Best rug tape for hardwood floors

Best rug tape for hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are a popular choice for interiors because they offer a classic, natural look that feels comfortable to many.

Rug Tapes or carpet tape whatever you want to name it they all quite durable too, but you’ve got to be careful if you want your floors to stay in good shape.

With the help of permanent bond you can easily place your carpet intact with the floors.

That’s why we found the best way to protect them is by moving heavy furniture around with right rug tape instead of putting lots of pressure on the wood as some may do – which will eventually cause cracks and damage.

There are different kinds of rug tape out there that can be used with your hardwood flooring, but not all will provide even more value than they already have.

Make sure to force your future self into protecting those expensive new hardwood floors you have installed.

6 Best rug tape for hardwood floors

1. YYXLIFE Double-Sided Removable Multi-Purpose Rug Tape

The YYXLIFE heavy duty Rug Tape for Carpet Floors is the high-quality carpet tape that is a strong competitor in double sided carpet tapes industry.6 best rug tape for hardwood floors

Its formula keep rugs stay put and safe in place. This rug gripper tape is hard-wearing, protecting your carpets and floors from being damaged.

Even old or deep carpets that are not likely to slip can be protected by simply attaching them together with the rug gripper tape.

The anti-slip blanket rug gripper also has an extra layer of protection against dust settling on your carpet so as to prolong its life as well as your own sanity!

This is best rug tape which is very versatile and it can be used in many different ways. It’s useful for runners, rugs, stair treads, rug pads, and carpeting for your home or office.

You can use it to secure all sorts of things like floor mats or carpeting on almost any indoor surface including wood flooring or tile flooring but we haven’t tested it on marble yet.

The Rug adhesive carpet tape is an easy-to-use, durable and lightweight tape that adds additional protection to one’s home.

The product can withstand moderate levels of pressure and comes in a unique rectangular shape, which is great for protecting rugs from high traffic and tripping hazards. Check Price on Walmart.

2. DIY Doctor – Xtra Strong Double Sided Carpet Tape

The purpose of this DIY Doctor tape is to prevent rugs from slipping on hardwood floors. This fantastic product comes on a professional grade roll and can be used right out of the doctor xtra strong double sided carpet tape

Once you’ve torn off a piece of the carpet tapes, apply it to your rug where needed. You only need a single piece for each corner so you don’t need much.

This is great for moving heavy rugs that generally tend to slip around during regular movement.

With proper use, this heavy duty Rug Gripper Tape will ensure that your hardwoods stay protected from falling or leg injuries that may ensue from rugs getting loose or slippery.

This carpet adhesive tape is perfect for a myriad of uses around the house and especially to keep carpets from being displaced by elements.

This carpet tape acts as a spatial anchor by conforming to the flooring it’s laid on (either hardwood floors, marble or tiles), so that it doesn’t move or slip if the floor gets wet!

This high-quality 22 yard roll comes in handy for both indoor and outdoor jobs! The strong grip this product provides ensures that after installation, it will be able to withstand smooth surfaces as well as brick, stone and more.

The super easy-peel backing and double-sided adhesive hold the material together after application to ensure the quality of the ball you’ve been wanting for your hands is given to you when you receive your product.  Check Price on eBay.

3. XFasten Double Sided Best rug tape for hardwood floors

XFasten Hardwood Floor Over Carpet tape is the best way to keep rugs and carpets from sliding on your hardwood floors without damaging delicate wood floor surfaces.xfasten double sided carpet tape for area rugs and carpets

XFasten double-sided best carpet tape creates a strong bond so that rugs and carpets will stay in place for up to 6 months.

The double-sided adhesive tip also adheres well to any type of rug or carpet ensuring the vitality, longevity, and safety of your home furnishings on both your floor.

When it comes to covering up certain areas, perfect rug tape is the way to go. It can be used over rugs on wood floors or used underneath rugs so they can be placed on top of carpets with non-skid oftentimes.

They also have XFasten double-sided rug tape in other sizes and colors as well as XFasten frosted gym mats for all of your wooden flooring and commercial gym needs.

XFasten double-sided carpet is an easy way to stick the flooring in place without needing any extra adhesive or glues.

Furthermore, it’s a hardwood floor double-sided carpet tape which means you won’t ever have to worry about this glue or adhesive failing upon usage because it was built for withstanding the toughest conditions and terrain. Check Price on Walmart.

4. Good Stuff Heavy Duty Rug Tape (Double Sided)

Good Stuff double-sided tape is engineered with unique long-lasting adhesives that provide a durable bonding between multiple surfaces.carpet tape safe for hardwood floors

Good Stuff can be used to secure your most treasured items such as photos, comic books, and DVDs to hardwood floors yet not leave residue behind making it perfect for any type of flooring.

