How to protect hardwood floors from dogs

How to protect hardwood floors from dogs. Many dog owners in Pottstown are apprehensive about installing hardwood floors.

Many Pottstown dog owners choose carpet over this material because they are afraid it will be quickly ruined. Regrettably, dogs and hardwood floors don’t always get along.

They have an incredible capacity to scrape and blemish your beautiful new hardwood floors.

While carpet is less likely to be scratched, dog owners may still have lovely flooring if they follow the guidelines below.

How to protect hardwood floors from dogsprotect hardwood floors from dogs

Make your apartment a clean and comfortable environment. Waxing your wooden floors will make them less slippery for your pet.

Have your dog’s nails trimmed regularly. Take them for at least one walk every day because this helps keep the dog fit and happy.

Clean up little accidents on carpets using paper towels or toilet paper as needed and also have an extra carpet mat or two handy just in case there are any mishaps.

Dogs nails

Maintaining your dog clean and trimming their nails can indeed help. Longer nails are more likely to be scratched.

When it comes to protecting your flooring, trimming the nails must be your first line of protection. You have the option of going to a veterinarian including doing for yourself at leisure.

However, there are occasions when parting it with specialists is the preferable option. Too short a nail clipping can cause a lot of pain in a dog.

Runner Carpetrunner carpet

Every dog has a favorite spot in the house. Dogs gravitate towards specific spots and paths through your home, They can be found by the front door, on the couch, beside the window, or anywhere else.

As a result, the frequently used patches are more prone to harm your hardwood flooring, so you may want to To preserve the boards, try laying down rugs or area rugs.

Instead of walking over the floor, your dog walks across the runner. This additional layer of protection keeps the floors from scratching.

Choose rugs or mats with non-skid padding underneath them when shopping.

Scratch Resistant

Laminate floors are an excellent alternative, but dog walkers who depend on hardwood flooring in Pottstown should cover the floor with a scratch-resistant sealer.

This coating of sealant is already applied to some materials. Look for boards with an exterior coating of aluminum oxide added to them in these circumstances.

Because aluminum oxide is transparent, it will not affect the wood’s original color.

Floor Coating

The best finish is water-based polyurethane. It’s recommended to use a foam applicator to apply the finish because it’s the gentlest on the floor. Make careful to apply many coats to achieve the best effects.

Waxing your flooring is an essential preventive precaution. When the dogs run and try to halt, your hardwood floor might take a hit. They’ll utilize their nails to provide extra grip on non-waxed, slick flooring.

Doggy Shoedoggy shoe

There are a plethora of canine fashion accessories available these days.

It has spawned a thriving industry. If you desire, your dog might be the most stylish canine in the country.

Small dog booties are one item that you may be interested in. It’s a pair of little dog shoes that fit on your pet’s paws.

The texture is soft and cushioned, providing the ideal barrier amongst their claws and your flooring.

It would help to maintain your hardwood flooring free of dog urine to protect your hardwood floorboards. If an accident occurs, clean it up as quickly as possible.

It makes no difference if the floors are sealed or not. Urination can pass through the wood and land on the floor below. You may end up with stained flooring and a stench of urine.


Hardwood floors are expensive, as everyone who has installed them knows. Take additional precautions to keep your home safe from dogs, and it will last for years.

There are many sturdy alternatives available for dog owners searching for excellent floors that can handle the wear and tear of dogs.

These choices will still look fantastic. They may seem brand new even after years of usage if adequately maintained.

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