How to fix a door knob that fell off

How to fix a door knob that fell off. A doorknob, like any other object around the house, may break and fall into your hands.

While this is no big issue, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible for the door to function normally. This simple process does not require tons of time or money.

How to fix a door knob that fell off
fix a door knob that fell off

There are a few steps involved in fixing the doorknob. We have to determine the types of doorknobs and collect the necessary tools.

  • The first step to fixing any type of doorknob is removing it from the door. While removing, the placement of specific screws and bolts should be accounted for.
  • There can be different kinds of screws or different types of locksets with each doorknob. Check the knob and remove screws and bolts accordingly.
  • Now after removing the doorknob, remove the base of the knob. This can be removed by using a flat-headed knife or screwdriver. The base should be removed carefully as it is close to the lockset and may damage the lockset if treated irresponsibly
  • Now after removing the ring, remove the backplate. Tighten all the screws and check for any damage in them. If screws or any internal mechanism are put back together while being damaged, this will lead to the knob falling out sooner or later.
  • Put back the ring and attach the knob to it. Put the knob back in the assembly and tighten all the screws properly. Ensure maximum security if the doorknob rattles due to the door being banged.
  • Check the knob by rotating it from side to side. Over-tightening the doorknob screws can also lead to it not working correctly.

Reasons for a doorknob to fallreasons for a doorknob to fall

A doorknob may fall off due to several reasons. It may be due to:

  • Some dirt or lint is stuck in the knob, causing it not to rotate freely.
  • A loose screw or a technical issue within the doorknob.
  • A wholly broken or worn doorknob.

Types of doorknobs

There are different types of doorknobs to take into consideration.

  • Dummy knob
  • Passage door knob
  • Mortise knob

These are the main popular types of doorknobs used generally.

A dummy door knob is where the doorknob is not for actual security use. It is, as its name suggests, a dummy doorknob. This is mainly used for decorations and aesthetics. These door knobs are relatively easier to fix as they do not have complex mechanisms in place.

A passage doorknob Is a regular doorknob. It rotates and latches. But it also has a significant difference. It does not contain a lock. This is used in closets or places not necessarily being hidden or guarded. These are used for general public use areas.

A mortise knob is a knob that is used for different kinds of entrances. These have a left-handed or right-handed rotating mechanism and are available in various shapes and sizes. They contain locks and are used for entrances to rooms or houses etc.

How to fix dresser drawers that fall off track?

Ensure that your drawers are closed and pushed all the way to the back of the dresser.

Tighten any loose screws with a drill. Inspect your tracks for any damaged sections like bent areas that could cause rollers to slide out of place; use pliers if needed to bend them back into place so they won’t pop out.


In conclusion, all the doorknobs can be fixed easily with proper tools and properly identifying the respective doorknobs. If the steps are followed closely and carefully, it is easy to fix doorknobs at home.

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