Best home security camera system consumer reports

Best home security camera system consumer reports. In the modern era, outdoor security cameras are an essential tool for your home protection. These cameras are able to record footage continuously. With outdoor security cameras, you can keep your home and property safe from burglars.

You can easily monitor that what’s happening outside of your home. We have ranked the best outdoor home security camera system, as you see below

6 Best home security camera system consumer reports

1. Zmodo ZM-W0002-4 Best home security camera system consumer reports

ZM-W0002-4 is an efficient outdoor security camera system, that is super easy to set up. It is a wireless security camera system that works on electromagnetic waves. This security camera is durable, made of high-quality metal to offer long outdoor security cameras 2021

These cameras can withstand any weather conditions because it uses IP66 weatherproof technology. The best thing about this system is that its long antenna offers a stronger Wi-Fi connection.

ZM-W0002-4 comes with wireless 3 pack cameras that are convenient and simple to install. This system offers continuous video monitoring and 24/7 security. Its night vision feature and clarity smart features make this system more efficient.

This camera system also provides you a true 1080p HD live clear footage. The interesting thing about this system is that you can even see up to 65ft away in the dark.

Zmodo Wireless Outdoor Camera can be controlled by Alexa using Echo Show. You must purchase an Echo Show separately. Your device must be updated to the latest version before you can use Amazon Alexa. Your device must be 1080p.

This security camera system also comes with a motion detection feature, the camera will capture a short video when motion is detected.

This system also comes with hands-free voice control that will work on amazon alexa Google Assistant. You can control the camera by your voice command while using this feature.

This outdoor security system offers a cloud storage service provider plan. These cameras also offer flawless operation even in harsh weather conditions. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Metal casing
  • Hands free voice control
  • 30 day’s free trial with cloud service
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Inconsistant motion detection

2. WYZE C3 Outdoor/Indoor Security Camera System

WYZE C3 comes with great picture quality, motion, and sound detection smart features. These cameras are small and space-saving, you can install them within 5 outdoor wireless security camera system solar powered

It has a color night vision, that will allow you to record clear footage during the dark. Color night vision feature comes with 6 ft fireballs around 900-lumen outdoor lights.

The interesting thing about this model is that you can use this model indoors and outdoors.

WYZE C3 offers extremely better video quality, and its starlight sensor for night vision works well when there isn’t enough ambient light. Due to its IP65 rating, the camera can be used outdoors.

Video quality and features are comparable to the Wyze Cam Outdoor. The top-of-the-line video recording and live streaming include 25 ft, yard-illuminated night vision, letting you see every single detail of the animal’s face and whiskers.

The best thing about this security camera is that the IR light intensity can be set for near or far use.

This model is only connectable with 2.4ghz Wi-Fi, it will not connect with 5ghz Wi-Fi. This Cam doesn’t have any battery, you have to plug it into an external power source. This cam security system also uses a 110V power adapter and a 6-foot USB power cord.

Featuring a motion detection zone and the ability to listen for and alert you to special frequencies, like smoke alarms, this security camera works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. Our Wyze Cam (2020) review can be found here.

This security camera system can withstand any weather conditions. Its motion detection feature also works effectively, it will capture one 12-second alert video every five minutes when motion or sound is detected. You can set the ‘record on event’ or ‘continuous recording’ feature and can use a micro memory sd card to store data.

This system is also certified by IFTTT certified, which means this cam is connectable with all of your different apps and devices.

Besides HD video quality live streaming, motion detection, night vision, a decent app, and free motion-based cloud storage for 14 days, you also get a decent app. You can also store videos locally on the Wyze camera instead of using the cloud service since it has a micro SD card slot. Check Price on eBay.


  • Free cloud storage
  • Motion and sound detection feature
  • Color night vision feature


  • Motion detection is not so good.

3. YI 86002 Security Camera Outdoor Camera System

YI 86002 security camera system comes with a nice camera and an easy-to-use phone app. It is very simple to set up the camera using the app, just scan the QR code on the back of the camera with your phone.professional outdoor security cameras

It may take 5 minutes per camera, you can also name each of your cameras. This cam system has the ability to record footage clearly and with a wide angle. This camera is compact and lightweight, it can easily fit in a small place.

YI 86002 comes with the option to involve Noon light’s Certified Emergency Dispatchers, which will help in finding criminals in case of any crime incident. Its casing is made of plastic material, including the cover over the lens.

The picture quality is pretty good, offers high-resolution Images in 1080P resolution. In order to make picture quality more clear, this system uses a 110° lens and Universal ball mount.

