How to get rid of ads on hulu

How to get rid of ads on hulu. Just like Amazon prime video, Netflix, and HBO max Hulu is also a famous live-streaming platform to watch different media content like drama seasons, movies, and tv shows.

The only negative point about watching any live-streaming platform is watching the different ads. Sometimes, it isn’t very reassuring to see a commercial when the movie is at its climax.

However, users choose to keep the commercial on while watching content on Hulu because if you keep the ads on, you can not avoid the ads on live tv broadcasting.

If you want to get rid of the ads from the current Hulu account, then it’s a very simple method because you just only need to turn to ad-free.

The positive thing is that it does not matter whether you are streaming on a laptop or smartphone because you can remove ads on Hulu through any option.

How to get rid of ads on hulu

Hulu’s live streaming service is famous for its live streaming to different media. It offers two different plans for its customers.

The first plan is a premium plan with no commercial ads, and the second plan is a discount plan for students but with ads.

Most people prefer to watch movies or shows without commercial ads because it’s very toxic to see commercials during live streaming, so keep reading the post to learn how to remove commercial ads from Hulu.

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Upgrade your plan

upgrade your plan

Hulu’s live streaming service facilitates two different plans for its users to enjoy the media.

The first plan is a premium plan with no ads, but this plan is expensive, and only those who can afford to subscribe to this account can pay the $12.99/month.

In this plan, there will be no disturbance of commercial ads, and you can enjoy your movie without any disturbance.

The second plan is for students who usually do not have enough money to subscribe to the premium plan, so that’s that’s can subscribe the Hulu through a .edu student discount plan.

The student plan is available at $1.99/month, but you will have to see the ads.

So, if you want to “avoid the” ads” and to see the movie without any commercials, Hulu’spgHulu’sour subscription plan means changing your plan to the premium plan “Hulu (No Ads) from the student plan.

You will have to pay more dollars for “Hulu (No Ads) plan, but it is no ads plan.

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If you don’t have enough money to upgrade your plan to a premium account from a student plan, then don’t worry because there are two methods to get rid of ads without upgrading your plan.

Use a VPN

VPN is also used to block various ads on the hulu streaming service. You just need to locate an option to stop ads within the channel that you use for your VPN.

From your computer

from your computer

Some people prefer to watch movies on hulu on a computer or laptop, so follow these instructions to stop the ads during the streaming channels.

  • Open the hulu live streaming website on your computer browser.
  • Move the move cursor on the computer screen and “select Account.”
  • Move the cursor to the “Your Subscription” part.
  • Tap “Manage” close to “Add-ons.”
  • Now, the next step is to move down to the “Switch Plans” part.
  • Tap the “No commercials” section.
  • You will see the “Review Changes” on the bottom screen; click it.
  • Select Confirm

Great, you have stopped the ads, and there will be no more commercials on your film or show.

Test ad-blocking browser

Another solution to get rid of commercials during live streaming is to test an ad-blocking browser to open the hulu website.

If you don’t want to change your current subscription plan due to a tight budget, then try to use an ad-blocking browser to avoid ads.

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If you are watching hulu on your smart tv, then this trick might not work, but if you are streaming on your laptop or desktop computer, then you can use different ad-blocking plugins.

If you are watching the hulu service on your smartphone, then you can download different apps from the google play store to stop the ads.

Refresh the Hulu Page

refresh the hulu page

If you don’t have enough budget to change your hulu plan, then simply refreshing the page can also stop the ads from coming during live streaming.

Keep in mind one thing refreshing or reloading the hulu page on your browser will not stop the ads from coming permanently.

Refreshing the page can only dispatch the ad length, but some ads are very lengthy, and you can’t wait to see the ads for two minutes.

Last but not least, this method is useful if you don’t want to go through a lot of trouble to prevent advertisements. You simply need to restart the page you’re on Hulu.

It is important to keep in mind that using this strategy will not eliminate advertisements entirely but will significantly cut down on their length.

Use an ad blocker app

If you love to watch hulu on your smartphone instead of a desktop computer and you have a student plan to watch a movie, then you must be irritated by the ads and commercials.

Download the ad blocker app from the google play store and install it on your phone. This app will permit you to see the movie without any commercials disturbing your movie.

Blokada, AdAway, and AdLock are some reliable apps that you can easily download on your android and ios to prevent advertisement on your mobile phone.


The bottom line of the article is that if you have a hulu live streaming account to watch shows and films, then if you are getting disturbed by ads, then it depends on your account plan.

If you have a premium plan, then you will not see any ads, but if you have a student plan, then the ads will come to disturb you during live streaming.

There are different methods you can use to remove the ads if you don’t have enough money to upgrade your plan, like refreshing the page, using ad blocker apps, and using a VPN.

Hopefully, you like this post to remove the ads from hulu streaming app. If you can’t find the solution, then contact hulu customer service.