How to remove bathtub drain plug

How to remove bathtub drain plug. A bathtub drain stopper is a small component that plays a vital role in filling and draining purposes.

If you want to remove a drain stopper and don’t even know the type of your drain plug, then let us show you the way.

There is a high possibility of issues that can urge you to remove bathtub drain stoppers; for example, you may experience leakage issues, clogged or blockage, or corrosion in your drain stopper.

A bathtub stopper is specifically manufactured to fit in the drain, and with time its small components are stuck with the build-up and become the reason for your awful day.

Or maybe you have unintentionally broken your bathtub drain stopper component.

No matter what is the reason behind but, we are sure that this article will assist you with the things you need to do when your bathtub drain stoppers get clogged with debris or hairballs or what steps you may do to remove the drain stopper to clean the build-up or to replace it.

How to remove bathtub drain plug

This section of the article will explain the types of drain stoppers, the required apparatus, and the procedure to remove, clean, and install the stopper.

Types of Bathtub Drain Stoppers

types of bathtub drain stoppers

If you consciously confess the challenge of tackling the drain stopper, you must know the type of your bathtub drain stopper so that you can deeply understand the mechanism of your drain stopper.

Here, we have discussed the 6 different types of drain stoppers and the methods of removing and installing them with detailed instructions.

Well, Keep reading to make your concepts more clear.

  • Flip it Drain stopper
  • Lift and Turn Stopper
  • Toe touch Tub Stopper
  • Push-Pull Drain Stopper
  • Trip lever/Plunger Style Drain Stopper
  • Pop Up Drain Stopper

Required Tools & Material

The equipment and materials that you are required for the entire procedure are mentioned below.

  • A screwdriver
  • Set of Pliers
  • A drain stopper for replacement

Procedure To Detach the Flip It Drain Stoppers

procedure to detach the flip it drain stoppers

Flip-It drain stopper contains a flip lever that makes a rapid removal by amplifying and compressing the gasket.

Opening the flip lever enables the gasket to amplify and suck the water flow into the drain.

In contrast, the gasket makes a seal and fills the sink or tub when you close the flip lever.

It is easy to remove the stopper as it is well-fitted into an O ring that helps prevent it from sliding into the drain pipe.

  • Steps to Remove a Flip-it Drain Stopper

To remove the stopper is a game of seconds. You don’t even need any equipment to deal with it.

The only thing you need to do is turn the lever.

So, detach the O ring first and then have a firm grip on the lever and take it up with a bit of rotation.

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  • Cleaning & Replacing Process

When you’ve done the removal process, it’s time to check out for clogs and blockage.

If you find any debris, soap suds, or hairballs causing the drainage system’s improper functioning, you have to clean them.

Have a glance at the drain stopper and the O ring, check if there are any cracks, fractions or if any of its parts are damaged, then It would be better to replace the stopper.

A bathroom cleaner and a brush are required to resolve the build-up issue. Take out the debris first, then pour some cleaner.

If you suspect hard spots, suds, or corrosion, leave it for half an hour after flowing the cleaner, then use the brush to clean it.

Procedure To Disconnect The Lift & Turn Stoppers

procedure to disconnect the lift & turn stoppers

If there is a threaded knob located over your drain stopper, you can easily relate it with lift and turn stoppers.

You may find similarities between the lift and turn stopper and the push-pull stopper.

Well, some tiny differences can differentiate the stoppers from each other. Let’s see the difference first.

So, the only major difference is that you need to turn the knob counterclockwise to close and open the stopper, and the fixed knob of the push-pull stopper needs pushing and pulling for down(push) and up(pull) the stopper.

So, if you want to close the drain of the lift and turn stoppers, you have to turn the knob clockwise and to open the drain stopper, you have to turn the knob counterclockwise.

  • Steps to Disconnect Lift & Turn Stopper Knob

So, we are finally starting the procedure of how you can remove a bathtub drain stopper knob with a quick and easy method.

