kitchen sink backs up into other side

kitchen sink backs up into other side. It is a very frustrating thing to see when you are washing utensils in a sink and water flows back with garbage disposal into both sides of the sink.

If clogged is popping up from both sides, then it is a thing to worry about because you can not wash the plates further, and also, it is making a pool of dirty water in the sink and kitchen.

The kitchen sink backs up into another side when there is a stoppage in the main pipe of the sink because the garbage is not disposed of completely.

You might have information that the drainpipe of both the sink is the same, and if there is a blockage in the pipe, then water will flow back from both sides.

For the opening of the pipe of the sink, vinegar, hot water, and baking soda are good options. Baking soda is a good cleaning agent, and it is also a good smell absorber.

Kitchen sink backs up into other sidekitchen sink backs up

When there is a clog in the sink, then water will not pass through the drain pipes of the sink.

So it is better to remove the disposal of food and clogged material from the plates before washing them in the sink.

Clear the disposal before washing the utensils with your hands so that the water does not flow back.

Following are some solutions which you can try to clear the blockage in the sink.

Baking soda

Baking soda is the best cleaning agent to clear the clog in the sink pipe. First of all, heat up the water and then mix it with baking soda.

Now pour this solution into the sink. It will clear all disposal material as well as the bad odor also in the kitchen.

When this baking soda is mixed with hot water, then it will dispose of the clogged material into small pieces which can drain off through the pipes.

Use of vinegaruse of vinegar

Vinegar is an acid that makes a fizzing reaction when it is mixed with the solution of water and baking soda. It breaks down the blockage and clears the drain.

Make sure that clear the standing water in the sink before entering soda and vinegar; otherwise, it will reduce their effectiveness.

Now, first of all, after clearing the standing water then, pour 1 cup of the baking soda into the sink and then slowly mix vinegar into the baking soda.

Now cover the sink and wait for 20 minutes for complete reactions in the sink. After 20 minutes, dump hot water into the sink and see that your sink is clean and the smell is also removed.

Use of plungeruse of plunger

A plunger is a good tool if you have clogged the sink, which is flowing back from the drain to the other side of the sink.

Plunging is a technique to open the blocked sink.

For this, pull out the stopper of the sink and add some water which will cover the pipe.

Now plunge the plunger over the sinkhole completely and keep pumping the plunger for a minimum of 15 minutes.

It will clean the debris in the sink surely.

If you have a double-sided sink, then repeat it on the other side in the same way and clear the clog there.

After pumping the plunger pump, pour hot water into both the sinks repeatedly. Check that your sink is clear now from the blockage; you can wash the dishes in the sink now.

Try salt and water solution

If your sink is blocked and it is creating the problem of backflow of water into another side, then it is a very frustrating thing because you can not even stand in the kitchen due to the bad smell.

If you do not have another option, then you can just mix a small amount of salt and hot water and make a dilute solution.

Remove all the standing dirty water and then pour salt and hot water into the sink. Wait for ten minutes, and then add hot water to it. Hopefully, all the blockage in the drainpipe will be cleared through this remedy.


On ending notes, it is suggested to you that before washing dishes into the sink, remove the remaining food items from the plate with your hands so that they should not make a clog in the pipe.

If the kitchen sink backs up to another side, then baking soda, vinegar, and salt are some options to pour into the sink and then clean the sink with hot water.

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