Frigidaire countertop ice maker add water light stays on

It is difficult to survive in hot summer without cold water, so that is why you get cold water and ice cube from a countertop ice maker.

It is difficult to understand if the countertop ice maker is full and still its water light is on. If the water light stays on, then ice will not make ice in the ice maker.

This problem can be solved that why the ice maker of a fridge keeps asking to add water by checking the water sensor either it is working properly or if there is some debris on it.

Sometimes light stays on to add water to the ice maker because the water sensor is faulty or there is a number of minerals in the water, so you will have to solve these issues to get rid of this problem.

Frigidaire countertop ice maker add water light stays onfrigidaire countertop ice maker

It is necessary to maintain it up to date. Remove all the debris and rotten food from the fridge and also clear the frozen ice in different compartments because it may cause problems like your ice maker are full, and its light stays on keeps demanding to add water which is annoying to ignore.

You can fix your refrigerator in every following possible way.

Water sensor is faulty

The basic work of a water sensor in most automatic fridges is to check the level of water in the machine. The water sensor activates a light when the water is not filling accurately in the tank.

Sometimes it happens that the tank is full of water, but the sensor is not functioning well, and the light is still on in the door. It is due to the layer of waste and debris on the sensor, which it is not reading correctly.

You can fix this problem on your own without hiring anyone. Just pull out the reservoir of the fridge. Now take the towel and moisture it with water.

Clean all the debris from the sensor and reinstall it. After cleaning the sensor, see that the light on the door is off now. Make sure after two hours that everything is working correctly in the refrigerator.

Fewer minerals in the water

In some Ice makers, such water sensors are installed that read the level of purity in water. Minerals are present in water but can be removed through filters.

In Some places, water is very pure such that the water sensor can not read in the reservoir. The water light will stay on as the sensor is not able to tell.

The solution to this problem is that add a small amount of salt. It will not affect the taste of the water, but the advantage of this will be that the water sensor can feel and read the water in the reservoir of the refrigerators.

Clogged in the water line

If the clogged increase in the pump or pipeline in the unit, then water will not easily pass through the tank to make ice cubes. As a result, the light will stay on.

Remove all the debris and clogs in the pipeline to clear the line so that water can easily flow to fill the tank. If the water tank is full, then the water sensor will read it, and the light will switch off from the front door of the fridge.

Problem with the circuit

If the circuit inside the machine has a fault, then the ice maker will keep informing you to add more water. Maybe it is a problem with the motherboard, and you will have to call a professional to fix this problem.

Waterline of ice maker is frozen

You know that there is less temperature in the container of the ice maker. If the water line gets cold and freezes then water can not flow through this. As a result, water will not reach the reservoir, and light will stay on.

For this, you will have to switch off the frigidaire for 5 to 6 hours to melt the frozen ice from the pipes. Water will start to flow after the frozen ice in the pipeline melts away.


If you are using a frigidaire and countertop ice maker add water light stays on then it is necessary to maintain it well and remove the debris from the water sensor and frozen ice from the pipeline to make the water flow easy and smooth to the reservoir of the ice maker.

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