How to Remove Sticker Residue from Glass

How to Remove Sticker Residue from Glass. There is an endless list of common household items that can be damaged by a misplaced sticker or prevented from being reused with leftover grime once they have been peeled off.

Books, wine bottles, mirrors, glass jars, and Blu-ray cases (remember them?) All come to mind.

How to Remove Sticker Residue from Glass
How To Remove Sticker Residue From Glass Guide

Fortunately, there are some good remedies when you want to save or reclaim something stained from sticker residue.


This is not a good option if the residue is on a soft or delicate object, such as when you are trying to remove a bookcase sticker on the back of a book. (It is a nuisance for pets.) However, on harder objects, a good scraper is very useful.

ChemicalUsing Store Bought Sticker Residue Removers

If the risk of damage is too great to attack the residue with a scraper, the other option is to apply a solvent to break the adhesive properties so that you can clean the residue.

You can go in two directions. One is to use oil. Vegetable oil is excellent; Peanut butter is said to work, and some people go for mayonnaise.

Put the oil on the residue; for something thinner, like canola, soak a cloth and place it over the adhesive; Let it sit for about an hour, and then clean it. (Or scrape it!)

The other direction is to use alcohol: isopropyl alcohol or, if necessary, vodka. You can use more or less the same process as oil, but you shouldn’t have to wait long, especially with stronger solvents.

ThermalSticker Residue Removers

One final note: some labels attached to glass containers, such as wine bottles, use an adhesive that weakens in heat.

If you are trying to remove a wine label in one piece, for example, one method is to bake the bottle in the oven at a moderately high temperature for about half an hour and then peel off the label.

Two notes of caution: hot glass is more prone to breakage, so if you move the bottle before it is completely cold, handle it carefully; and remember that hot air expands; never put a sealed container in the oven as it is likely to explode.

Using store-bought sticker residue removers

In certain rare cases, when you want to know “Remove Sticker Residue from Glass” & a sticker is very old or has been in the sun, you may need something a little more powerful to help remove the entire residue. Here are some store-bought products that I have had success with:

  • Goo Gone Original Liquid: Goo Gone can help you remove almost anything sticky, waxy, or oily and it is safe for most surfaces.
  • Goo Gone Automotive: To remove a stubborn bumper sticker, or even tree sap, windshield bug splatters, and other issues, try Goo Gone Automotive.

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