This camera system is also waterproof can be used as an indoor camera as well. This model also comes with a micro SD card option. Its micro USB cord has a right and decent length, offer great comfortability.

Motion detection sensors work great, you will get alerts on your phone in case of any motion detection. Moreover, it is equipped with 2 infrared LED beads to make the better performance even at night.

Also comes with two-way talk audio, you can talk to an unknown person and can listen to his voice clearly. Best outdoor home security camera system consumer reports. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Wheather proof unit.
  • Full HD video quality.
  • two-way talk feature.


  • Not true wide-angle

4. Arlo VMC2330B-100NAS Essential Spotlight Camera Systemessential spotlight camera system

Arlo VMC2330B-100 is a reliable and efficient security camera. It has a very simple and quick installation and setup, it may take just a couple of minutes to add it to the app.

With the 100% wireless design, Arlo simplifies the installation of your home security system by connecting directly to your Wi-Fi network for fast, wire-free installation.

You can use an Arlo Smart Hub ($100, sold separately) to save footage on a USB drive instead of paying a monthly fee for video storage. As well as amazon alexa Apple HomeKit/Siri, the hub is required for it to function.

This model gives a better footage result during day and night. Arlo Essential is a wire-free surveillance camera that delivers fast installation and flexible viewing for an ideal front door camera.

It is extremely easy to install and weather-resistant. You can also turn on the spotlight function anytime that can record the footage of any person who comes close to your driveway.

The best feature of VMC2330B-100 is that it can capture clear details in full HD resolution. You can get a clear video with a wide viewing angle that is up to 130 degrees.

This camera is designed in such a way that it can withstand heat, cold, rain, or sun. This model also comes with an advanced object detection feature with package, vehicle, and animal detection options. Arlo’s Essential Wireless Security Camera is an excellent security camera that scored highly in our tests for video quality and data security.

Its color night vision feature is accurate, you can see all the colors even at night. Also has a two-way audio feature to hear and speak to visitors. This camera battery life is decent, you can get up to 6 months of battery life on a single charge. VMC2330B-100 comes with a 30-day cloud recording trial.

Moreover, it is a wireless device that can connect directly to your Wi-Fi for fast, wire-free installation with no hub required. With a plug-in power cord, sold separately for $50, the camera can be powered either by its rechargeable battery or by a plug-in power cord. It can be connected to an outlet up to 25 feet away.

Optional subscription costs

An Arlo Secure plan provides 30 days of cloud video storage for $3 per month for one camera or $10 for unlimited cameras; 30-day storage with emergency response buttons costs $15 per month for unlimited cameras, and 24/7 continuous video recording costs $10 per month for 14 days and $20 per month for 30 days. Check Price on eBay.

Readout why Ring doorbell live view not working.


  • Offer wide 130º viewing angle.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Advanced object detection feature.
  • receive notifications from your home security cameras


  • Battery life is not too good.

5. Netvue ‎Best outdoor home security camera system consumer reports

This is a heavy-duty metal outdoor security camera, that comes in white color. It is super easy to set up and install, you can install this cam within few professional outdoor security cameras

This outdoor security camera comes with an advanced motion detection feature. You can easily customize the area where you want to monitor, you will get alerts on your phone when it detects something.

Using Netvue wireless security cameras, you can help protect your home or business from burglars and intruders. These cameras work over wireless or Ethernet.

This unit is not battery-powered, it can be plugged into any existing power outlet. This model has a wide coverage area, and its microphone also works well. Also, offer a zoom feature to easily identifying the things which are invisible.

It has an accurate night vision feature that can easily recognize things from up to 15 feet away. Moreover, its bright LED also helps in getting clear footage at night.

This security camera is also equipped with a 36mm lens that offers a 100° viewing angle. The best security camera is that it is compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.

With its cloud storage feature, it can Cloud provide up to 30 days of cloud storage. Moreover, like other models, this model is equipped with 2-way communication and iP66 waterproof features. Best home security camera system consumer reports.


  • Smart motion detection feature.
  • Offers a 100° viewing angle.
  • Compatible with Wifi / Ethernet & amazon Alexa


  • Glowing red night vision lights

6. ZOSI 8ZM-252W4-00-US Best outdoor security camera system with dvr

8ZM-252W4-00-US comes in good camera quality, offers better resolution and physical durability. Comes with an advanced H.265+ high-efficiency video compression that offers larger storage space and better image system consumer reports

Equipped with a 5MP Lite DVR that is compatible with 2MP and 5MP 12.5fps HD-TVI, CVI, AHD cameras. This outdoor camera is ideal for your office, and house and offers crystal clear footage.