Firstly, you have to access your lift and turn the stopper knob in the middle of the stopper.

Then you have to unhook it from its spot by grasping the drain stopper knob tightly and turning around it counterclockwise.

It depends on your stopper; sometimes, knobs get removed from the drain stopper lid so that you can access the drain stopper bolt, but in rare cases, you may have to rotate the entire lid to get an approach to the bolt.

Bathtub drain stopper stuck in closed position

  • Steps to Unscrew the Drain stopper Bolt

Get ready with your flathead screwdriver to unscrew the bolt.

You may get easy access to the bolt from the threaded hole in the middle of the lift and turn the drain stopper crossbar.

When you detect the loosened bolt, take out the drain stopper.

  • Inspection & Cleaning Process

After detaching the elements, you must physically examine the drain stopper plug, lid, and bolt to see if there is any debris, rust or corrosion, or defective or cracked part.

If you feel that your drain stopper is in good condition and only demands cleanliness and spotlessness for efficiently working, then it’s not necessary to replace it.

Luckily, you can save your money by just cleaning the stopper entirely. Use the Bathroom cleaner, sponge, or a brush to remove the spots, rust, or unnecessary build-up.

Procedure to Remove Toe touch Stoppers

procedure to remove toe touch stoppers

Now, we are discussing the third type of stopper, the Toe touch tub stopper.

So, as the name is giving the sign of its functioning, it works by touching the toe of the drain stopper.

Its operation is based on twice pushing on a smooth lid and not even having a knob.

The first push for the drain’s opening and the second push will get the drain back to the closed position.

  • Steps to Open The Toe Touch Stopper

One thing that needs to be concerned is that don’t ever try to open the Toe touch stopper in a closed position.

It would help if you had to get it in the open position for successful removal.

  • Spin The Toe Touch Stopper Lid

So, to remove the lid of the tub stopper, you may use your hand, or if you want to use a plier, it may also appear as a good option.

Ensure that you have a firm grip on the drain stopper metal cap. To access the fastening screw, you must gently start rotating the lid or stopper cap by applying a skyward force.

  • Remove The Fastening Screw

In this step, you must unscrew the fastening screw to release the entire assembly from the drain.

So, for this task, you require a flathead screwdriver, then place its tip on the screw and remove it from the drain crossbar with a counterclockwise spinning.

  • Clean or Replace the Stopper

After the Drain opening, you must start cleaning the plug assembly. Please clean the dirt, debris, or hairs blocking the water flow from draining before installing it back.

Ensure that there is no rust or crack in your Toe touch stopper if you want to install it back.

But if you examine that there is no hope of repairability, replace it with a new one using the same method you use for detachment.

Procedure Remove Push & Pull Drain Stoppers

procedure remove push & pull drain stoppers

Well, you know that the push-pull stoppers and lift and turn drain stoppers are much alike in visuals and while operating.

But if you see their knob, you may know that the push-pull stopper has a smooth and a bit broad knob compared to the lift and turn drain stopper.

Undoubtedly, it’s very convenient to operate the push and pull stopper.

I mean, you need to push the plug for the closed position and pull upwards for the open position of the drain.

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  • Steps to Remove The Drain Stopper Knob

It relies on your type of stopper, whether it has an attached knob with the drain stopper lid or an individual part of the stopper.

So, you may access the fastening bolt when you unthread the drain stopper lid by rotating the knob of the drain stopper counterclockwise while having a solid hold on the knob.

  • Detach The Drain Stoppers Bolt

Now, it’s time to unhook the bolt from the drain crossbar by using a flathead screwdriver or a plier.

Place the screwdriver to remove the bolt by rotating it counterclockwise.

If you find it tight, you may use the plier to remove the stopper from the drain after removing the bolt.

I hope the process is not much frustrating for you.

  • Clean or Replace the Drain Stopper

For most of the tasks you have done already, now you have a little job cleaning the drain stopper and the pieces one by one.

If you find soap sads or clogged, it would be better to remove the blockage material before installing the stopper back.

