Volume not working on vizio tv

Volume not working on vizio tv. Some problems can snatch the colors of your life, and the volume not working on Vizio tv is one of them.

This scenario is enough to ruin your happy mood, especially when you are craving your favorite TV show.

Without volume, you must feel frustrated while watching the desired wishlist content on your Vizio TV.

We want to clarify that it is not just the Vizio TV facing volume issues; it could usually happen with any Tv brand.

But if you choose us to assist you, we’ll be pleased to say that you are not wasting your time while reading our article.

Well, it takes some time to undergo the troubleshooting process to get the precise fix out for your Vizio TV sound issues.

So, let us share the maneuver to get jaw-dropping results.

Volume not working on vizio tv

Initial Checking of Your Remote Control

Before walking through the depth, we were hoping you could do some initial steps to check the working of your Vizio Tv remote control and some tricks to get your volume back to normal.

Check TV Remote Batteries

check tv remote batteries

You need to check the working of your Vizio remote by pressing some keys on your remote control and pointing it toward your Tv after turning it ON.

If you suspect it’s not working, it shows poor batteries.

You may grab a battery tester and remove the batteries from the battery compartment to check whether they are charged.

Or you can remember the period when you last time changed the batteries.

If it exceeds a year or equivalent, it would be better to get a replacement.

Remove the Dust

If your Vizio TV volume is not working, you must check if any clog or debris covers the remote control pad.

If your Vizio remote is functioning correctly, you must check the dust that is supposed to be clean.

So, you have to remove the back cover of your remote. Then remove the batteries from the battery compartment.

You may use a brush to clean the dust or if you have a lint-free piece of cloth, clean the remote battery compartment with it.

Press Random Keys On Remote

press random keys on remote

When you’ve cleaned the battery compartment, you must press your remote’s random keys at least three to five times.

It will result in disclosing the debris from the remote control pad.

Another plus point of this trick is that it enables your remote to discharge the residue power from your Vizio remote.

Now, insert the batteries back into your remote battery compartment and check if it fixes or not.

Check Volume If It Is Muted

check volume if it is muted

If the previous method doesn’t work for your Vizio Tv sound, then maybe your Vizio tv is muted unintentionally, so you have to check your Tv if it is on mute or not.

Sometimes it happens when more than one person lives together, or maybe you have pressed the mute button unknowingly.

Every issue doesn’t require a lengthy procedure to fix any problem, and it could happen to you.

If unmuting the volume works for you, you must be lucky.

Check The Vizio TV Sound

check the vizio tv sound

The following tiny reminder is to check your Vizio TV volume, and it’s not an impossible thing that you turn the volume to zero and forget about it.

If your Vizio Tv volume is not working, you must try other solutions to fix the problem. Let’s get started.


Ensure that if you are using a remote instead of Vizio Tv’s remote, e.g., Xfinity remote, then to make it work, you must pair them first by following the remote’s operating manual.

Solutions For the Vizio TV Volume Not Working

If the previous methods don’t work for you, then we have arranged a list of solutions to make your Vizio tv volume back again to work efficiently.

Follow the different ways one by one and examine whether the devices’ conflicting issues are resolved or not.

Power Cycle The Vizio TV

power cycle the vizio tv

There are a lot of minor issues or errors with Vizio tv that get resolved after doing power cycling.

To do this simple fix, you may follow the instructions to fix the Vizio Tv no sound issue.

Steps you’ll need to follow

  • Firstly, you must unplug the power cord from the power outlet.
  • Set a 60 seconds timer and leave it unplugged.
  • Then you may plug the power cord back into the power source.
  • That time is enough to make a soft reset Tv.

Letting your Vizio Tv for 1 minute will let the Tv speakers cool down.

The next thing is that immediately plugging in and out may cause electric damage. It would be better to give some time to your Vizio TV to avoid any damage.

If you fail your first attempt, you may repeat the process, but you must unplug the power cord for almost five minutes.

There are high chances that a small volume error may get fixed after the power cycle.

Inspect The Input Audio Settings

inspect the input audio settings

If the volume of your Vizio Tv model is still not started efficiently working, then you have to pay attention to the input audio settings of your Vizio tv.

It could be possible that someone in your circle impulsively changed the audio settings that may come out with a volume issue.

Even it is possible that no device is connected to your Vizio Tv, but an unbidden pressed remote’s key sets that port as an input.

In that case, your smart Tv may appear with the statement Audio In. After that, you may face the no sound issue.

To resolve this issue, You may follow the steps carefully to set the Audio settings.

  • Ensure that your soundbar or external speaker is powered ON.
  • Connect the soundbar behind your Vizio Tv into a port named Audio Out.
  • Push the Input button on your Vizio remote control.
  • For a connected external speaker or soundbar, click on the soundbar.
  • For the Vizio TV speakers setting, select Default.

Turn Off SRS TruVolume Feature

If your Vizio smart tv faces swings in volume or volume go up and down automatically, you must go through the Tv’s settings to check the SRS TruVolume feature. Ensure that it is disabled.

