Plumbers putty or silicone to seal bathtub drain

Plumbers putty or silicone to seal bathtub drain. To seal the bathtub drain plumbers’ putty is best to apply. Most plumbers prefer plumbers putty over silicon for sealing purposes because it is waterproof and there is no harm to it even the wet surface and environment.

Plumbers’ putty is mostly used to seal the drain frames to the tubs. It is the basic gadget of the pipe fitters bag.

Silicon is not easy to use because it is elastic and it is also not thick as the plumber putty if you want to fill the big and wide gaps between the pipes. Plumbers do not have enough time to wait to dry the silicon like the sealing.

Although the plumber’s putty and silicon are both materials that give watertight sealing to the bathtub drain most installers give preference to plumbers’ putty over silicon because it is easy to apply.

Remove while some also are tilt toward modern waterproof material silicon. For more information and discussion continue my research on this topic.

Plumbers putty or silicone to seal bathtub drain

plumbers putty or silicone to seal bathtub drain

Plumbers’ putty is the first option for every person when they find cracks in the bathtub drain. It seals the bathtub drain properly because it is easy to use and remove.

Silicon is also used for the same purpose because it has also the same qualities and characteristics. It stayed for a long time but the drawback of silicon is that t is difficult to use.

If you want to remove it you cant do it easily because it stuck harder to the surface. There are many ins and outs of both the silicon and plumbers putty which are mentioned below.

Main material

Plumbers’ putty and silicon both give the same service but the main difference between them is the main material or chemical composition from which they are made up of.

Silicon is made up of rubbery material which makes it more elastic. Its material is thick and sticky therefore it is difficult to peel it.

On the other hand, plumber putty is made from limestone, fish oil, and glycerine-type material which makes it flexible. It can easily seal out the bathtub drain.

Lets us discuss the pros and cons of both items in detail.

Seal bathtub drain with plumber putty

  • Every plumber who has done the seal of the bathtub drain knows about the qualities of the plumber’s putty. Its material is very thick due to which you can configure its shape easily.
  • The main positive point about this putty is that it makes the seal of the bathtub drain waterproof.
  • It is preferred by everyone because it is very easy to mold it and get the desired shape to get the right seal.
  • One thing to ensure that plumbers’ putty is not used to stop the leaking of water from the leaking hoses.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  1. The main thing about it is that you can give it any shape due to which it fits the pipes tight.
  2. Since it is very thick so you can straighten it enough to fill the broad openings.
  3. You can also utilize it on the drain of the bathtub because its material is very thick.
  4. The only drawback about the plumber’s putty is that it is very risky to use it for sealing squeezed hoses.

Seal bathtub drain with Silicon

seal bathtub drain with silicon

  • Silicone caulk is used to seal different materials in the home as well as to seal the bathtub drain also.
  • Many plumbers use both plumber putty and silicon as a combination in this way that they seal the pipes with the silicon and drain the bathtub with the plumber putty.
  • Silicon looks like rubber material when it dries up and gets harder.
  • It keeps its shape and is so strong that water pressure does not affect it.
  • The main difference between the plumber’s putty and the silicon is that silicon is not flexible as the plumber’s putty.
  • As it is more flattened therefore it can not be easily pressed into a drain of the bathtub, but you can use it

Pros and cons of silicon

  • You can use it to seal the leaks of pipes.
  • It is so so strong that water pressure can not wash it.
  • It is not as flexible as plumber putty to seal the bathtub drain strongly.


Plumbers putty or silicone to seal bathtub drain. You can conclude the discussion that both are good materials to seal the bathtub drain and leakages of pipes.

But the plumber putty is preferred in the case of bathtub drain because it is thicker and silicon is flexible. Therefore many plumbers use plumbers putty.

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