LG Ice maker tray not turning

LG Ice maker tray not turning. This article will provide you with solutions to the problems with your LG ice maker tray. Read the article and find the solution to the turning tray problems.

The ice maker is the most needed part of our kitchen. It consists of an ice tray and a piston. The ice maker collects the water, and then it is poured over the tray.

Water gets frozen slowly. When the ice is completely frozen, the cylindrical piston will drop down all the ice.

The flex tray ice maker comes in a feeler arm or IR sensor. The IR sensor will deliver the sense that ice is ready. So you can dump it.

The feeler arm is the wire in the ice maker, which aids in shutting the ice maker. It comes with a spring at the head of the ice maker.

When the motor gets lifted it produces force to make it move. If the spring gets broken the LG ice maker tray will not turn.

LG Ice Maker Tray Not Turning
Lg Ice Maker Tray Not Turning

Ice may be clumped in the tray

Ice may be clumped in the tray so the tray is not turning. To make it turning again and dump the ice, you will need to provide some heat there.

Ice is stuck in the raker

Not every ice maker comes with a raker. Sometimes ice chunks may get stuck in the raker and it may get jammed.

The dispenser may be clogged if the LG Ice maker tray is not turning

Your ice maker dispenser may gets clogged if some ice freezes in it. This clogged dispenser may not let your tray turn.

The auger motor of the ice maker is frozen may be the key reason for the LG Icemaker tray not turning

No longer use the ice maker? The auger motor got freeze? The tray of your ice maker will not turn.

So, to know why the tray is not turning, let’s discuss the two factors.

There may be three possible positions of the tray:

  • It is partially tilted for one hour.
  • It is partially tilted for more than one hour.
  • It may completely upside down.

First of all, check the position of the tray of the ice maker to find a solution.

Partially tilted position

Suppose the tray is partially tilted for one hour. Then it is easy to fix. Water is filled in the tray and the cold air pass through it. Then about half an hour later the tray may slide partially.

Tilted for more than one hour

If the tray gets tilted for more than one hour then the ice maker needs to be reset.

There is an on/off button on the left side of the ice maker. Check this button.

If it is off then switch it on. It will take 24 hours to start the production of ice.

But what if it is On? So, let’s reset it.

How to reset it?How To How To Reset Lg Ice Maker

Press the test button.

Put a cloth or towel and remove all the water-filled from it.

Dry the tray, refill, and let it freeze.

Completely upside-down position

It is an alarming situation. If the ice maker is turned completely upside-down, this position will not make ice. It means that you have to repair it.

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