Hulu keeps kicking me out

Hulu keeps kicking me out. Hulu is the best live-streaming platform because you can enjoy various shows and films on this service through your account plan. It facilitates its user through various plans like student plans, standard plans, and premium plans.

Sometimes Hulu starts kicking out the user means when you open Hulu to watch media, then it kicks back to the device’s home screen.

There are many causes behind Hulu continuously kicking out the user, like hulu service being down in the area, outdated app version, corrupted files, and slow wifi internet connection.

These are not so big causes that you should take help from someone because you are on the right page, and I am sure this article will help you to troubleshoot your issue because I will explain various solutions to fix this issue. Keep reading.

Hulu keeps kicking me out

If your hulu streaming service keeps kicking out when you open it to watch your favorite show, then the mean reason could be that hulu service is down in the area.

Then next, check your computer or smartphone software because it’s important to keep updating your device software.

A slow internet connection is also responsible for the hulu keeps kicking out of the service.

Read this complete post to learn all possible causes and their solutions to this problem to fix them because it is very irritating to interrupt again and again during live streaming.

Hulu keeps crashing on firestick

Power cycle your device

power cycle your device

If your hulu service keeps kicking you out when you click to watch your favorite series, then the first tip is to power cycle your desktop computer, smartphone, smart tv, or laptop.

So, press the power button to switch off the device, detach the cord from the wall for 2 to 4 minutes, and then insert the power cable into a power source to switch on the device.

Reconnect the device with the internet connection and launch the hulu to watch the media. If the hulu again kicks you out and brings you back to the device home screen, then don’t annoy yourself and move forward to the next point.

Check internet connection

You know well that any live streaming service requires a fast internet connection to buffer. The same is the case with hulu; it needs fast wifi signals or a fast internet connection to stream without any intervention.

However, check your internet connection speed if your ulu keeps bringing you to the device’s home screen and not buffering the live streaming.

You can check it easily by opening other social apps and youtube to watch some media content.

If youtube is also hanging, then it’s an error with the internet service, but if the youtube channel is streaming the video without any interference and hanging, then it’s not an issue with the internet connection.

If your internet connection is slow, then try the following tips.

  • Restart your internet router device.
  • Please place it in a high place in the home.
  • Bring it close to the device.
  • Attach through ethernet.
  • Remove extra smart devices from one router.

Service is down in the area

service is down in the area

If there is no trouble with the internet connection and all other smart devices are streaming fastly, then it may be a hulu server down in your area.

If the hulu server is down in the area, then you may see a black screen or obstruction, and the service keeps bringing you to your device’s home screen.

So, ask your friend who has a hulu account, or you can also ask on Twitter or Facebook because people start commenting and posting if any server is down in the area.

Outdated app software

It’s very important to update any app or live-streaming service at the correct time because if you don’t update the software, it starts making issues, and you can not enjoy new features.

  1. Open the google play store on your device.
  2. Choose Hulu from the all-apps list.
  3. Select About from the menu.
  4. Select Check for updates.
  5. Check for available Hulu updates.
  6. Click Update.

Temporary software glitches

Sometimes temporary software glitches are also responsible for the hulu keeps kicking out of the service. So, reset your device to remove the temporary glitches.

Press and hold the power button on the remote control for 5 seconds. Recheck; if it solves the problem, then it means the old software is making an issue.

Hulu audio out of sync

Restart the Hulu App

restart the hulu app

If the hulu keeps interfering and kicking you out, restart your hulu and all other apps on your device.

Restart your smartphone or desktop computer. Relaunch the hulu app on your device to retest the service.

Corrupted cached data

Suppose you are a new hulu service user.

In that case, you must learn that clearing the app cache data is essential because if you do not clear the corrupted cache data from the app, it will not only keep consuming space but also interfere during watch time.

Reinstall Hulu App

If the above troubleshooting tips do not work, then the next option is to uninstall the hulu app on your device.

Reinstalling the app also fixes the hulu app kicking out issues on your computer or phone.

Clear the hulu app cache data and uninstall it from the device. Now, switch off your device for 2 to 3 minutes. Open the google play store on your device and download the hulu app.

Install the app and sign into your account with your email and password. Play your favorite show and check it is streaming without any issues.

The hulu kicking out your trouble is fixed chiefly after reinstalling the app on your device.

Hulu not working on firestick

Factory settings

The last option, if reinstalling the app also does not work for you, then factory resetting the gadget is your last bet.

Follow the instructions to factory reset your device.

  1. Select Settings on your device.
  2. Open the Settings menu.
  3. Select your device
  4. Click Reset
  5. Select Confirm

Indeed, if the hulu server is not down in your area, then your issue is fixed.


The bottom line of the post is if your hulu service is showing a black screen or kicks you out, then all the possible causes and solutions are described in detail for you to fix this problem.

Contact will hulu service center if still the problem is not solved after these tips.