Multiple electrical outlets not working

Multiple electrical outlets not working. There are must be faulty wiring or the circuit breaker must have been tripped. If the wires of the outlets are damaged then you need to change them with the new one There are some solutions to this kind of issue. We will explain each 1 to you.

Multiple electrical outlets not working
fix multiple electrical outlets not working

You are going on your daily routine, checking the email on the computer or charging the phone, and watching your favorite TV show while you are blow-drying the hair.

Then suddenly, everything turns off. It is all silent in the room unless you notice that the TV and fans are working still in the other room.

What happened you think.

The circuit breaker has been tripped with the overloading of power which was required from it.

Overloaded Circuitoverloaded circuit

This can happen commonly. When a breaker of circuit trips, it turns off the power which is being supplied to a certain area of your house.

It is a preventive measure to help remove a potentially harmful situation.

How To Fix it

Have no tension, it is easy to fix.

First of all, unplug every electronic machine from the socket in question. Then, see the main circuit breaker.

You will watch that there are many switches, everyone is responsible for the power supply of different areas at your home.

When the breaker is tripped, the socket will be out of alignment with others if it has not got fully replace to the point.

put the switch on the “off” point firstly to set it, then return it to the “on” point. This will put the power back.

Warning symptoms of an overburdened electrical circuit

Before it creates a trip in the circuit breaker, your machines may be starts giving you some heads up until they stop working:

  • The lights will start blinking or will sometimes dim
  • You might hear noise or break from the machines.
  • It will smell as something is burning in the electrical outlets.
  • The machines become warm if we touch them.
  • You will be shocked by the accessories plugged in the outlet.

The place around the plug into the machine will look dark.

Keep going to learn about the warning symptoms and to know the reasons.

Tripped outletstripped outlets

Your home must have GFCI outlets in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. These rooms require these kinds of outlets to be put in carefully use electrical machines in the area near the water sources.

How to set

GFCI appliances are known as ground fault circuit interrupters, will turn off if they detect that there is very much power going through them.

There is a button of reset on these types of appliances that will go out of order if it is tripped.

Just remove all switches, push the button of reset, and watch if that solves the issue.

If the ground fault circuit interrupter does not reset, it would be because of the failed test. If the red button on the appliance is yet there, there is no power, press the button of the test to see does it is restored.

If the appliance is not resetting still, the GFCI appliances may behave fault.

If you are still examining the plug switch is not working, the problem could because of the issues in the wiring.

Loose Connectionsloose connections

A loose wiring connection could be happened by wear and it must have been used over time.

This happens, when an appliance is turned on, the electric power causes heat up the wire and expand. When the electricity is removed, the wire moves away as it cools.

The continuous expansion-and-moving away cycle will gradually, lose the wiring.

If the house is very new or the appliances were replaced recently, the loose connection may be because of a wrong wiring job.

How to set

Turning off the electric supply of the functioning appliances from the breaker, take off the outer plate to see if any connections are loose to the socket. If any of the wires look loose or damaged, it is best to replace the whole appliance.


There are must be faulty wiring or the circuit breaker must have been tripped. If the wires of the outlets are damaged then you need to change them with the new one.

Loose wiring connections could be the cause of this issue. The article written above can help you resolve the issue.

Multiple electrical outlets not working

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