Make sure that there are no cracks or none of the pieces are broken.

If you suspect it’s in bad condition, then don’t hesitate while replace any part of the stopper or the whole stopper with a new one.

Detach The Plunger Style/Trip lever Drain Stopper

detach the plunger styletrip lever drain stopper

You may find it a bit difficult while tackling the trip lever drain stopper. But it doesn’t mean that it is not possible.

You have to be concentrated while following our guidelines.

So, this drain stopper contains a lever on the overflow faceplate of your bathtub.

The lever is attached to a cable or a rod assembly that vertically falls along with an overflow drain.

In this drain stopper mechanism, the rod assembly runs a plunger that moves up or down when you trip the drain stopper lever.

The downward plunger creates a seal that causes a complete stop for the water flow inside the drain stopper pipe.

On the other hand, an upward plunger enables the water to flow from the drainage system.

  • Steps to Remove the Trip Lever Stoppers

Ensure that the lever is not closed while you try to open the drain for the drain opening. Otherwise, it may get jammed at its position.

So, you need to ensure that your Stopper trip lever is in the open position so that you may quickly open the entire drain by a twist or rotating the lever.

  • Detach the Overflow Grate

So, to remove the grate from your bathtub, grab your standard flathead screwdriver and remove the overflow grate screws.

  • Steps to Remove Trip Lever Drain Stopper Assembly

After removing the screws, you may get access to the trip lever assembly. You have to be gentle while pulling out the stopper assembly. Ensure that all the pieces are secure after pulling out.

  • Process of Cleaning and Replacement

Now, the finalized step is here to proceed. You have detached elements of your Trip lever drain stopper in front of you. Examine any clogging pieces of debris, rust, or stains on the stopper.

Ensure that the entire assembly is safe and sound and that there is no cracking or smashing related to the drain stopper.

Clean the drain stopper with the bathroom cleaner and a brush, and it would be best to do a lubricant spray if you suspect the plunger is jammed.

In the end, reinstall it when you feel it is prepared to return to its position. Replace it in case of a defective stopper.

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Unhook The Pop Up Drain Stopper

unhook the pop up drain stopper

It looks like a trip lever drain stopper and contains a lever on the overflow faceplate.

Therefore the lever is attached to the rod assembly and vertically hangs downward via the overflow drain.

One more difference is that the rod assembly is attached to a spring that is well fitted over a horizontal rocker arm.

The rocker’s arm is responsible for functioning the pop-up plug through the bathtub.

When you close the lever, the spring returns to its normal relaxed position, pulling down the plug and sealing the drain by enabling the rocker arm axis.

On the other side, when you open the lever, it squeezes the spring, pushes down the rocker’s arm, and pops up the plug.

  • Steps To Remove The Stopper Plug & Rocker Arm

Firstly, you must pop up the plug by sliding the lever into its open position.

It is a simple operating mechanism then can provide easy access to the rocker’s arm by opening the drain.

So, grab the drain stopper using your fingers, or you may use a plier. Now take out straightly the drain stopper with a tight hold.

You have to do your job smoothly as you must take out the plug, rocker arm, and stopper simultaneously.

  • Remove the Screws of The Overflow Faceplate

Now, to get an approach to the rod assembly and lever, you have to remove the set screw of the overflow faceplate while using the screwdriver.

  • Steps to Detach Rod Assembly

In this step, you may easily find the rod assembly in the overflow pipe and take it out carefully while ensuring the safety of rod assembly components like a lever, rod, and spring.

It will help if you use the lubricant for jammed rods and springs.

  • Final Steps to Clean & Replace the Drain Stopper

So, in the end, you have to do the same things as we have mentioned in the previous method of the article.

You have to clean the pop-up drain stopper; if you find it defective, you may replace it using the guideline.

Bottom Line

We hope that this article helps you in finding your answer to how to remove the bathtub drain plug.

Follow the instructions carefully to remove any stopper and save your money by contacting a professional.