How to loosen an outside water faucet

How to loosen an outside water faucet. Water is needed by every living thing. We get water in various ways but in homes and at maximum places through water faucets.

It is used in every aspect of life; therefore, without water, any home, building, or place is impossible to survive.

It does not matter which type of faucet you are fitting; after some time, it will start leaking and stuck in, and it will not move due to erosion.

Usually, faucets are made up of brass or plastic. They can be replaced easily with simple plumbing tools.

It depends on budget and space and which type of faucet is suitable for which place. Mostly the water faucets got damaged due to erosion and rust.

It can be loosened and replaced in different ways like a wrench or heating hairdryer etc. When cracks come in any faucet, then it’s time to replace it.

If your faucet is tucked and difficult to move, then you can loosen it in various ways.

How to loosen an outside water faucetloosen an outside water faucet

In homes, faucets are installed at maximum places like in the kitchen, bathroom, lawn, roof, etc., for the supply of water.

The faucet is mostly attached to sinks in homes.

When you buy sinks and faucets from the shop, you try to buy sinks in which faucets do not get stuck due to erosion and rust easily.

With time, the old traditional faucet has lost its importance due to leakage and erosion.

Following are some ways how to loosen an outside water faucet.

Put in plumber grease

The best and easy way to loosen an outside water faucet is to put down the plumber grease on every side of it. The grease will loosen the erosion of the faucet, and it will start moving.

Apply the plumber grease on the faucet and leave it for some time. The grease work as penetrating oil and tries to remove the corrosion out of the faucet.

After two hours, you can lose the faucet easily with the help of a wrench.

Use of wire brush and rag

If you are facing the problem of corrosion in the water faucet, then you can remove the rust with the help of a wire brush and an old rag.

Apply these two on the faucet continuously, and the rust will clear, and the corrosion will scrap away. Now you can lose the faucet with the help of a wrench.

Turn it with the help of a wrench

A plumbing wrench is another way to loosen the faucet from the outside. Cloak the wrench on the faucet and move it anticlockwise. The use of a wrench will give you extra strength, and the faucet will ultimately lose.

Adjust the wrench on the nut of the faucet and move it in the opposite direction. Now try to move it clockwise. In this way, corrosion will break down from the faucet.

Use of hairdryer

If your faucet is tucked badly and it is not moving, then you can also use a hairdryer. When you heat up the faucet with a hairdryer, then it will help to loosen the corrosion because metal swells due to heating.

Applying vinegarapplying vinegar

Everyone knows that white vinegar is the best cleaner. It is the natural cleaner of many things.

If you are facing the problem of rust or corrosion with your faucet, then a simple solution is to soak it with white vinegar. After some time, you will see that faucet is loosened.

Use of hammer

If you do not have available all the above things then the best way, they use a hammer on the rusted faucet.

Strike the faucet nuts with a hammer; in this attempt, the corrosion will lose, and you can open the faucet


Which penetrating oil is best to apply to tighten the faucet?

If your faucet is not loosening and rusted, then the best-penetrating oil is plumbing grease on the nuts and threads of the faucet.

What is the reason behind the corrosion of the old faucet?

The main factor in this problem is that minerals are found in water. When they met the brass of the faucet, they caused corrosion, and the faucets were stuck.


If your faucet is stuck and not moving, then there is the problem of corrosion to it. Normally it is due to hard water, which, when met with the brass faucet, causes corrosion of it.

It is not a big thing to worry about. You can loosen the outside faucet with the help of white vinegar, wrench, plumber grease, hairdryer, etc.

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