How to turn on a roku tv without the remote

How to turn on a roku tv without the remote. Roku TVs are the latest smart devices to entertain yourself with different programs and shows. You can also stream various social apps on your smart tv.

Usually, the remote control device is used to control the roku tv. Still, sometimes the roku tv does not start with the remote control due to dead batteries or other reasons. Then don’t worry because you can turn on the roku tv without the remote.

There are different methods to turn on a roku tv without the remote. The first and easy tip is to turn on the roku tv with the power button.

If you don’t want to use the power button to turn the on and off the tv with the power button, then you can also download the roku tv remote app to control the tv. Keep reading this post to find different methods to turn on the roku tv without the remote.

How to turn on a roku tv without the remote

Roku tv and remotes are reliable devices to use, but sometimes the roku tv remote stops working suddenly due to dead batteries. Dont be frustrated because you can still watch the roku tv until you buy a new remote control device.

Last Sunday, I planned to watch a horror movie on my roku smart tv, but when I plugged in the power cable to turn on the roku tv, then it did not turn on.

Firstly, I was frustrated, but then I searched on the internet the different methods to turn on the tv without a remote. So, keep reading to learn what to do in this situation.

Use power button

use power button

It is better to replace your tv remote control batteries after two to three months if you daily watch the movie because if you do not replace the batteries on time, then your remote will suddenly stop responding, and its a very frustrating situation to face roku tv remote not turning on the tv.

However, if your remote control is not working and you still want to watch the tv, then the first and best option is to turn on the roku tv with the tv power button.

Since roku TVs have various models, therefore power buttons are placed in different places on different models.

On some models, the power buttons are located on the front side on the bottom, while some roku TVs have power buttons on the backside.

So, you can effortlessly search for the power button on the bottom or side panel. When you locate the power button then, press it down to turn on the tv.

Now, you can navigate through different buttons to set the volume and select your favorite channel.

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But, you need to step up again and again if you want to change the volume or channel, and it is sometimes very tiring to come out of your bed at midnight to change the channel again and again.

If you are not able to locate the power button on your roku tv, then you can search for the power button through the user manual.

The company gives a user manual to help the user to troubleshoot different problems. If you lost the user manual, then the next option is to search for the roku tv user manual on the internet.

Turn on The roku tv with PS4

turn on the roku tv with ps4

The second method to turn on the tv is with ps4. People with a ps4 console can use this tip to switch on the roku tv without the remote control.

  • The first step is to attach your ps4 to your roku smart tv through an HDMI cable.
  • Switch on the ps4.
  • Open the Settings on ps4 home screen.
  • Select System Settings.
  • Inspect the Enable HDMI Device Link.

The connection process is finished because your roku smart tv will also turn on when you switch on the console to play the game.

Use the Roku App

Another method to turn on the roku tv is if your remote control is not responding, then use the roku tv app.

You need to have a smartphone and internet connection or mobile data to download the Roku app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Install the app after downloading from the play store and look closely for Roku devices. Locate the Roku tv in the app search list and tap to connect it with roku tv.

When your roku app is connected to the tv, you can use your smartphone to turn on the tv because you now need to push the red power button on the remote app to switch on the TV.

The good thing is that you can also change the channel and volume via roku remote app. However, you must have a fast internet connection or mobile data in your phone to use the mobile as a remote control.

TCL roku tv remote not working

Use a Universal Remote

use a universal remote

Nowadays, universal remotes are very popular for controlling different smart devices because they are manufactured with such program codes that you can connect to different smart TV models.

You only have to search for your smart tv code to connect the universal remote to your roku tv.

Once the roku tv is paired with the universal remote, you can easily use the remote to turn on the tv as well as basic commands like changing the channel and increasing or decreasing the volume.

Contact with professional

Suppose still; your roku tv is not turning on. In that case, it’s not an issue with the remote control but a problem related to the roku tv itself, so contact a skillful technician to inspect the tv and troubleshoot the roku tv not turning on the problem.


The last thoughts on this article are if you have the roku smart tv in your home to stream media, then it is necessary to replace the remote batteries after 2 months; otherwise, the remote will stop turning on the tv or performing basic commands, which is very frustrating sometimes.

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However, I explained different methods to turn on the roku tv without the remote control, and hopefully, one of these ideas works for you.