How to crimp PEX without tool

How to crimp PEX without tool. PEX is a system of heating, cooling, and other purposes of electricity wires. It is mainly used in plumbing works. PEX is a plastic material prepared from high-density thermoplastic.

This is a small thing that is like a pipe that can be bent easily whenever you want. This is mostly present in the combination of red and blue colors. Usually, the red color is used for hot, and blue is used for cold temperatures.

The water that comes from the PEX is not very harmful to health it may cause a smell if the water stays for a much time in it.

These pipes are good for a long time. Their life is about 30 t 40 years. Clamping is used for the joining of two things together. These normal tools are used in daily life to tighten things.

How to crimp PEX without tool

how to crimp pex without tool

Below, we discuss the procedure of crimping PEX without a tool.

Remove the Fittings

The first step is the removal of the fittings or adhesive. You can remove the fitting simply with your hands you can twist it in an anticlockwise movement.

When you roll it in an anticlockwise situation, you can simply remove it with your hands if it is difficult to remove from your hands then you can cut it by using the next step.


The next and main part of the crimp is the cutting process and it is very easy because you can use any other tools you use ordinary in your home.

For the cutting of the PEX, we use the fast cutting material that helps it to cut down speedily. Good quality cutters are used for this process.

A saw is also a good tool for cutting, but it is good when it is hard and less flexible. If the saw is flexible, it is not good to cut because it won’t cut the surface neat and clean. For neat and clean cutting, make sure that the saw is not flexible it is hard and straight.


The next step is pulling the PEX material. You can pull the material by using your hands, but for your hands, it is very difficult because it may result in injury or pain. You can pull it by using your hands or the material mainly used in homes for the pulling purpose.

If you use your hands for the pulling purpose so please use them gently and calmly to avoid injuries and the effects that are harmful to you and your skin, health, etc.


The pressing is the best way after pulling. You can use the garden cutter for the pressing of the material, which is in the part you remove from the fitting, or use any bending material that bends easily and pull out the waste material from the pipe.

The wrenches are also very useful in this process. Because these have enough force to press anything, they look like the mouth when you spin it, and both ends come closer to each other these wrenches tight or press the thing that you want to do.



After the pulling process here, we disconnect the edges. When we disconnect then, it proceeds next. Disconnect and take care while disconnecting process because it may damage you and the material too.

Disconnect both ends and disconnect in this situation so that the part of the material does not get damaged. And after disconnection, it restores them as the other thing that is useful in it do not waste.

Crimping process

Here we crimp the PEX. Crimping has also the meaning of curling something it curls the PEX in the situation which is needed.


Here at the end, I am going to discuss the summary of the article. This article I write is about the process which is “how to crimp PEX without using tools” here above, I discussed the process that first, we open it by using hand not using any tool if it not open, then you can try the rug also if it does not open from you by bare hands.

If it is not removed easily, then you can cut it. After the cutting process, you can pull or press them for disconnection. After disconnection, your problem is going to solve now; you can crimp it and then fix it again where it was.

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