How to defrost freezer without unplugging

How to defrost freezer without unplugging. It is very necessary to maintain the freezer through proper cleaning and care because it improves its efficiency and life span also.

When you see the buildup of ice on the walls of the freezer then it demands your attention to remove the ice.

If you do not defrost the freezer regularly, a minimum of once a year, then the ice will damage the evaporator fan and other components also.

It is not an easy and enjoyable task because you have stored a lot of food in the freezer and if you will not defrost quickly then all the food will damage.

If you want to defrost the freezer without turning it off, then move the frozen food into the fridge or some other freezer.

You can use a hairdryer or bowl of hot steam water to melt the ice but before that, place a towel on the bottom to soak up the extra water from the floor of the freezer. Keep reading the article to get more information.

How to defrost freezer without unplugging

defrost freezer without unplugging

If you have a freezer at home and you want to defrost it for melting the build-up of ice then protect the stored food before starting the process because this can take a whole day to complete.

Normally people switch off the freezer to let the ice melt itself, but if you want a faster process for defrosting, then there are other ways also to melt the ice without switching off the freezer.

But before that, you will have to collect many towels and a pair of gloves to use.

Use a fan

It is a very old and popular way of defrosting the freezer. When you switch in the fan in front of the freezer, then the air starts to circulate. If the outside air is warm, then it will melt the ice which is built upon the walls of the freezer.

The melting of ice depends upon the warm air and the thickness of the ice. It is important that the fan should be in front of the freezer and that the door of the unit is fully open.

Wear gloves and remove the melted ice from the freezer. You can use a towel to soak up the water from the floor of the appliance.

Place the bowl of hot water in the freezer

Another simple way of removing the ice from the unit is that take a large size bowl (which could be adjusted in the freezer) and heat it up on the stove.

When it is heated up enough to steam then, place it inside the freezer and close the door of the unit.

As you know that the freezer is tightly sealed so the steam of water will start melting the ice from the walls. You can remove the melted ice and water with the help of plastic scrapers.

If the ice is more, then repeat the same process after every 10 minutes until all the ice is melted.

Use of hairdryer

use of hairdryer

You can also use a hair dryer to defrost the freezer because it is a safe and quick process.

Before switching to the dryer, ensure that you are not standing in a wet place or water, and also keep away the device from the ice and water.

Ensure the endpoint of the dryer never touches the walls and coils of the unit because the strong heat can damage the plastic.

One more step to do is to place a towel on the floor of the freezer, which will soak the water.

The position of the dryer should be parallel to the sides. Now when the warm air from the dryer touches the ice, it will start melting.

You can continue your process until all the ice melts. You can use a sponge or plastic scraper to remove the ice from the unit.


If you do not have any other option, then you can use a scrapper made up of plastic, a spatula, and a wooden spoon.

It is a long and time taking process to scrape the ice from the walls of the appliance but do it very safely. If you will use these items hardly, then it can damage the components of the freezer.


How to defrost freezer without unplugging. The maintenance of a freezer is very necessary to improve its life span.

Therefore defrost it once a year or whenever you see a thick layer of ice on the floor or walls of the freezer.

If you want to do it without unplugging, then you can use a fan, a hairdryer, or place a steam bowl to melt ice, but be careful to damage the walls of the unit.

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