Jacuzzi tub air switch not working

Jacuzzi tub air switch not working. An air switch is a useful device used in that condition where there is wet surrounding around you, and you can not touch the switch button with wet hands. It does not work like a common electrical circuit.

When it is pressed, then it sends a blow of air into the tube where the air switch is connected to it, which turns on the electrical device which is attached to it.

It is used in spas and bathtubs for safety from electrical hazards.

If there is an issue in it and it stops working like you push the air button, and it does not make a sound of the click, then don’t need to worry. You can replace it by yourself or call an electrician.

Jacuzzi tub air switch not working

jacuzzi tub air switch not working

An Air switch is good to have in a wet environment because you can save yourself from electric shock. You will not have to touch the normal electric switch button.

Mostly it is installed in the hot tubs in which you can easily switch on or off the button just by blowing air.

If it is not working, then there are two causes behind it. Either problem is in the pneumatics, or there is an issue in the electronics. Follow these for troubleshooting the fault in the tub air switch.

Switch off the power to hot tub

The first thing to do whenever you deal with electric work is to switch off the power supply for safety from the electric shock. Unlock the spa electronics and open its door.

You will listen to the voice of click from the electrical part of the button when you press the air switch of the doubted switch.

If you do not hear the sound of a click, then check the holes in the pneumatic tubing or loose connections in it due to which it is not working. Continue listening sound of clicks by repeating the air switch. Replace the faulty switch.

Detach the air switch

After turning off the electricity of the hot tub, detach the air tubing from the doubted button. After that, fix an air button that is in working condition.

Listen to the sound of a click by repeating the air switch if you listen to the sound of a click, then. Switch on the supply of power and confirm the right functioning of the switch.

Find the type of button

Turn off the supply of power to the hot tub and then try to find out the type of button for the suspected button.

For this purpose, you will have to match the recognized number or count the total number of poles. It is very important to match the poles and identification number for the doubted air button.

Attach the voltmeter

attach the voltmeter

The next step is to attach the voltmeter to the set of power legs. In a single pole single throw, there are two poles, so make an interconnection to each pole.

After the connection of the poles, run the air switch of the hot tub and check the signs of continuity or non-continuity on the multimeter when the air button is turned on.

If there is a sign of current continuity on the voltmeter, then the air switch is not suspected.

If there is no sign and reading of the air switch on the multimeter, then the button is doubted, and you will have to replace it with a new switch.

Change the air button

If you want to replace or change the suspected button with the new switch, then first of all, you will have to make a hole of the same size which you want to replace.

Maybe you have to change the air pipe if it is not in good condition and doing its service. Measure the size of the switch and then drill a hole so that the new button should fit accurately.


An air switch is good to have in a hot tub and wet environment because you can switch on and off the button without touching it with a wet hand which is very dangerous.

If you do not listen or click on operating the button, then it is suspected, and you can replace it easily.

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