This means you don’t have to worry about tripping over your rug or falling down because of it and you can keep your family safe by using this carpet tape.

This heavy-duty adhesive helps secure area rugs in rooms that are exposed to high traffic and/or pets to prevent them from coming loose over time due to their use.

After purchasing 30 yards of material so as to properly secure multiple types of area rugs, they can be used rather than having to search for leftover scrap fabric pieces left on rolls that aren’t guaranteed to be long enough.

This double-sided carpet tape helps prevent not just hardwood flooring but carpets from being damaged.

There is no need to worry about replacing your wood floors or carpets with these conveniently packaged, easy-to-use double-sided adhesive tapes that protect the floor and don’t leave sticky residue behind when they are removed. Check Price on eBay.

5. YOLETO Double Sided Carpet Tape for Area Rugs

The YOLETO Double Sided carpet tapes are the solution for all of your hardwood floors. This rug tape will not leave behind any sticky residue, and it is perfect for use on area rugs that need some stabilization.

double sided rug tapeSpecially designed for floors and install in just a few minutes in large carpets of the conference room.

The double-sided tape is the perfect pair for an area rug. The industrial strength formula and patented adhesive were removed in just a second, leaving no sticky residue behind.

It’s guaranteed by even the most sensitive of surfaces – including wood flooring and tile!

These easy-to-peel and easy-to-stick carpet tapes are perfect for both hardwood floors and area rugs because they can be used on a variety of surfaces inside the home or at the office, but are especially useful for high-traffic areas.

They’re designed for use with rugs running along hallways, kitchens, or other entranceways as well as classrooms or common room areas where people gather within buildings.

This area rug tape would work extensively on both stage and also exhibition sites. You would not have to worry about creases.

6. iPrimio Nevercurl Double Sided Tape

It is a pain to unroll and peel the backing off. It is thin and so sticky residue to handle but it is so sticky it will hold anything down.

This tape can hold any carpet, slipping rugs, or area rug pad, that never stays in rug gripper tape for hardwood floors

It works against problems on any hardwood floor, even where there have already been past ones.

You’ll be able to maneuver this product easily around rooms or places you’d rather it go. A strong, sturdy adhesive is not damaging to the exposed surface beneath while providing a non-stick solution. This tape is best for smooth floor surfaces and rough surfaces.

With this unique feature, you don’t have to fret about securing your hard surfaces the traditional way – in this case, we’re talking about PVC flooring or laminate flooring.


Can you use tape for hardwood floors?

Yes, it can be applied to wood flooring. Usually tapes don’t adhere as well to wood surfaces as they do to other surfaces, but they are formulated with a lower-tack adhesive that allows them to be removed cleanly and without doing damage to sensitive wood planks.

Can you put duct tape on wood floor?

Tape is pretty important on every job site. There are different types of stuff like duct tape, painter’s tape, caution tape & more. But out of all of these 3 choices, only one type is recommended for use by the manufacturer for delicate surfaces (or surfaces like hardwood flooring).

 How do you remove carpet tape from wood stairs?

Follow these steps if the sticky stuff doesn’t come off easily and soak a rag in ¼ cup of mineral spirits or denatured alcohol. Scrap off as much of the dried adhesive as you can, using a metal paint scraper and putty knife.

Are rug pads worth it?

Any area rugs are a complement to any home decor, but they can also be expensive if not properly cared for.

A rug pad is a great investment that keeps rugs in place and prolongs the life of your rugs.

Area rug pads add cushion to any hardwood or laminated flooring and vitalize the feel of your room by adding warmth underfoot and increasing coziness.

What do you put rug grippers on wood floor?

Rug pads are especially important for those with expensive rugs because they help to hold rugs and protect the value of their investment as well as avoid accidental scuff and scrapes.

Rug pads also consider the floor beneath them. Depending on the type you choose, a pad can offer some cushioning or serve to harden a soft surface, such as hardwood or tile floor.

Do Rug Tape Leave Marks On Wood Floor?

No, carpet tape will not ruin your wooden flooring. It’s best to use a rug gripper because it will avoid slipping and will prevent damage caused by scuff marks.


Everyone needs to make sure that they’re taking care of their hardwood floors. This is why we recommend using the right rug tape on hardwood floors for anyone who is looking to move their furniture around.

Having the perfect rug pad is essential for securing an oriental rug on a hardwood floor.

The Good Stuff Double-Sided Tapes are perfect for your needs.

The best kind of rug tape is the kind that will grip both the rug and the floor without leaving a scratch on them.

Not only is it affordable and easy to apply, but it also can protect your wood flooring on a regular basis. Thanks for reading our blog, we hope that you found this helpful! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

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