How to hide tv wires without cutting wall

How to hide tv wires without cutting wall. The mass of wires behind your TV looks awful and untidy.

It is not easy to keep the area behind your TV clean if there are a lot of wires lying around. You need to clear this mess and make sure that this area is dust-free and clean. 

How to hide tv wires without cutting wallhide tv wires without cutting wall

There are numerous ways in which you can hide these TV wires without having to cut through the wall.

1. Buy the TV with inbuilt wiring

These days, the latest TV sets come with fewer wires that are visible outside the TV set.

The wiring is mostly built inside the TV, which leaves enough space for other appliances like DVD players and speakers.

Besides sparing space for other things around the TV, these TV sets look neat with fewer wires.

2. Using TV Panelsusing tv panels

The TV sets that are mounted on the TV panels look stylish and neat. You can get these panels made out of wood and fix them on the wall where you want your TV.

These panels have holes through which the TV wires will pass through, ensuring completely concealed wiring behind your TV.

3. Using a TV Stand

TV stands or console tables are another solutions to TV wires cluttering behind your TV.using a tv stand

The TV sets that are mounted on these tables and stands can have their wires hidden behind the tables and stands.

These wires can be bunched up behind the table easily, leaving no mess and clutter.

4. Camouflage the Wires

You can camouflage the wires by painting them in the same color as your wall behind the TV. Choose the same shade for complete camouflaging.

5. Create a Wall art

Another way to hide these TV wires is to create wall art with them. Use your imagination or get some ideas from the internet to create cool art designs on your wall using TV cables and wires.

6. Hide TV wires behind other objects

You can hide your TV wires and cables behind other decorative items in your room. These items can be decorative lamps, picture frames, books, or flower vases. You can arrange these wires neatly behind these decorative items.

7. Installing a Raceway

Another way of hiding TV wires and cables behind your TV set is by installing a stylish raceway on the wall behind the TV. You can choose from different designs of wall raceways available in the market.

These raceways are usually made of plastic and wood. They can be mounted on the wall with adhesives. These raceways can be painted to suit your room’s color scheme.

8. Use Cable Organizersuse cable organizers

Hide your TV cables using cable organizers behind your TV sets. The most commonly used cable organizers are attractive boxes and baskets.

You will have to bunch up all the TV cables in an organized way and place them inside those cable organizers.

These cable organizers can then be hung on the wall behind the TV using adhesives or nails.

9. Using Cable covers and wraps

You can use cable covers and wraps to hide the wires behind your TV. You will have to run these covers down the wall using adhesive or screws.

Then pass the wires and cables through them. 


You always want your TV room to look neat, tidy, and stylish. For this, you will have to arrange your TV cables and wires in such a way that they add beauty to your room.

Most of the time, people like to hide these wires and cables. You can use numerous ways to hide these wires without having to cut through your wall.

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