Each camera comes with a power cord that plugs in near the DVR and feeds along with the wire that feeds the video. You can also install a digital hard drive that you have to buy separately.

The best feature of this camera system is that its night vision feature works brilliantly. You can view live video feeds, talk to visitors or family members from afar, and receive alerts when a motion is detected with these cameras. This night vision feature offers a wide range of vision even in the dark that is in the range of 80ft.

8ZM-252W4-00-US also offers optional recording modes including continuous, scheduled, detect motion, and recycle recording. You can choose 24/7 or a specific time for recording by using these modes. Moreover, you can also expand the camera system by adding additional cameras.

This system is compatible with 4 additional cameras including ZOSI’s bullet camera and dome camera. You can add these to the system according to the security requirements. Best outdoor security camera system with dvr.


  • 80 ft night vision
  • Remote access
  • Different recording modes


  • Low quality of hardware


Buying Guide Best home security camera system consumer reports

We have discussed the 06 outdoor best security camera systems which are now the top-rated cameras system that is available in the market. You can install all of these security systems yourself, but some require that you pay a monthly fees for professional monitoring.

After a lot of research, we have found some important considerations that you should keep in mind while purchasing any security camera system. Hope these considerations will be helpful for you in choosing the best outdoor security system.

Camera Type

The type of camera is an important factor, there are different types of outdoor cameras such as wireless security cameras or video doorbells. Ring camera video doorbells do not offer free storage, but the company charges only $3 per month (or $30 per year) for 60 days of storage for one camera.

If you want to supervise the front and back door, then a video doorbell is a good choice. Usually, doorbell cameras use wiring. Moreover, if you want to supervise other outdoor places in your houses such as driveways, garages, or other property then you should buy a wireless security camera system because these cameras can withstand any weather environment.

You will receive a key image of an event when the security cameras detect movement so that you can see what has happened immediately. View the motion video clips to learn more. Although some cameras can store video clips locally on a memory card, most don’t have that capability.

Connectivity And Power Source

It is another important smart feature that you should keep in mind, most security camera works systems on a Wi-Fi network. Also, make sure that the camera system is also compatible with a cellular network, so in case of any interruption to your Wi-Fi signal, it continues its operation. Before buying a security camera system also make sure that it is accessible on Android or iOS devices.

High Definition Cameras video quality

Make sure that the cameras that you going to buy, deliver better video resolution. Some cameras system use traditional analog cameras which offer blurriness and un-clear videos.

The clarity level of HD cameras is much better than these analog cameras. Also, ensure that the cameras have a higher megapixel, usually, security cameras system use 8 or more than eight-megapixel cameras to offer sharper footage.

Wide-Angle Lenses

The cameras that use a wider-angle lens will offer a large coverage area but you have to zoom in on the objects in a wider range. Usually, the security cameras use 3.6mm lenses that are able to produce a 90-degree field of view. While there is also some model which uses 2.8mm to offer a 110-degree view.

Some models use lenses whose size is adjustable for example if the lens size is 12mm then you can set it at below 12mm where you want.

Cloud Storage Plans &free video storage

Before buying a camera system make sure that you have a piece of knowledge about the free cloud storage of cameras. You should keep some important things in your mind such as the additional storage required for how much money.

Different models offer different amounts of free cloud video storage such as a model of Arlo that gives 30 days of free cloud storage. You can get 30 days of cloud video storage with an Arlo Secure subscription.

Most makers decide on distributed storage—where the recording is distantly put away on a server—rather than memory cards in light of the fact that the video files are huge. Without distributed storage.


What is motion triggered video clips?

Motion triggered video clips

Motion triggers are similar to sensors on automatic doors: they turn on when someone moves nearby. It’s exceptionally touchy, so do not move a muscle unless you need to be recognized! Make a security light with some LEDs.


Best outdoor home security camera system consumer reports. After reading this post, I hope you will be able to buy the best outdoor home security camera system for yourself. In the above list of the best 06 outdoor security camera systems, you can easily choose a system that fulfills all your requirements.

You can install all of these security systems yourself, but some require that you pay a monthly fee for professional monitoring. We may earn affiliate commissions if you shop through retailer links on our site. Read these tips to keep your property secure in rain, sleet, and snow.

We will suggest Zmodo ZM-W0002-4 Outdoor Security Camera System & WYZE C3 Outdoor/Indoor Security Camera System because these two products are our top-rated models.

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