How to straighten a fence post without removing it

How to straighten a fence post without removing it. Fences can improve the usability and aesthetics of your outdoor spaces. Bars provide a feeling of seclusion, a safe environment for children, as well as a room for dogs to roam.

It is critical to keep a wall in good shape for both its looks and the protection it can give. Many homeowners question how to correct a leaning fence post without having to remove it.

The approach for dealing with a leaning fence post is determined by the method of installation. Cleaning broad post base and packaging the soil will frequently bring a post set deep into the ground back to life.

Posts put in a concrete footer can be repositioned bar using ketal wedges or other devices to lift or push them back into place.

How to straighten a fence post without removing itstraighten a fence post without removing it

Straightening a Leaning Post Set in the Soil

It’s pretty uncommon for one or more fence posts to start to tilt if they’re appropriately set in the ground. However, the shortage of cement at the base of the pillar makes the repair a lot easier.

Remove any weight or stress from the affected posts

We must have unrestricted access to the fence post. Accessibility to the post typically necessitates disconnecting the rails and pickets from the leaning post. You could replace complete sections of fences between both the posts, based on the architecture of any gate.

Examine the Post

Examine the post thoroughly. We should check to see if the structure is still highly durable. Decay near the base of the post could indicate the cause of the leaning.

If indeed the post is rotting or infested with insects, it should be removed instead of straightened.

Remove the soil from the post’s side away from the lean

Remove soil near the post’s side opposite from the post’s bending position with a shovel or spade. Try and push the shaft back into an upward posture after the soil has been removed from around it.

The post may move out of position with other posts in the fence line in some instances. In this situation, you’ll have to drill out across the bar to get it back into place.

Make sure the post is straight up and down by using a levelrefill the soil around the post's base

The leading equipment for this task is a carpenter’s bubble level. Place the seat in place, then balance that by inspecting all four aspects.

Attach two lengths of timber to the top of the bar and stake the lumber’s bottom to the floor at a 45-degree angle once the post is erect.

When we begin to pound the earth back into position, those lumber pieces will keep the post upright.

Refill the soil around the post’s base

Refill the holes all surrounding post with earth. Pour a layer of earth into the holes and afterward press it down with a piece of lumber.

It is beneficial if the soil is humid but not sloppy. Keep adding layers of soil to the holes and tamp them down until the hole is completely filled.

Replacing the Fencingmake sure the post is straight up and down by using a level

Users can replace the rails and fencing once the earth inside the hole is hard and the post is tight. Over time, you may need to add some dirt and press it down firmly.

It’s fairly uncommon for the earth to settle when fence posts aren’t set in concrete.

How to straighten a metal fence post?

  • To fix a post leaning to one side, remove any excess weight from the post.
  • Examine the lean and remove excess soil from under the leaning side of the post.
  • Use a level or plumb bob between the ground and the bottom bracket of the fence post to check that it’s straight up and down.
  • Replace this soil.
  • Remember not to add new soil until you have installed a fence bracket for it.

Get in a hurry when installing a fence with cedar posts because it will rot when in contact with water from freshly compacted earth from being dug out when creating holes for each post during installation.

How to reinforce a fence post?

When your fence post starts to weaken and bend, reinforce it with the E-Z Mender. Just make sure to insert the pointed end of the mender underneath your fence post and hammer it down until the top of the mender is even with the ground.

Straightening a bent fence post

If your post is rocking around inside of its concrete footing, a good solution is to have it wedged. These steel wedges are driven between the post and concrete footing to raise a leaning or wobbly post up straight.

How to straighten a chain link fence post?

Unbolt both ends of the top rail from the terminal posts by using an adjustable wrench and socket wrench. Slide off the rail ends from the brackets they were attached to, leaving only the bent top rail.

Fix any alignment issues on the terminal and line posts as needed by using a level bar to move them closer together as needed.


We spoke about how to level a fence post without replacing it in this article. Fixing a leaning fence post is a simple project that most homeowners can complete with little difficulty.

You can get the post back to its original position by following a few basic procedures and using only a few tools. The majority of these adjustments take only a few hours, frequently less than an afternoon.

Straighten a fence post without removing it

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