How to unlock whirlpool top load washer

How to unlock whirlpool top load washer. Washing machines are a necessary tool for laundry, and every household is prone to have a dedicated washer tool for effectively doing their laundry day.

Whirlpool washers are one such tool that is frequently encountered in most households for fulfilling laundry needs, and this is because it is a very worthy and usable product that has proved its worth over a long time.

But there are times when the whirlpool washer behaves abnormally, and this is based on some underlying issues with the washer or the power line, and simple troubleshooting could resolve the problems without any technical consultation from the mechanics or technical staff.

The most common of the issues arising in a whirlpool washer is the locked door or the system itself, and to resolve this problem, you ought to go through our review on “

How to unlock whirlpool top load washer
How To Unlock Whirlpool Top Load Washer

For this purpose, you have to go through some simple methods that are simple in operation and light on your schedule as they could be completed in a few steps taking a few minutes.

The simplest method of unlocking the door is by pressing the start/stop button, and it is as easy as eating a pie.

All you have to do is push the button and wait for a few seconds. The washer will be halted after the button has been pushed, and the door will be automatically unlocked.

Frozen control lock

The foremost factor that could be responsible for locking the door could be the ongoing load cycle. When the loading is taking place door will remain locked, and you cannot unlock it no matter how much force you have applied.

This is because when the load cycle is continued, the control lock system is frozen, and the door will not be unlocked.

To resolve this issue, you have to press the cancel cycle button, after which your control lock button will be activated, and turning off the power will unlock the washer.

(P.S: if the whirlpool model your own doesn’t have a control lock button, then you must press the power button to cancel the loading cycle and turn on the control lock.


Another possible way of unlocking the door could be stopping the previous cycle and starting the new one, and for this purpose, you have to first power off the machine and drain out all the water inside it.

After that, the water has drained restart the loading cycle, and not all the clothes have been added, and no item is lingering on the way of the door.

Now press the control lock button three times, and this will unlock the washer door. If any cloth is hanging down, the washer door will not be able to unlock effectively.

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