How to make ice cubes without tray

How to make ice cubes without tray. Freezer bags can be used instead of trays. You can use ice machines instead of using freezers. Plastic dishes are a good idea. Muffin pans can be for ice moldings as well. You may use egg cartons to make ice that is molded.

I forgot to bring the ice tray from my parent’s house to my hostel, and without the ice tray, I thought I wouldn’t be getting any cubes. Thinking of ways to make ice cubes without using actual trays.

I came up with several ice cube-making ideas without the tray. My friend gave ice-making ideas, and we used a lot of ice-making ideas and made a lot of cubes by truing all the cube ideas we had.

Almost all the cube-making ideas were a huge success. I have the cube-making ideas below.

How to make ice cubes without tray

Not having ice cubes to put in your drinks or drinks of your guest feels a bit off. The good thing about ice is that you don’t need ice to be in the perfect cube to put anywhere.

You can produce similar shapes of ice using some ice-making tricks and enjoy the drinks even more.

The cubes or ice shapes can be made through the use of egg cartons as they will be similar to the size of ice cubes.

You can use plastic dishes to make ice and later break them a well. Measuring spoons can make ice cubes as well. Read more below!

Using egg holders

using egg holders

Starting with the shape of ice that makes a similar size but only creates a different shape of the ice, we have egg cartons.

The cartons are like egg trays, and the cartons hold the eggs, so you can call the cartons both egg trays and egg holders as well. The shape of egg cartons is made to match the eggs and hold the eggs so that the eggs won’t break.

You just need the bumpy side of the egg trays so you can remove the egg tray’s lid. The egg trays are not waterproof; there are plastic egg holders, so you can skip them and directly pour water.

But using hard egg trays, you need aluminum foil at the bottom to make them waterproof. Just pour after the aluminum foil has been placed. Put the egg tray in the freezer and let it stay. Take the frozen egg cubes out.

Using Ice bags

using ice bags

The type of ice bag here is not the ice bag that is just for injuries and is only used for outer ways. There are ice bags, or rather a freezer bags, that are very useful.

You can make ice in the freezer nags pretty easily, and the freezer bags are almost present in all homes as the freezer bags come with your freezer as well.

YOu just need the ice bag to be filled with water. Try filling the ice bag with slightly less water. Lock the zipper of the ice bag and then place the locked ice bag in the freezer.

Let the ice inside the freezer bag get built, and then take the freezer bag out after hours. The ice bag will be frozen, but as you need cubes, remove the ice bag and then break the ice into chunks of the size that you need.

Using spoons

using spoons

If you don’t have egg cartons or ice bags at home, then you will have spoons at home. You don’t need simple spoons, as they are not deep enough to even make a cube of ice.

The spoons you need are not your table spoons but measuring spoons that are deep. Normal spoons or tablespoons won’t produce ice, so only get measuring spoons.

After getting the measuring spoons, you can put the water inside them. The measuring spoons can be filled completely, but placing the measuring spoons inside the freezer is a difficult art.

You will need to put the filled measuring spoons carefully into the freezer. You can make different ice sizes as you can use the measuring spoons of your choice.

The smaller the measuring spoon, the smaller the ice cube and the same goes for other sizes.

Using plastic cubes

using plastic cubes

There are ice cubes that are made of plastic, and these ice cubes have liquid inside them. The plastic ice cubes are made so that you can make ice again through them.

The liquid inside the ice cube sin completely closed, and the liquid inside the cubes doesn’t come out, so you don’t have to use new water to make ice cubes all the time. You may find reusable ice cubes a bit strange.

Plastic cubes don’t need to be filled, and you can use put them in the freezer. The shape of the cube can be a perfect cube, or you can choose other shapes in the ice.

After drinking and cooling through them, you can wash the cubes easily and then put the washed cubes in the freezer again. You can reuse the ice cubes whenever you want to drink anything chilled.

Using plates

using plates

If you can’t make the ice, use the reusable ice cubes because you want to have simple ice that you can move o p getting plastic plates. Surely the plastic plates are preset in every house.

You just need plastic plates that are not completely flat. The plastic plates should be a bit deep so the water can stay in them as you try to freeze the water. You actually don’t need a simple plate.

You can use other plastic containers as well. The plastic container you want to freeze can be in any size.

Just add water to the plastic container or a plate, and place the plate or the container in the fridge.

After the container or plate it inside the freezer, let the ice be made from them. YOu can take the plastic container out after the ice is made and remove the ice from the plastic container gently. You can later break the ice into chunks.

Using cups

using cups

If the plates are not deep enough for you, then you can use cups to make the ice. The cups can be of any size but make sure the cups are not made of materials like glass.

You can use plastic cups and even paper cups to make ice, and the ice in metal cups is faster than in other cups and stronger.

You can use shot glasses as well, as the size of the shot glass is small and you can easily use the cups in the shot glasses in bigger glasses. You can use pots of plastic that look like cups as well.

Almost anything that is not the glass and can hold water can be used for making ice. You can later break the ice from the cups and the pots to match your cup size.

Using ice makers

If you don’t want to use containers or other things that can make the house messy to produce ice, then the way to get an ice cube is to use an ice maker. The ice maker can create the cubes for you and you don’t need to put or break anything to get the cubes.

The water to the ice maker can be attached, and you can get the cubes from the machine just by pressing simple buttons. The ice will be natural, and you will have the ice created without any effort.


Anything other than glass cups and plates can be used to make ice, and you can make the size or the ice shape you want.

You just need to place them in a freezer and enjoy your icy drinks and beverages. Ice maker is your choice. Thanks for reading!

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