure.

What You’ll Need

  • Adaptable knife
  • Pair of Pliers
  • Pipe wrench
  • Alen wrench
  • Lubricant
  • plumbers Greece
  • Block of Wood
  • Screwdriver
  • Pair of rubber gloves
  • Hammer
  • Basket

Step 1: Prepare the area

The first step that you have to take is to prepare the area for the work so that you can start your work properly. Clean the area and remove any excessive objects that are lying around the sink.

Step 2: Shut off the water valves

After preparing the area for work now, it is recommended to shut off the water valves.

This process is not so important, but still, as a precautionary measure, you have to shut off the water valves that you can locate around the kitchen sink.

Shutting water valves off will prevent you from any unwanted water bursts while doing the process.

Step 3: Putting the basket

After shutting off water valves, make sure to put the basket down the sink so that while doing the removal process, any type of nut can spin and get lost. So if you will put up the basket down in the sink, then it will help you to catch the nuts or other parts.

Step 4: Take out Jam Nut

After putting the basket down the kitchen sink drain, now it’s time to check for the locknut and locate it down the drain basket. After locating it, try to remove it with the help of pair of pliers.

Step 5: Apply Plumbers Greece or penetrating oil

If the nuts are stuck, then apply the plumber”s Greece or spray the nut with the penetrating oil all around the sink.

Wait for a few minutes until the oil gets properly soaked up around. And then try to lose the nut, and if the nut still sticks, then try to repeat the process.

Step 6: Detach and loosen the PLumber’s Putty

If it still sticks, then try to detach the plumber’s putty by using the knife and start cutting through the area that is right in between the flange and sink; cutting through that area will help to loosen the plumbers putty which is down the kitchen sink flange.

Step 7: Use Hamer to dab the bottom of the sink

use hamer to dab the bottom of the sink

Now wear headlamps while holding the hammer and crawl down the kitchen sink and keep on holding the bottom of the drain.

And then, dap the bottom of the sink by using a hammer and dab enough until the plumber’s putty gets loosened.

Then try boosting the kitchen sink drain flange so that it releases its grasp.

Step 8: Embed a Knife between the flange

Now while dabbing the sink with a hammer, put a knife through the flange and pull it upward so that flange loses its pressure, and then you can lift it upside.

Keep on trying all the above steps until the kitchen sink flange gets loosened and removed. How to remove a stuck kitchen sink drain flange.

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