Cleaning heavily soiled hardwood floors

Cleaning heavily soiled hardwood floors. It is quite obvious that the floor gets messy for many reasons footprints, dust coming from windows, windstorms, bad cleaning, and so on can be from the very ways that make your floors heavily soiled.

Usually, the dirt and soil that we bring home via our footprints are one of the major reasons for your floor getting dirty. But the case with the wooden floor is a bit different.

Wooden floors have become the choice of the people who want durability as well as beautiful texture. Several layers of glue make the floor woods durable.

These wooden floors have another advantage which is that they keep your homes warm in winters and provide the warmth required for you to get inside the home. That’s why in cold regions, usually, wooden floors are preferred.

Rich finishing is suggested for them that might be costly, a bit than regular flooring. But one thing should be kept in mind that whether wooden flooring is beautiful, these floors must not ever come into contact with much water otherwise your floor will lose its reliability.

Besides looking beautiful, they are required much cleaning. People look for ways to avoid getting their floors heavily soiled and spend money and time to keep them clean.

Cleaning heavily soiled hardwood floors how to cleaning heavily soiled hardwood floors 

Now let’s come to solving the problem of how to clean heavily soiled wooden floors by following the given below techniques:

  1. First of all avoid, your floor getting wet so that any dust or soil can easily be removed by broom or mop if in any case dirt sticks to the floor deep rubbing can help.
  2. Moreover, using a bad floor cleaner could also be the reason in this regard.
  3. Sometimes we go for using local floor cleaners that contain chemicals and these chemicals suck off all the shine of the floors.
  4. These floor cleaners leave you thinking that, besides taking a lot of care, the floor is leaving off all the shine day by day and you do not even could realize your mistake.
  5. Use good quality floor cleaners that do not harm your floor surface and texture. The best heavy-duty hardwood floor cleaner is a smart choice here.
  6. These floors get dirty when you dust your furniture. That same dirt settles back on your wooden floor, so vacuum clean your sofas and the rest of the furniture and also open windows is another reason as continuous dirt comes in and sets on the floor.
  7. This is the dust and dirt that stays on the floor and sticks to it. After some time floor gets layers of soil and it becomes hard to clean the floor.

How you can cure this problem?hardwood floors damaged

This problem can be cured only by keeping the windows shut so that no dust can enter the house and, further, cleaning become easy.

Sometimes we do not pay attention to the mop whether it is clean or some dirt has left over it. This could be your bad mopping. Sometimes we don’t wash the mop well and just clean the wooden floor with it in a hustle.

Later on, when the floor gets dry there can be seen no shine out there. Mopping with a dirty mop covers all the shine of the wooden floor with a thin blanket of dirt.

This blanket does not let your wooden floor shine. . That also leaves your floor sunshine. Use a cleaned mop.

Your cleaning mopes can be damaged or have become useless after using them for a longer time. Try to use a mop that is in good condition.

Hardwood floors Damaged

Check if it is not damaged from somewhere. If you see any damage or anything like it is not cleaning the floor neatly then replace it with a new one.

If you avoid scratching the floor, it will also help you in keeping it smooth. This smoothness will further lead you to easy cleaning and avoiding wooden floor soiling.

As women prefer kitchen items to solve a number of their problems, how to clean hardwood floor problems can also be addressed using apple cider to clean the hardwood floor.

Apple cider removes all grease sticking to the floor. The grease is basically the hard soil and dirt that has turned into grease after no being cleaned well for a long time.


In this way, you would be free of thinking about how to deep clean wooden floors. If you would follow the given instructions and avoid causes for a messy wooden floor you can make it live more than its actual or assumed life.

Cleaning heavily soiled hardwood floors (Cheap and easy)

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