How to remove pop socket

How to remove pop socket. PopSockets are particularly useful for keeping a handset inside one palm while texting with both.

However, if you get a new cover or update your handset and would like to maintain your PopSocket, thou need greatest eliminate it from your current device.

All PopSockets are sticky and incompatible with Wireless inductive chargers before iPhone 12, including its magnetic solid back panel.

Best place to put a pop socket

So handled the phone usually and slipped the PopSockets Grip between the ring and middle fingers to determine the optimal placement.

There are no right or incorrect ways to arrange things. And you can permanently remove it and rearrange it afterward.

How to remove pop socket
how to remove pop socket steps

It’s easy to get rid of a gummy PopSocket. By design, the sticky gel that adheres to your smartphone or cover is removable and dries.

The methods for removing any PopSocket are as follows:

  • Flatten any PopSocket on your smartphone by collapsing it.
  • Remove the PopSocket from the handset with your fingers. When you remove the disc, slide using a fingertip, spudger, or another instrument beneath or around it.
  • Push the PopSocket away from the gadget with attention until it releases.
  • Slide the PopSocket to some other gadget or cover or a different location on the current phone while the liquid is still sticking.
  • The smartphone is now cleaned and PopSocket-free, prepared for a new case, slipping it back into its back pocket or attaching the PopSocket to your next handset.
  • To avoid the sticky glue from drying completely, move your PopSocket to a new position, case, and phone following 15 minutes of detaching a PopSocket.
  • If a PopSocket’s gel gets filthy, simply rinse it along with fresh water and let it rest for about 10 minutes before reinstalling it.

How to remove a MagSafe pop sockethow to remove a magsafe pop socket

It’s easier to separate a MagSafe PopSocket than it is to remove an adhesive type.

It may be raised and relocated or replaced totally with absolutely no effort because it is magnetically attached to the hard case.

The magnetic attachment isn’t as powerful as the adhesive connection, which is the sole drawback.

If it doesn’t stick to any phone anymore, but the old base against a wall or a desk, next shut the PopGrip flat, press down, and twist it 90 degrees.

The PopTop should pop out quickly, so you can replace this with your new, stiffer bottom.

Things need to be remembered while Removing

If indeed the pop socket is already extended, do not even attempt to eliminate it from your smartphone. Even during the removal operation, the pop socket may come to lose out of its base.

Push against the edges of the pop socket base with your fingers once you can feel them slipping inside.

You might not have to push very hard—just enough to get a firm grip just on the pop socket. You ought to be capable of feeling the pop socket base peeling away from technology immediately.

If your fingernails can’t even fit underneath the bottom of the pop socket, slip a few pieces of flossing under it.


How to remove pop socket. Popsockets seem to be one of the most popular things just on the market right now, and with excellent purpose. You understand how much pleasure it would be to utilize one if you have one!

You can tamper with the top of a pop socket by pulling in and out of it once it’s connected to either phone or tablet. Yet, you might like to take your pop socket out and put it elsewhere in the future.

This is really a simple process. Everything you must do is gently tug with your fingertips underneath the root.


Why pop sockets are bad?

When removing a PopSocket from your phone, be careful to avoid damaging it with the adhesive on the back of the product.

How to remove pop socket glue?

​One easy method of removing gum is to use dish soap or any oil-based materials. Vegetable or canola oil can work wonders, as can peanut butter or mayonnaise.

Spread it on the gum, let it soak into the residue for about an hour, then wipe it away. A more hard-core solution is to rub alcohol or vodka over it until it’s dried up completely.

How to clean a pop socket?

To clean a pop socket, hold it under a steady stream of water for a good three seconds. Don’t let the pop socket soak for too long because you need to save some of its sticky surface intact.

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