Joy con not charging

Joy con not charging. Joy-con is a handy and fun device for playing games. It looks like a simple game-playing device, much like a standard Nintendo controller.

However, it is a big headache to see joycon not charging. There are a lot of causes responsible for this problem.

First, check whether all the ports are clean or not because if they are dirty, the joy-con controllers will not charge. Next, make sure that the console is in sleep mode or turned on.

If you are here, it means your joycon not charging, so read this guide to fix the Nintendo switch controller firmware.

Joy con not charging

If you inspect that your Switch Joycon not charging, there is no require to be frustrated. It may be a small issue that will only need some calmness.

When wholly cleared, the Switch Joycon will need some time to switch on. So wait for some time and check if it turns on.

If it doesn’t turn on, then you can move forward to try some other methods.

During this time, don’t try to play games because if you fully finish the battery, it will be more challenging for the device to charge.

There are a lot of methods to troubleshoot the Joycon not charging, which I will explain in this article because some issues only need some calmness while some fixed ones acquire proper resistance.

Power cycle

power cycle

If your joycon device stops charging, detach your joy-con controllers and power cycle the Nintendo Switch console.

It does not mean restarting a device; it actually means unplugging the switch from the power outlet for one minute and repairing it with your controller.

It probably solves the charging issue, and joy-con controllers start charging again.

Check Nintendo Switch console ports

check nintendo switch console ports

If the off-on test does not work and the device still does not charge, check the switch console ports because dust and debris enter the ports with time, and the device stops charging.

Clean the joycon and switch console ports with compressed air and isopropyl alcohol.

Clean all the debris and dust from all sites and ports that might be responsible for this issue.

It is essential to clean all the ports once a week, but do it very carefully and do not put too much pressure on the joycon ports because if you put extra pressure on your hands, it can damage or bend the connecting pin.

Poor connection

poor connection

Poor connection is also one of the main issues when you have joycon charging issues.

My joycon stopped charging last Sunday; I thought the battery had expired. I planned to purchase a new battery and insert it myself.

But to ensure that was the main issue, I decided to exchange the faulty battery with the new one in the joycon to operate properly.

When I detached the left joycon, I inspected the battery cable that had come disconnected, so I just inserted it back into the device.

The joycon controller started charging again, and luckily I solved the issue without professional assistance.

Faulty charging cable or charger

faulty charging cable or charger

If your joy-con controller has a charging problem and you want to fix the Nintendo switch controller, then firstly, Inspect the charging cable and charger because the cable or charger might be faulty.

Always try to fix the charger tightly in the wall outlet and check the charging indicator for a few seconds to confirm the charger is correctly connected to the power outlet.

Make sure to charge your device a minimum of three and a half hours for proper charging.

If you have some other device in the home, then charge that joycon with your charger and see whether that device starts charging or not.

If another device is charging with this charger and the battery indicator turns on, it is an issue with your joycon, but if that device is also not charging, your charger is faulty.

In this case, You need to buy a new charger or charging dock to charge the joycon. If your joy-con is not charging, try changing its Nintendo switch ac adapter because the old charger or cable might be faulty.

Your joycon also stops charging if you accidentally drop your joy-con controller, then the device may stop charging due to internal components damage. You will need to check the device with a professional.

Ensure one thing that does not try to charge your joy-con controllers with a different charger and only replace the old charger or cable with the right accessory or right joy-con charger.

You can easily purchase a new Nintendo switch ac adapter from Amazon or Nintendo store.

Water damage

water damage

Sadly, the Switch Joycon is not water-proof, so, unfortunately, it drops into a water bucket, or if it wets with water or rain, it can face charging problems.

If your time is a good well and you are lucky enough that the water did not go inside the joycon, the device will start working and charging without any repair.

If your device gets damp, turn them off immediately, and make sure the device switches off completely.

In this case, you acquire to air dry the device for some time to stop any serious hardware malfunction.

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Update Nintendo switch firmware

update nintendo switch firmware

A firmware glitch basically means an out-of-date controller’s firmware. Update the new firmware version of the Switch Joycon is a simple solution to check the device is charging.

If your device demands a software update, immediately update controllers for new features.

You can easily update the Nintendo switch software from the system settings menu and select update controllers.

It does not always happen when the joycon stops charging due to hardware issues, but a firmware glitch can also be responsible for the charging trouble, and you only need to update Nintendo switch software.

Use joy con grip

use joy con grip

The charging grip device is a different way to charge your Nintendo controllers.

It is a different pick-up from your standard Nintendo Switch console. If your joycon charging problem, you can change your grip to fix the issue.

Fix the left and right joy-cons to the charging grip.

Place the joy con charging grip on the Switch dock with the cable.

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Resyncing Nintendo switch controller

Another method to fix your Nintendo Switch charging issue is resyncing Nintendo switch controller.

Press the sync or power button on joy-con controllers to reset the device, and simply press any button to turn on the joy-con

Now steer to the Controller section on the device screen and click on Pair New Controller. Stick to the on-screen causes and move the right and left joy-con into the game console.

Tap on Done, and your device must be paired and working properly. Now check that your joycon controller is charging.

Nintendo technical support team

nintendo technical support team

If non of the above troubleshooting tips work and the device fails to charge, you can get help from the professional Nintendo technical support team.

If you cannot contact them, you can also check your device at a local joy con repair shop to fix Nintendo switch controller.

Submit warranty claim

If you have recently purchased the Nintendo switch controller and suddenly stopped charging, you can submit a warranty claim or insurance plan to the company.

You might get a replacement for this device if you are lucky enough.


In conclusion, Nintendo switch joy cons are handy devices to play games on consoles, but some early users complain about charging issues.

If the device warranty date is over, you might face charging issues due to dust and debris in ports.

In addition to that, it is very important to keep updating the Nintendo switch controller firmware.

But you can quickly fix this issue using any of the methods mentioned above to troubleshoot this issue.

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