Hulu not working on firestick

Hulu not working on firestick. If you are watching hulu on your firestick device and suddenly it stops, it’s excruciating and annoying because it wastes all the tempo and watches experience.

There are too many causes that can stop the hulu app on firestick. If you are looking for an online solution to fix this problem, then dont turn the page because I will explain various easy fixes to overcome this trouble in this article.

The major reason for the hulu app crashing on the device is internet connectivity issues—similarly, corrupt cache data, outdated hulu app, and old software version in the device. Sometimes, Hulu’s internal server outage in the area also stops the app from working.

There is no need to hire an expert to fix this issue because I am sure, after thoroughly reading this post, you can fix these minor tweaks on your Fire Stick device to use Hulu.

Hulu not working on firestick

Hulu is a firestick app to stream thousands of TV dramas, shows, and films. But, many viewers have complained about problems with the Hulu app freezing on Fire Stick devices.

If you talk about the list of prominent reasons why the hulu app not working, then, first of all, make sure the Hulu Servers are currently available, or there is a service outage.

Check the internet connectivity on your firestick. An outdated hulu app or device also prompts the app to work on the device.

Let’s go through each reason one by one and search why the hulu app is not working on your firestick.

Hulu service outage

hulu service outage

If your hulu app is smoothly working on your device but suddenly service goes down, then check the internet status on your router or mobile phone.

If there is no internet connection issue, it could be a hulu service outage due to updating service or any surprise cause.

Unfortunately, if there is a service outage, then you can not use the app at this time, and you can wait only until the Hulu app resolves the issue.

If you have the Hulu app on your smartphone, you can also check if the service is currently available or if the same issue exists. Call Hulu customer service and ask about the anticipated open time of the Hulu app.

Reboot the firestick

If there is no Hulu service outage and the app is running nicely on other devices, then it means the app has issues on firestick only.

Rebooting is always the first tip to fix teh problems because the app sometimes stops running due to bugs and glitches.

If rebooting does not solve the issue, give your firestick a power cycle. Power off and also unplug the power wire from the power outlet for one minute.

After one minute, plug in the cable in the outlet to switch on your tv. Launch the app and test if it is streaming the live movies or is still frozen.

Internet connectivity issue

internet connectivity issue

As you know, firestick is connected to the internet connection to use the app. If hulu suddenly stops running on firestick, then check the internet status on the modem.

It would help if you had a fast and stable network connection speed.

If you have 2mbps internet speed and there are too many users or smart devices connected with one modem, then improve your internet speed package from 2mbps to 5mbps or remove the extra smart devices from one modem for more bandwidth.

However, if the internet service is down due to bad weather or maintenance in the area, then contact with local ISP to ask when the internet service will be resumed.

Outdated Hulu App

The Hulu app also stops working on firestick without any warning when it is not outdated. If you do not update your app for a long time, then new features are not installed in the app.

Hulu service keeps updating the app to remove old features and install new features to facilitate their users. So, when you do not update the app for a long time when there is a pending update, then you experience this issue.

Reinstall Hulu

reinstall hulu

If you have updated your hulu app and it does not fix the problem, your next option is to reinstall the app on firestick.

Uninstall the app to clear the cache data, bugs, and glitches. Restart and reinstall the app from the play store.

It’s an easy step to uninstall the hulu and then reinstall the app, yet I am explaining to those who don’t know how to reinstall hulu on firestick.

  • Navigate to the firestick menu settings.
  • Click Applications
  • Select Manage Installed Applications
  • Find Hulu app
  • Click Uninstall
  • Reboot
  • Download app from the play store.
  • Install the app

Reset the Fire tv stick

If the hulu app is not working on the fire tv stick after all the above troubleshooting tips, then you have the only option to reset the fire tv stick.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click My Fire TV
  3. Go to Reset
  4. Click Reset

It will take about 3 to 4 minutes for a complete reset. Reboot the fire tv stick after the reset is done. Reconnect your fire tv, stick to the internet connection and download your favorite apps, including hulu. Unable to update firestick


The article’s bottom line is that it is hopefully the best post for all users experiencing the app not working on the firestick problem.

If you are a new app user, then you must know the fact that it keeps updating the app, and the fire tv stick is very important for downloading new features. Similarly, keep teh fire tv stick device close to the internet router for fast wifi signals. Disney plus not working on firestick

Carefully follow each instruction and step described in the article to run the Hulu app on your fire tv stick. Dont skip any method because your app problem can be resolved from any of these steps.