How to remove a jacuzzi tub

How to remove a jacuzzi tub. While there are the latest models launched for jacuzzi tubs and everyone is in a frenzy to get the best one that has the latest technology with multiple features and quite the fascinating properties.

You think to also join this idea of renovating your bathrooms and updating the old jacuzzi tub that you have with a new one.

To do that, you must go through the pain of getting the old one removed, and to do that you must also have the right knowledge about removing the tub.

I have gathered some of the most basic and helpful tips to help you deal with this problem. Because you don’t wanna miss your new latest model of the jacuzzi tub.

How to remove a jacuzzi tub

how to remove a jacuzzi tub

Basic tool You’ll need

Some of the most basic and necessary tools you’ll need to remove a jacuzzi tub are all those that are majorly used in plumbing and daily life mechanics.

A list of the tools required for this task is given below:

  • A Hammer
  • Some common screw-drivers
  • A reciprocating saw
  • Prybar/super bar
  • Rags to hold the tub
  • A dumpster
  • An adjustable wrench
  • Sharp Knife
  • Some Duct tapes
  • A Channel-Lock Plier

Personal protecting equipment (PPE)

  • Pair of Safety goggles
  • Pair of Safety gloves
  • A respirator

Safety first

The first thing to do when you are removing a jacuzzi tub yourself is to protect yourself from any possible harm. You can do that by equipping yourself with the proper personal protection material or equipment.

  • The safety gloves will help you to protect your hand from any damage while dealing with sharp instruments or tools.
  • Safety goggles will allow you to be able to do your job and prevent any material to pass into your eyes.
  • Respirators are very efficient at times when you are using a reciprocating saw. As it protects us from material that might pass into your body through your mouth cavity and bring about damage to your body.


In order to remove your jacuzzi tub, follow the steps given below and safely remove your tub.

Step 1: Disconnect the supplies

Let’s start! The first thing you need to do is to cut off all the plumbing, water and

Electricity supplies from the main circuits. The last thing you wanna get is an electric shock while tackling the electrical supply of the tub or splashing water all over your clothes.

It is extremely risky to operate the tub without cutting off the main supplies of power and plumbing. So, for the right way to start, we have to take care of this.

Step 2: Start small

Hey! You don’t wanna go banging the tub or tearing it down. I mean, come on, use some ethics. The thing is, removing a jacuzzi tub needs a be nice and easy. There’s no rushing it.

What you need to do is to start with the small parts of the tub. Start with the shower, remove the shower with a tool, a Channel-lock player, and curtains, its rod.

Later, remove the water faucets with any screwdriver that seems to fit the screw type. Then move on to the access panel, which is most commonly located at the side of the jacuzzi tub. Using a super-bar will make it convenient for you.

Step 3: Use the right tools

use the right tools

Once you’re done with removing the taps and faucets, unbolt the nuts and screws. It’s time to move further with opening the jacuzzi tub. Using a hammer, take out all the nails.

Then, with the reciprocating saw, beak the borders of the tub. Use the ply bar to infiltrate through the sides of the tub. Apply force; once there is a cavity, use your hands to pull the tub.

It’s heavy, what else do you expect? Get a helping hand to lift the tub.  With the help of an adjustable wrench, you can take out all the plumbing connections and take out all the nuts and bolts.

Also, disengage all the links to the drain, water pipelines, and other connections.

Step 4: Smash some walls

After all these steps, you need to figure out the infrastructure of your bathroom. If your jacuzzi bathtub is set with a wooden base, it won’t be much hard to remove it.

But if the walls along the tub are cemented, you’ve got to shed some sweat. Break the walls using a drill or a jackhammer to make holes in the wall and break it.

Step 5: Take out the tub

Hey! You’re almost there. Just a few hands here and there, and your jacuzzi tub is removed. All you have to do now is to take the tub out of the base and the bathroom.

That won’t be an easy task because handling a jacuzzi tub isn’t a single-hand game. Better have someone to help you with this. Any less care can lead to damage to the glass frame.

Once the tub is removed, collect all the debris and toss it into a dumpster. Be careful while handling the trash because it might contain sharp objects like nails. There you go, your jacuzzi bathtub has been successfully removed!

DIY (Do It Yourself)

We all know that you can hire anyone to remove a jacuzzi tub from your bathrooms, but now with these steps, if you follow them carefully, you yourself can remove the tub easily.

This might help you save a little and let you stay within your budget while you burn some calories.

Estimated cost for this job

Well, as I told you that getting your jacuzzi tub removed can be a bit costly, but if you compare, you will see that the cost of this whole process differs a lot

  • If you do the job all by yourself, the total cost will be between 400$ to 600$
  • If you get a professional, then the total cost will be between 500$ to 1000$

Hence, try doing it yourself, if you can.


How to remove a jacuzzi tub. If you want to get your jacuzzi bathtub updated or removed, and you also want to stay within your budget, you can use the above-mentioned steps to achieve what you want.

With the help of the right tools and guidance which has been provided to you, “there’s nothing worthwhile you cannot achieve”

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