Turning on the features will start adjusting the volume for Vizio Tv users to get the best audio experience according to the on-screen streaming content.

But sometimes it ruins your enjoyment by fluctuating Tv volume.

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To disable this Tv’s function, follow the instructions below.

  • Firstly, push the Menu button on your TV remote.
  • Select Audio settings.
  • Go through the Advanced audio settings.
  • Disable the SRS TruVolume.

Another thing that can confuse you is that this feature has other names with the same functionality on different tv models, for example.

  • TruSurrunded
  • Surround Sound
  • Volume Leveling

Turn Off SAP or MTS Tv Feature

Many features in your smart Vizio tv are available that become the culprit for a device’s performance when you turn them On.

Here, we are talking about secondary audio programming(SAP). The feature includes another language instead of the original language while watching broadcasting.

Standard menu labels for SAP are following.

  • SAP
  • Audio Select
  • MTS
  • B-Audio

To Turn OFF the feature, Look at the Instructions below.

  • Push the menu button on your Tv remote.
  • Select Audio Setting.
  • Go through the option with SAP.
  • Turn it to OFF.

Check Satellite Box Volume

check satellite box volume

If you are using the cable or satellite box, ensure that the volume is not zero.

You have to increase volume from zero to fix your volume issue. We have mentioned the reason here.

So, suppose your Vizio TV sound is not working on cable channels.

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In that case, there is a possibility that the cable box transmitting the audio-video signals that pass through your Vizio tv, and in case Vizio Tv shows no sound issue.

Disconnect the 3mm Audio Cable

disconnect the 3mm audio cable

A bit silly while discussing this issue, so if your Tv speakers are not making any sound, how could it be possible to forget your headphones in the TV audio jack port.

Make sure that there are no headphones in the TV’s headphone jack port because having the audio output device connected to your Tv makes hearing sounds problems.

Inspect HDMI Cables

inspect hdmi cables

HDMI cable is responsible for transmitting the audio-video signals. You have to check the condition of your HDMI cable to fix the issue of Vizio Tv no sound.

Ensure that another external device connected to your Vizio Tv via HDMI cable uses a well-conditioned wire.

You may physically check any cracks or damaged faulty cable that is interrupting the volume performance with a video on the screen.

To resolve this issue, you may replace an HDMI cable and ensure that the HDMI cable is correctly connected to the HDMI port.

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Check The Updates

check the updates

If your Vizio TV sound is still not working, then there might be a reason that you are experiencing some Vizio Tv firmware bug or error that you could blame for the not effective working of volume.

Most Vizio TVs that are correctly connected to a Wifi network can automatically update to the latest version of the software.

But, in some cases, the user must check for an available update to download and install the latest software version.

If your Vizio tv is not functioning correctly, you may manually check the updates by following the below steps. Ensure that your Vizio TV set is running a smooth internet connection.

  • You first have to press the menu button on your Vizio remote.
  • Walk through Settings.
  • Then, click on the Update option if any update is available.
  • It will take time to download, install and restart the process.

When your smart Tv has finalized the updating process, you may check the working of your Vizio Tv’s volume.

There are high chances that it may fix the problem. Moreover, you may enjoy the latest advanced features while streaming your favorite show.

Factory Reset Vizio TV Using Remote

factory reset vizio tv using remote

If trying all the previous methods doesn’t work, then you have to do a factory reset for the factory settings.

  • In the beginning, plug your TV into the power outlet.
  • Navigate the menu on your Tv remote.
  • Go to System.
  • Select Reset & Admin.
  • Now select the option Reset Tv to Factory Default.
  • Then your Vizio TV required a code to finalize the process. So you have to enter the default code, which is 0000.

We hope that using these instructions to Factory reset your Vizio tv fixes your issue with the volume.

Factory Reset Without Using Remote

If your remote is not working and you want to attempt the factory reset, your Vizio TV to factory defaults.

Then you may follow the guideline to resolve your issue. Don’t worry if you don’t have a remote. You can accomplish the task without a remote.

Follow the steps given below

  • According to your Tv brand, you must locate the power button on your TV.
  • You may easily find it on your TV’s left or right side.
  • Turn On the TV power button.
  • Now, you must push and hold the volume and source button at the same time.
  • Now, push the Input button and hold it.
  • Release it after 10 seconds.
  • Now it will start restarting and rebooting the process.
  • Now you have to leave it and wait for your Vizio Tv to complete its reset cycle.

When your Tv turns on, check its volume by playing something on your TV.


In this article, we explain a list of possible solutions to resolve the issue if the volume is not working on Vizio TV.

You may check the cable box, volume settings, and interruption due to external audio, resolve the issue of stuck volume buttons, update outdated software, and advanced audio settings to resolve your volume issue.

Focus while trying each method according to the instructions. We wish you very Good luck. Best 65 inch tv under 700