Multiple electrical outlets not working

Multiple electrical outlets not working. Faulty wiring or the circuit breaker getting tripped are the most common reason if over one of your outlets aren’t working.

Overloading of the circuit is also a cause of outlet failure. Tripped outlets are also an addition to the outlet problem you might face.

I recently moved to a small apartment and started setting up my things. I checked my phone because of the orders I had placed. It was low on charge.

I plugged it into the nearest outlet with the charger. Nothing happened. The phone didn’t pick up the charge. I checked another outlet to see if it charges, but still no.

I was worried because I didn’t want to miss my charger. I didn’t know why, but I plugged another electrical appliance into the outlet, and it didn’t work either.

I became suspicious. I later figured multiple outlets weren’t working in the new house. I did research, and with help, I fixed the outlet problem.

To learn to fix multiple outlets, read the article.

Multiple electrical outlets not working
fix multiple electrical outlets not working

You are going on your daily routine, checking your email on the computer or charging the phone, and watching your favorite TV show while you are blow-drying your hair.

Then suddenly, everything turns off. It is all silent in the room unless you notice that the TV and fans are still working in the other room. What happened, you think?

The circuit breaker has been tripped with the overloading of power which was required from it.

Circuit overload

Circuit overload is the most common outlet failure reason when an extra amount of current flows through the circuits, the breakers trip, and the current to the outlet doesn’t even reach.

And because the breakers are trapped from the main board, no outlets work, and thus, you have outlet failure.


If the circuit is going to overload, then the lights will start blinking or will sometimes dim. You might hear noise or break from the machines.

Burning in the electrical outlets will also cause overload. The machines become so warm that we cannot touch them.

Unnecessary shocks by the accessories plugged into the outlet can cause it. Overflow of current may cause the tripping multiple times.


overloaded circuit

All the circuits need unplugging as soon as there is the tripping of the breakers and the circuit overload.

Multiple breakers and switches are present. All breakers have an assigned area. Remove all the things that caused the overload.

After all, causes have been removed. Turn the breaker on by switching them.

Some breakers or circuits may have been damaged because of the overload. Repair or replace them accordingly.

Off outlets

Outlets have switches that need to be turned on such that the circuit of the outlet closes. When the circuit is closed, the current is allowed to flow.

But the switches aren’t even turned on or, worse, tripped, then there is no chance for the outlets to work.


If the current is passing more than the wires and the circuits can withstand, the switches will trip.

Uncertain and wrong wires cause the overflow of the current, and thus, tripping happens. Using too many devices through a single outlet will also trip the boards and the outlets as well.


Ground fault circuit interrupters will detect any type of fault related to electricity. The circuit turns off immediately when any type of electrical fault is detected by it. It cuts all power.

A button pops you from the outlet when the circuits or the board get tripped. Remove all switches, push the button reset, and watch if that solves the issue.

tripped outletsIf the ground fault circuit interrupter does not reset, it would be because of the failed test.

If the red button on the appliance is yet there, there is no power; press the button of the test to see does it is restored.

If the appliance is still not resetting, the GFCI appliances may behave at fault.

If you are still examining the plug switch is not working, the problem could be because of the issues in the wiring.loose connections


There must be faulty wiring, or the circuit breaker must have been tripped. If the wires of the outlets are damaged, then you need to change them with the new one.

Loose wiring connections could be the cause of this issue. The article written above can help you resolve the issue.

Multiple electrical outlets not working

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