How to program Directv remote to Samsung tv

How to program Directv remote to Samsung tv. If you have brought a new DirecTv remote control and don’t know how to program the DirecTV remote to a Samsung TV, then you are lucky to have our loyal guidelines for this purpose.

We are sure you will find the DirecTv remote user-friendly and capable with your Samsung smart TV.

Don’t worry about your Samsung Tv model because the Directv remote is well-suited with almost every Samsung TV model.

The next plus point is that a Directv remote control manages up to four devices, including Samsung Tv, DVD players, sound systems, and Directv receivers, and is also fitted with gaming consoles.

How to program Directv remote to Samsung tv

There are probably two types of Directv remotes that you may use to program with your Samsung Tv. That are DirecTv Universal remote control and the DirecTv Genie remote control.

Usually, a Samsung TV contains a pre-programmed remote control, but if your TV remote is broken or you want to use the Directv remote for your smart Tv, you may follow our instructions.

This article will explain to program both types of DirecTv remotes to Samsung smart TV. Let’s see what steps you are required to follow to program the DirecTv remote to Samsung TV.


Before starting the practical procedure to program your DirecTv remote, we want to give you some instructions or tips to get successful results.

Check Batteries

check batteries

Time when you start to program your DirecTv Remote control to Samsung Tv, ensure to check the remote batteries.

The first thing you need to check is the existence of batteries, and the second thing is you must examine whether the batteries are powered.

If your Directive remote has weak batteries, you must change them by unscrewing the back cover of the battery compartment.

Directv remote not working

Using a battery tester is an optional step that you may use to check whether the remote batteries are dead or not.

Check Interference

check interference

The second thing you need to be concerned about is inspecting any obstacle or interference in the way of the remote and your Samsung TV.

Any obstacle may disturb the continuous path of the sensor of your remote, which may result in failing the attempt.

So, ensure that the way is clear from interference.

Use the Exact Code

The next thing that can put you in trouble while programming the DirecTV remote to Samsung TV is using the wrong Samsung TV code or DirecTv remote code.

We’ll explain to you what code should you need to insert to make your program DirecTv remote to Samsung smart TV.

So, make sure the remote code you are entering is correct to avoid any failure while programming process of your DirecTv remote and Samsung TV.

Program Directv Remote Control To Samsung TV

program directv remote control to samsung tv

You must follow guidelines to program your DirecTv universal Remote and DirecTv Gennie remote to your Samsung smart Tv.

Before starting the process, you must know your DirecTv receiver’s model number to get the accurate DirecTv remote codes to build a successful programming process.

You may find the model numbers at the back of your devices or get in touch with the user manual of your DirecTv devices.

Att tv remote not working

Procedure to Program DirecTv Remote

If you are looking for instructions to develop a DirecTv program remote for Samsung TVs, follow the instructions below.

First, you have to connect your DirecTv receiver to your Samsung TV with the help of an HDMI cable.

Steps of Program Directv Remote

steps of program directv remote

  • Step 1

Take out your DirecTv remote and Push the Menu button. Then, navigate Settings.

  • Step 2

Choose the Parental option favs & set up.

  • Step 3

Then select the option Remote Control.

  • Step 4

Then it would be best if you went through the Program Remote.

Pairing Procedure

pairing procedure

For pairing your DirecTv remote to Samsung TV, go through the procedure step by step.

  • Step 1

In the beginning, grab your DirecTV remote and switch the sliding button to the TV.

  • Step 2

Now, you must push and hold the Mute and Select buttons simultaneously. Release the buttons when the DirecTv remote green light blinks two times.

  • Step 3

After that, you must insert the code of your Samsung Tv that is 960.

  • Step 4

Ensure that you are doing the procedure while pointing your DirecTv remote to Samsung TV and that there is no interference in the middle.

Select The Device

In this Segment of the programming process, you must select your Device for a stable connection.

  • Step 1

Go through your Samsung TV and start the process where you left. We mean from the program Remote tab.

  • Step 2

Tap on the Pair/Program Remote. Select the option named Change TV.

  • Step 3

Write the name of your TV brand using the on-screen keys. Push the OK button.

  • Step 4

After step number 4, you have to follow on-screen instructions to finalize the process.

Now, you may examine the working of your DirecTV universal remote by pressing the keys on the remote control.
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Program DirecTV Genie Remote to Samsung TV

program directv genie remote to samsung tv

If you want to program your DirecTv Genie remote to your Samsung Tv, you may follow the steps given below.

  • Step 1

Grab your DirecTv remote control, push and hold the Mute and Select buttons simultaneously, and release it when the green light blinks two times.

  • Step 2

Now you must enter the DirecTv remote code, which is 961.

  • Step 3

You have to access the Channel on your Genie remote.

  • Step 4

In this step, your Samsung Tv appears with a statement applying IR/RF setup.

  • Step 5

Now, you have to pair your Directv Genie remote with your TV.

  • Step 6

Hit the menu button on your Remote.

  • Step 7

Navigate Settings & Help.

  • Step 8

Go through Settings and then select Remote Control.

Now, go with the option named Program Remote.

  • Step 9

Now, you may follow the on-screen prompts for finishing.

Directv remote Working issues

If your DirecTv universal remote and Genie remote fails in the programming process, you may follow the solutions for fixing them.

Power Cycle Directv Remote

power cycle directv remote

If your DirecTv remote is not programming successfully, then you may try a power cycle for your remote. The steps are mentioned below.

Detach the batteries of your remote control and hit and hold the buttons for 3 seconds. Attach the back cover in its place and inspect the working.

Hard Reset

Another solution is hard to reset your DirecTv receiver by the following method.

Firstly, detach the adapter of your DirecTv receiver and leave it for almost Five minutes. Detach your Samsung TV power cable.

Then you have to attach the receiver back. After connecting the adapter to your receiver, you may power On your Samsung TV.


It’s easy to program a DirecTv remote to the Samsung TVs if you have proper guidelines for the procedure.

While programming your remote, you must be attentive while inserting the DirecTv remote codes.

Repeat the process in case of fail attempt. Follow the instructions carefully at the beginning of the process. DIRECTV genie not working in one room