Insignia tv remote not working

Insignia tv remote not working. Working out all day and coming home from a hectic routine is a hectic thought.

Well, if we talk about the best combo, the best combo is coming from a hectic day and lying on the soft couch to watch your favorite tv shows.

If you want to feel the excitement of this fell, you must look for the best tv and TV remotes.

If we talk about good tv remote brands, then insignia makes it in the list of good tv remotes.

But can you imagine how it feels when you try to turn the tv ON, but the problem is that the tv remote is not working?

AHH, that sounds frustrating to even think about it.

If you are facing a tv remote not working issue, you immediately have to look for its reasons to fix the insignia remote.

You have to look up troubleshooting methods for your tv remote not working.

Insignia tv won’t turn on

While looking for the solution, you must have to go through proper research. But luckily we have got your back. We have come out with different causes and their solutions.

If you look into the causes, you will be able to troubleshoot the problem and can fix the insignia tv remote.

Insignia tv remote not working

Check remote’s batteries

check remote's batteries

When your insignia remote stops working, you must check its batteries.

Because this is the common cause that will not let you function in your remote.

Checking the battery is the primary step because setting up the batteries will fix everything if the problem persists.

And you don’t have to go further will more complicated issues.

So all you have to do is to check the batteries out by removing their back cover.

After removing the cover of your insignia tv remote, make sure that you check the batteries thoroughly.

Check if they are disconnected. Examine if batteries are damaged.

If you witness anything wrong with the batteries,s then replacing those old batteries with the new ones will do the job and fix the problem.

Butt if there is nothing wrong with anything, then you have to replace those batteries with the new ones.

Replacing those batteries will do the fix.

If you have nothing complicated with the batteries,s then you have to land on the following fixing method.

Reset Your remote control

reset your remote control

If there is nothing wrong with the batteries of your insignia smart tv remote, then you have to perform a remote reset.

To simply reset, your insignia tv remote, follow up on the steps listed below.

  • Remove the batteries

The first thing you have to do is remove the batteries to start your restarting process.

  • Putting batteries back

After detaching the batteries, please wait for a few minutes and then put the batteries in their place back.

  • Press the HOME and MENU button

After putting the batteries back in their position, you must simultaneously press the POWER button and MENU insignia tv button for a few seconds.

And this will possibly reset your insignia tv remote.

Power cycle your insignia tv

power cycle your insignia tv 

If resetting the insignia smart tv remote control doesn’t work, you have to power cycle your insignia tv.

you can do it by turning the tv off by unplugging it.

After unplugging the entire tv, wait for at least an hour to plug it back and try it out.

We know that waiting a whole hour to watch your favorite streaming is frustrating.

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but you should trust the process. We are hopeful that this will do the job and if it doesn’t, then power resetting and a clean insignia tv power cycle will work.

Reset your smart tv

reset your smart tv

Sometimes when our insignia universal remote control stops working, we must look up to remotes.

But the problem is that we don’t focus on the tv.

Tv could be more complicated than a handful of insignia remotes.

You should check the smart tv, and resetting it will help you get back to your favorite streaming services.

To reset your smart tv, you have to follow the steps down below.

  • Locate Setting You first have to locate the settings from your tv by searching it around the Main screen. Navigate to the option of “Settings.”
  • Select Option

When you locate the “Setting, it will show the other when you click on the menu.

Select the option of “System” from that menu.

  • Factory Power reset

Pressing on the option of “System” will show another menu.

Select the option “Reset to Factory Defaults.” When you select this option, your TV will start reverting to its factory reset.

Water exposure with the remote control

water exposure with the remote control

If your insignia tv remote not working, it could lie in the moist.

Sometimes while drinking water or randomly spitting te on the new insignia remote control can stop the remote from working.

If water gets its way through the remote, then physically, it will look all fine, but deep down, it will create hazardous problems.

All you have to do is t remove the covers of the insignia universal remote and give it bulb exposure so that sunlight can dry its components and every single part of it.

Excessive heat exposure

excessive heat exposure

Sometimes extreme heat exposure can also damage it.

Ensure you don’t expose your universal insignia remote directly to the heat. If your remote is heating up, then the reason could lie in its constant use.

If your remote is heating up, remove its batteries and keep it aside. After a few minutes, you can start using the remote again when you feel that the remote is fin.

Signal blockage

signal blockage

As we know, tv and remote use sensors to interact with each other, and if something comes in front of any of those sensors, the connection will break.

So you have to do is check if something is lying around it. If something lies around the stuff, you must remove the blockage.

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Removing the blockage will let you use your broken insignia tv remote signal again.

Mange the smart tv Settings

mange the smart tv settings

Sometimes factory settings cant work up on everything. You have to manage the settings as well.

You have to ensure that your insignia smart tv’s setting is in its proper position or not.

For this, you have to Go through the option of “Settings” from the menu screen of your insignia tv.

When you open up the Setting, you can access different settings that may mess around and make your insignia tv remote non-functional.

So go through all the settings individually and check if they are in the correct position.

Re-pair the insignia tv remote

re pair the insignia tv remote

Sometimes we don’t know that our insignia tv remote is not pairing up with the insignia smart tv.

So due to this, we try applying different methods to set up the remote and make it functional.

But in reality, if will re-pair and pair your insignia tv with the return, it can fix the job.

All you have to do is to follow the steps and ways that we are going to list down below.

You can try out three ways to repair your insignia tv remote with an insignia smart tv.

  • First Way

This way will work for those who have enchanted universal insignia remote.

It means that if you have an enchanted remote, there must be a pairing button.

You can locate the button right below the batteries.

After locating the pair button n, press it and hold it for a few seconds.

After a few seconds, it will start connecting with your insignia smart tv receiver.

  • Second Way

You can try this way out if you don’t have the enchanted remote, and now you cannot locate the pair button well, which means that the remote you are using doesn’t come with the pair button.

but still, you can get re-pair your insignia tv with your insignia tv remote.

All you have to do is to point your remote to the tv.

While pointing your insignia remote to the tv, ensure to push and hold the HOME button for about 30 seconds.

This process will continue. Possibly re-pair your insignia tv with its remote.

  • Third Way

This way will be a plus pointy if the other methods are not working correctly.

All you have to do is press and hold the BACK and MENU buttons simultaneously by pointing you’re remote straight to the tv sp.

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So that the insignia tv sensor can get a proper signal through the insignia tv remote sensor because a bad signal will be a big hurdle.


TV lovers always try to look up good tv remote brands. If we research for good tv remotes, then insignia tv remotes make themselves at the top of list.

But sometimes, when you try to click for channel switches with your remote but it doesn’t switch channels, then looking for causes and solutions is going to be the only solution.

Remote malfunction is a very common problem. The thing that matters is the remote not working issue. This type of small electronic device gets unwanted power outages more often.

Many small electronic devices have such types of problems that are difficult to initialize properly.

If you are done using different technical methods, and nothing is working to fix the insignia tv or remote, then you have to look for a new remote contact manufacturer.

But don’t worry, we are sure that a few technical approaches and the alternative solution will do the job.