How to repair pvc pipe without cutting

How to repair pvc pipe without cutting. PVC pipes are firmly connected using strong adhesives or glues that permanently stick them together and prevent any kind of leakage.

That is an obvious benefit of these PVC pipes but as a downside, if any leakage arises in these pipes there is no permanent solution and one has to go for either bring a new one or repair it by cutting the pipe and inserting the new couplings that require complete re-plumbing of the section and is a time taking task.

Therefore, as a quick solution to this leakage in the PVC drain pipes, one can go for a variety of ways that will provide a robust solution to this leakage problem.

How to repair pvc pipe without cutting

Method 1: Repair TapeRepair Tape

PVC repair type is a heavy-duty silicone and rubber type that is the best possible solution for quickly fixing the leakage of the drain pipes.

This silicone repair type is a self-sticking type that is used for increasing the compression of the wrap and making the type fill in the spot of the leak.

The self-sticking ability allows it to get stuck to itself instead of the object surface and in this way you can use this type to cover the leaking coupling by wrapping the type across the whole area.

This type is best in its function because it can be spirally applied and this spiral arrangement will increase the coverage area in case the PVC pipe is split lengthwise.

The only downside of this method is that it cannot be applied to tight places where the tape cannot be inserted.

Method 2: Repair Epoxy

For repairing tight holes or other small leakage areas silicone type is not a useful option and therefore, one needs to go for any other possible solution that is possibly the epoxy application.

Repair epoxy is the best method for repairing tight spaces and comes in two distinct forms that are commonly referred to as liquid epoxy or putty epoxy.

Both of these come in syringes and are directly applied to joints or leaks in PVC pipes.

It will take only 25 minutes or a maximum of an hour for the epoxy to seal the leak and for tight spaces, the liquid epoxy is a better option as it can be easily applied and will quickly seal the leak owing to its thinner nature.

Method 3: Fiber Glass wrapping

This is a modern technique of repairing pipe leaks and this technique utilizes resins instead of tapes and glues and this is better effective than other methods.

This method will require the use of a water-activated resin on a fiberglass cloth, that will be dampened to wrap the PVC pipe and permanently seal the leak.

This method will only take 10 to 15 minutes and needs to be wrapped at least 2 inches on both sides of a pipe leak.

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