Freezer leaking water into fridge

Freezer leaking water into fridge. A fridge is an expensive appliance in your home. You need to take extra care of your fridge if you want it to work for a longer period. Your fridge is working just fine, and one day you see a stream of water leaking from your fridge.

You would be wondering that probably your fridge has been broken and now you might have to get a new fridge. But there is no need to buy a new fridge. You just need to spot the problem and look for some simple troubleshooting hacks.

Freezer leaking water into fridge
Freezer Leaking Water Into Fridge

A freezer is a significant component of a fridge. The water that’s leaking into your fridge or flowing on your kitchen floor is released from the freezer of the fridge.

There is a drain hole in the freezer that leads to the drainpipe for the mechanism of the fridge to work properly.

If the water starts to drip from the freezer to the fridge or the floor of your kitchen.

The problem might be that some food particles are blocking the drain hole or some ice has been frozen on the drain hole.

This blockage of the drain hole leads to the dripping of water. Also, the freezing of the drainpipe sometimes causes the dripping and leakage of water.

Troubleshooting the Dripping Water

The problem of the freezer leaking water into the fridge or on the floor could be easily solved by using simple techniques and hacks.

First, you need to look out for food particles. If you see small food particles on the drain hole, remove them to clear the path of water. This will direct the flow of water from the freezer to the drain through the drain hole.

Icing on the drain holeThe Icing On The Drain Hole

If you see icing on the drain hole, put some warm water on it. This will raise the temperature of the ice and result in the melting of the ice and clearance of the drain.

If the ice does not melt by using warm water, then put some salt on the ice. This will increase the temperature and help in melting the ice.

Defrosting your freezer

If all these methods do not work and you are still facing the problem of leaking water from the freezer to the fridge. Then the next method would be defrosting your freezer. This method demands a longer duration than the former methods.

  • First of all, empty your fridge and transfer the items to another fridge.
  • Then unplug the switch of the fridge and keep the doors of the fridge open for 24 hours.

How defrost method will work?Defrosting Your Freezer

This method will help to defrost all the excessive ice from the freezer and helps clear the drain pipe and drain hole.

To defrost the hardcore ice, you can put the warm water on the ice accumulated in the freezer or put some salt and leave it for some time.

This will fasten the process of melting the ice. When you defrost the freezer, the ice in the drainpipe will also melt, which will help regulate the flow and solve the problem of the freezer leaking water into the fridge.

Heating elementHeating Element

If the trouble of the freezer leaking water into the fridge occurs frequently, then there is an option available of attaching a small heating element with the compressor; this small heater would be nonfunctional in the mechanism of the fridge or freezer.

This will ensure the prevention of the freezer leaking water into the fridge or onto the floor of the kitchen.

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