Sony headphones not charging

Sony headphones not charging. It is easy to charge your sony headphones because you just need to plug your USB port into a computer or adopter, and the headphones start charging.

However, if your headphones stop charging, don’t throw them in the bin and purchase a new pair of sony headphones. Headphones prevent charging due to different causes, and you can fix them after reading this blog post.

A USB port or adaptor is used to transfer power to the headphones, and there are chances they are not supplying power to them.

It may be an issue with the outlet where you are trying to charge your device, so try to insert the adaptor into another outlet to confirm an issue with the adaptor or wall outlet.

I am sure this article will guide you with different tips to fix your sony headphones, and you don’t need to purchase new headphones to listen to your favorite music.

Sony headphones not charging

Sony headphones are a reliable brand for listening to your favorite music but if your sony headphones are not charging, then check your charging cable because some headphones only charge with their own brand charging cable.

It is also necessary to place both your headphones in the right way in the charging box. Sometimes we do not place the earbuds in the correct position; that’s why they are not charged.

Check the following steps to repair your sony headphones if they are not charging properly.

Check the sony cable

check the sony cable

Some devices only charge with their own brand charging cables. So, if your sony headphones are not charging with some other charging cable, then replace this cord with the original sony power cord.

The earbuds will start charging after changing the original sony power cord.

Defective power cord

If your headphones are not charging, try to charge the device on another cable to confirm whether there is an issue with this cable or the adopter.

If the other sony charging cable is charging the headphones properly, then it means your cord is defective, and you acquire to replace it but make sure to purchase the new original sony charging cable.

Replace adapter

replace adapter

The USB adapter is very important to check if your headphones are not charging.

The adopter is plugged into the wall outlet to transfer electric current to the headphones.

If the adopter becomes defective, then you can not charge the device, so replace your faulty adopter with a new quality adopter so that you can charge your device to enjoy listening to your favorite audios.

Wall outlet

wall outlet

Sony headphones are charged by using a USB cable. It’s your choice whether you plug the cable in a laptop or computer or you plug in the USB cable in an adopter to charge the device through a wall outlet.

If you are using an adopter for charging your sony headphones, and plugging the adopter into a wall outlet, then confirm that the wall socket is working correctly or there is no electric current in it.

It’s straightforward to confirm this; just plug in the adopter in any other wall outlet available in the home to check this issue.

If the headphones start charging in the other outlet, then the previous outlet has some power issue like its circuit breaker is tripped or a fuse is blown away. But, if the headphones are not charging in the other outlet, then there is no issue with the wall outlet.

Check the Laptop or computer

check the laptop or computer

If you were charging the sony headphones using a USB cable and plugged in the computer port, but the device is not charging, then confirm whether the computer is on or turned off.

If the computer is or has gone to sleep mode, then restart your computer to charge your sony headphone.

Update sony headphone software

If you have tried all the above options and still have no charge on the device, don’t worry. I have one more option: update the sony headphone software or firmware.

You can easily update headphone software by downloading the software update.

You can download it from the Sony headphones app using the play store on mobile or computer. Simply click on the headphones menu and select the new version of your headphone.


The final thoughts on this article are that if you are frustrated that your sony headphones are not charging, then check above all points before you throw them and purchase new headphones.

Always try to charge the headphones with a quality adopter and original sony USB cable.

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