How to remove wax buildup on hardwood floors

How to remove wax buildup on hardwood floors. Any product that has been constructed of timber wood and is used in making floors is known as a wood floor.

Just for structure or giving an elegant look, wood is one of the most common materials used as a flooring material.

In hardwood floorings like the name, they are supposedly tough. The tissues of the wood have matured with time, strengthening it harder.

Though the trees that have hardwood grow at a slower pace than the other trees, they are more likely to be used in floorings.

This is because of their remarkable texture and god strength. They also enhance the beauty of the floor. Willow and Mape are some of their common examples. While the most common is timber.

How to remove wax buildup on hardwood floors

how to remove wax buildup on hardwood floors

Wax builds up on hardwood floor with time or you have used wax to enhance the life of the wood, but it is not to your liking anymore.

The ways to remove this wax are simple and can be used easily.

We can dissolve the wax on the wood or we can even use spirits and other chemicals to remove the wax formed on the wood. We can even manually scrub the wax off.

Multiple steps for removal of wax from hardwood floors

A variety of steps are to be followed to remove the wax that is on our hardwood floor. The ways through which this act is possible are also listed down:

Gathering items

The first step is to gather the things that you will need to remove the wax that is present on your door. These are:

  • Mops
  • Brooms
  • Buckets
  • Mineral spirits
  • Clothes
  • Steel wool

These are the basic things and all that you would need to get rid of the problem at hand.

Being careful while handling

2nd step is to prepare yourself. Wear masks, gloves, and clothes that are safe to start the process. Also, be careful with the chemicals that might prove harmful to you or your property.

So be careful while handling them. Keep the area well ventilated so fumes from the minerals won’t harm you.

Cleaning the floor

The process will mess your clothes up a lot. So clean the floor before you start. Use the broom and mop to clean it.

If these are not doing a good job, you can use a vacuum as well. That will also increase your cleaning ability.

Using the mineral salt

using the mineral salt

Spill, or rather apply, the mineral salt you have on the hardwood floor. For started only apply it to a small portion or area of the floor.

This is because the wax is easy to remove from small areas as compared to the large ones.

This is also for your safety of you from the fumes. Always remember to obliterate the wax from one area before moving to the next one for both efficiency and safety purposes.

Spirit and mineral salt

To use the mineral salt, always use a cloth or rag and soak it in the spirit. Then rub the cloth with a minor force in the direction as same as that of the wood grain.

Continue cleaning until no wax can be seen on the cloth. If there is still a yellow color on the cloth, that means the wax has not been completely removed yet.

Doing scrubbing with steel

The steel wool you had come into the action now. Like the cloth, soak the steel wool in the spirit and start rubbing it on the floor. Don’t use too much force; it might damage the hardwood.

Using steel grain will make it easier for you to clean because of its unique structure. Keep scrubbing till the entire area is clean. Then use a dry cloth to rewire the area to remove the scrubbed particles of wax on the floor.

Hot water

hot water

Use a mop and dip it in hot water. Then, clean the floor with the mop. This is to clean the remains of the wax that might have been left on the floor.

Hot water proves to be great at cleaning.


Make sure again that all the products have been cleaned completely.

Then you are ready to apply fishing touches like polishing and any other thing you want to do.


Can home remedies remove wax?

Yes, home remedies can help you get rid of the wax residue on your floor.

Why is wax even used?

Wax is actually used to enhance the life of the wooden floor.


The result you have got is, I hope to your liking. You can apply other chemicals as well, but the chemicals I listed are cheap and easy to get.

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