Nintendo switch controller not working when attached

Nintendo switch controller not working when attached. Gamers love to invest in switch controllers, gaming pads, and what’s not.

If you are also a gamer and you love to invest in gaming pads, then you must have known about Nintendo switch controllers that are known for their durability and best gaming performance, but like all technologies.

They can also get faulty, and you have to identify what is happening with the Nintendo switch controller if you are one of those people who have invested in the Nintendo switch controller.

If you want to attach it with Joy-Con or any other related appliance, but if the Nintendo switch controller stops working, then you have to look up to identify the problem along with the solutions.

Nintendo switch controller not working when attached

nintendo switch controller not working when attached

If you are facing a problem when you try to attach your Nintendo switch controller with the console and the console doesn’t even show up, that something is even connected with it.

If your Nintendo doesn’t work or doesn’t show up when you try to connect it with other consoles but end up working properly with the wireless connections, then you are at the right place because we are going to drop the solution related to these problems.

Basic Troubleshooting steps:

To check whether your Nintendo Switch controller is working or not, you have to do the basic troubleshooting steps that you have to follow up to troubleshoot the problems.

  • Registered controller: Check if the device that you are trying to attach is registered to the system or not; if the device is not registered, then try registering it with other consoles.
  • Latest Firmware and Versions: Check if your controllers are updated to the latest system firmware or not; also check if its version is updated or not, and if not, then try updating them and examine whether, after updating, still, the problem stays or not.
  • Connection breakers: Check if some sort of connection breakers are lying between the Nintendo Switch controller and the console, like some sticker or dirt or debris. If any, then try removing the hurdles so that the connection can work properly.
  • Supported manual: Check if the Nintendo Switch controller is supporting the electronic manual for the console or controller that you are trying to connect with.

Solution 1: Check for Updates

check that the system Checker console and Nintendo Switch controller are up-to-date or not, and if it is up correctly and there is no new system update pending, then you have to head up to the next step.

Solution 2: Restarting the System

If the system of the console and Nintendo Switch controller is up to date, then you have to restart the system and restarting; you have to push the power for about 3 to 5 seconds, and after pushing, click or tap on the Power option.

But if you are unable to update because the update will not show up unless the Console will not get invisible.

To do this, you have to connect it through wireless connections or connect it using a touch screen and then connect it to the internet.

Solution 3: Detaching the connections

detaching the connections

Another solution that you can do is to detach the connection of both switch controllers at a time. And then, press the sync button to reset the console.

After resetting the console, then press any button randomly to again Power On the controller.

Reattach the console and the Nintendo Switch controller and make sure that you are placing them properly; and then, if the problem still stays, then try repeating this method a few times.

Solution 4: Attach another Console

Sometimes problems co sometimes by the device that you are attaching with, and examine if there is something wrong with the device.

If a problem lies in your Nintendo switch controller, you have to detach the device and try attaching your Nintendo switch controller with either console and check if it working or not.

If it doesn’t work over there, then the problem was not with your switch controller, but there was something wrong with the other device that you were trying to attach with. and replacing the device will solve the device problems.


Nintendo switch controller not working when attached. If you are a gamer and love to invest in gamepads, then you probably know that the Nintendo Switch controller is going to be the best choice.

If they stop connecting with other controllers, then this is going to be a big hurdle for you, especially in identifying the problem. Then you are lucky in the above article.

We have covered the same problem that you are going through so that you can get rid of that specific connection problem.

We have also listed some solutions above that you can follow up on and can start pairing again.

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