Removing metal fence posts

Removing metal fence posts. All the people who own metal fences know how challenging it is to remove fences. Getting rid of them or moving these fences from one place to another place is an arduous task.

For doing away with fence posts, metallic posts are the hardest to remove. Compared to timber and wooden fences that are less complicated to remove.

Removing a steel fence appears like a tough task. But don’t worry, we have some best options for these problems.

You don’t have to call an expert and waste your money. You can operate this challenge at home successfully. 

Removing metal fence postsremoving metal fence posts 1

With the advancement of science and technology, you can use different tools and pieces of equipment. Remove metal fence posts from the ground. Let’s dive into it. 

Fence post pulled outer tool

For this technique, buy a tool, particularly a fence post pulled outer tool. In case you can’t find this without difficulty in your market and surrounding shops.

Then you can try going on the internet and ordering one online. It is available in online stores at a lower-priced price. 

  • Fix the fence. Place the pulley device in such a manner that your metal fence is in between the hole of the tool. 
  • Then push the lever (post pulley outer tool) into the ground with full force. 

While performing this task, you will notice that the metal fence is coming out gradually. It shows that the metal fence is put off from the post. This technique is extensively and extremely common.

People use this to eliminate metallic fences from the posts. Without using this device, it is tough to remove the metallic fence. This device brings ease to this nerve-wracking process. 

Point to remember while doing the methods: Push the lever of the fence post pulled the outer tool with full strength.

If you don’t use sufficient energy of yours, then there are excessive probabilities that the pulley won’t even move.

Digging methods

The second widely used method for removing metal fences is the digging method. You can’t go through something with ease. This method is complex to perform. It is effective in removing metal fences. 

  • Take some spade or tool at your convenience and dig the fence. If you dug deeper, then it will be easier to remove a metal fence. It will be handy to pull out the metal fence.
  • Buy a jack system from the market if it’s not available. This challenge can’t perform without this device. There are different jacks available in the market. For this method, we use farm jack. It works so efficiently and successfully. 
  • Now you want a chain. Use a chain to cover the metallic fence completely. Ensure that chains you tie all the chains around that fence properly. If you do not tighten up appropriately, then it will cause failure to remove steel fences from posts. 
  • Grab all the ends of the chains that you tied with the metallic fence post earlier. Put these chains on the tongue of the farm jack. Operate every venture carefully. 
  • Now put some heavyweight on the jack. As you put pressure, you will observe chains will begin tightening around the steel fence posts. It is what we are trying to gain here. 
  • Because of the pressure of the jack, the metallic fence post will jostle upward above the ground. 

Untie everything from the metallic fence. You will pull out the metal fence easily. 

Point to remember: wear gloves or cover your palms as they should be while performing this task because it might injure your arms and make your skin rough.

Also, there are sorts of microorganisms and microscopic organisms which can prove hazardous.

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