How to use shop vac for water

How to use shop vac for water. A shop vacuum is essential to have in the home to suck the water from the floor. It sace your time which you waste soaking the water with towels. You can also use it for a large amount of water from a tub, garden, or pool.

If you are willing to suck a big amount of water then it is necessary to use a higher capacity vacuum to avoid repeatedly pouring out the container outside the home.

Furthermore, also take care of one thing that heavy containers of water are difficult to carry so always use a suitable shop vacuum to remove the water from the garden or floor.

How to use shop vac for water

how to use shop vac for water

Before you start to suck the water from a place keep in mind the following steps. If you will take care of these points then I am sure you will easily do your job without any problem.

  • Determine the capacity of water
  • Plugin the cord into a GFCI socket
  • Detach the bag of vacuum
  • Detach the dry filter
  • be ware about the amount of water in the tank
  • Pour out the water accurately
  • Dry out all components of the vacuum

1. Determine the capacity of water

Before you start the work, firstly, estimate the total amount of water that you are willing to pour out from the floor.

If there is a flood on the floor then it is well to use those shop vacuums carrying large capacity tanks. It will save time and you can do your job fastly.

2. Plugin the cord into a GFCI socket

It is essential to use the GFCI outlet for the power cord of the shop vacuum. A grounded GFCI socket is a better option for safety considerations.

3. Detach the collection bag of vacuum

When you are sucking water from the floor or a pool then there is no need to attach the dust and debris collection bag to the unit because it will not be used in this whole process.

So lose the top, fan-unit part of the cleaner. Now remove the collection bag and any screws and put them in a safe place because you will have to refix them with the vacuum after pouring out all the water.

4. Detach the dry filter

detach the dry filter

The same is the case with the dry filter. It is very important to detach the dry filter when you are sucking up the water from the shop vacuum.

The reason beyond it is that it will clog immediately and minimize the airflow.

Eventually, the motor will have to work harder, literally the life span of the shop vacuum decreases due to it.

Amount of water in the tank

When you switch on the shop vacuum to suck the water then place the nozzle of the hose on the top of the water. Hold the nozzle on the water till all the water is sucked by the vac.

Pour out the water accurately

  • Always take care of one thing how much water is depleted into the tank.
  • When you listen that the sound of the motor is changing then it means the tank is full of water.
  • Pour out the water from the tank when it is full.
  • Separate the big pieces of debris and pour out the water at the proper place outside the home.

Dry out all components of the vacuum

As you know that the tank of water is mixed with all kinds of water so there is always a chance of growth must and mold in the container and hose.

So first of all when you have done your job then clean the tank and hose with fresh water. Now take one gallon of hot water and vinegar or bleach and make a solution.

Wash all the parts of the tank and hose to remove all the debris and mold completely. Now place your tank in front of the sunshine to completely dry out.

It is finer to hang down the pipe in a verticle position so that all the water clears from it.


The bottom line of the article is that you will not face any difficulty in using the shop vac to suck the water from the floor or pool when you will follow the above steps.

Normally it is not a difficult task just keep in mind two pints that detach the bag and air filter from the vacuum and Care of the amount of water tank.

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