How to remove vinyl soffit

How to remove vinyl soffit. First of all, what are Soffits? The readers do not know what are Soffits and why it is used. The Soffits are the panels that are hung between the attics of your roof.

Soffits serve various functions for your building of roofs. We can say that it is the skin that covers the attics. Soffits are of two types such as:

How to remove vinyl soffit
Vented Vinyl Soffits

This removal follows five steps. The five steps are given below. Follow these steps and get your Vinyl Soffit removed.

Step 1

  • The first step and thing you will need is a ladder and a helper.
  • Position the ladder against your house. Place the ladder on the ground under your soffit.
  • Now, ask your fellow to hold the ladder firmly and move to the soffit by climbing on the ladder.

Step 2

  • The second step is moving the soffit to the retentive channel.
  • Now, move the soffit toward the retentive channel just below your roof edge.
  • So, the opposite position of the edge will now get close to the other edge.
  • The other edge is the channel of your house wall.

Step 3

So, it’s time to use your hands.

Bend the channel by using finger magic. You have to insert the fingers between your wall corner channel and the soffit.

Now, bend the channel lip downwards. Do this step with light hands. Do not exert more force or pressure. Do this until you get the edge of your Vinyl Soffit.

Step 4

4th step is the pulling of the soffit.

Hold the edge of your soffit with the help of your hands. Hold it free hands. Do not exert any pressure on the edge.

Then, pull the soffit away from the wall channel.

The soffit will automatically get bend so you do not need any extra pulling. It is almost near to removal.

Step 5

So, our last step is separating it from the wall.

As the soffit is bent now release the channel. Keep the soffit pulling smoothly. Continue this process until you get it free from both sides of the channels.

It is ready to get out. Keep it down safely and do whatever you want to do with it.

Solid Vinyl Soffits

When there are narrow eaves on your rooftop, these Solid Vinyl Soffits work best with large spaces for excellent ventilation.

Vented Vinyl Soffits

If there are smaller garrets on your rooftops, then Vented Vinyl Soffits are perfect to use.

Soffits are the most economical option to go for. It is the perfect material you can use for the ventilation and insulation of your home. These come in different designs and textures according to your spaces. These work best against cracking.

If you want to change the design of your Vinyl Soffits, you will have to remove the older ones. Or if your Soffits demands any repairs then remove them down and repair them.

But the question that arises here is How to remove the Vinyl Soffits? Soffits come in like puzzle design. There are two channels, and you have to affix them together.

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