Tankless water heater lifespan

Tankless water heater lifespan. In cold winters, it is difficult to survive without hot water. Hot water is needed everywhere to drink, to take a shower and in the kitchen also.

In industries, hot water is needed to make some chemicals. A hot water heater keeps the temperature high inside the tanks for our comfort level.

A water heater works on the energy of gas or electricity. Some time ago, only gas heaters were used only to warm the water.

Their amount of effectiveness was good at that time, but with time now, electric heaters have taken the place of gas water heaters.

These electric heaters are small in size compared to them and are easy to use. New electric water heaters are better organized and reliable, and their efficiency level is also more than old gas heaters.

But one thing to remind us is that heating water through electricity is very expensive and costly. Gas and oil heaters were not such expensive as compared to these electric heaters.

Its reason is that electricity is expensive nowadays and one more thing is that if you leave home and switch is on of electric water heater, then it will be a lot of loss of energy.

There are different kinds of heaters on the market available now, like heat pumps, solar, tankless, conventional water heaters, etc.

Tankless water heater life spantankless water heater life span

If we maintain and operate tankless water heaters, then they will work for 15 to 20 years and even more with more care. The life span of tankless water depends on its installation, maintenance, overload, an increase of sediments and flame failure, etc.

These tankless water heaters are also called speedy or demand-type heaters. The good thing about these water heaters is that they don’t waste energy and give hot water when we switch on and demand hot water.

Tank-less water heaters, as their name, do not have a huge tank like other water heaters. It works in that way that when we switch it on, cold water flows through and heat changer element and warms the water continuously.

We will get hot water all the time, but the amount of hot water will be limited as compared to other water tank heaters.

Installation of tankless water heater

If we are installing any electric appliance, always try to hire a proper electrician. If the installation is properly done of water heater will increase its life span and energy level also.

While installation, we have to look at many points, weather, the building needs code and protection issues, etc.

If you are willing to install it by yourself, then contact the manufacturer for details about the proper installing method.


The life span of all-electric appliances depends on their maintenance. In the same way, tankless water heaters also demand proper maintenance, like removing minerals after some time, and it demands proper use of energy.


If we use water heaters all the time, then their overload will increase the heating element. It is better to switch it on after the proper time. If we use it carelessly, then the disadvantage of this will be that your electricity bill will also come more and the speed of heating water will also decrease with time.

Flame failure

This problem normally occurs due to the power issue or gas pressure on water heaters. If there is ignition failure, then it can be for two reasons either you have not paid your power bill or low propane tank. If the pressure of gas or electricity is very low, then the water heater will not switch, and this problem can be easily solved.

Increase of sediments

In some areas amount of minerals and alkali is more so due to this, the number of sediments and minerals increases inside the water heater and decreases the quality of the heating element of the water heater.

To prevent this problem, it is suggested that we have to clean the water heater regularly after some time. If we clear the sediments after some time, the life span of the heating element and water heater will also increase.

Descaling water heater

To increase the life span of a water heater, descaling is a good technique to apply. In this, we pour over the pump completely with vinegar and with hot water. This maintenance removes all the sediments from the water heater.


Can we decrease our expenditure with a tankless water heater?

Tankless water heaters are a good choice to save money because they don’t waste energy too much.

What is the main advantage of tankless water heaters?

The main advantage of tankless water heaters is that they are very small in size, and we can hang them on our walls instead of the floor.


We can summarize our points on this note that tankless water heaters are a good choice to install because of their small size and more life span.

The life span of tankless water tanks, like every electronic appliance, depends on their proper installation, maintenance, and careful use.

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