How to attach wood to concrete without drilling

How to attach wood to concrete without drilling. If you are willing to attach the wood to concrete without drilling, then read then you are in the exact place because I will inform you of various tips and methods to fix your problem.

The most commonly applied method to fix the wooden things to concrete without drill is to apply epoxy glue on the wood and concrete. This glue is very strong and effective and you can easily use it for such kinds of issues.

You can also use an air-powered nail gun to secure the wood on concrete floors or walls because this gun pushes the spikes or nails into the wood and concrete.

Another useful tip for tightening the wood and concrete surface is the use of powder-actuated tools with suitable nails, but the nails must go 1-inch inside the concrete to grip the wood material tightly. If you leave the nails loose, then they will not stop the wood movement on the concrete surface.

Keep reading the article to learn how to apply various tips to fix the wood to the concrete floor without drilling.

How to attach wood to concrete without drillingattach wood to concrete without drilling

Concrete is a reliable and durable material, and it gives a lot of value to your home and building if you use it properly like do not drill too many holes in the concrete surface because it decreases its durability.

Suppose you want to secure a wooden structure on a concrete surface. In that case, you can also fix it tightly without drilling by applying epoxy glue, using an air-powered nail gun, using powder-actuated tools with suitable nails, etc.

Without any delay, let us discuss all the possible tips in detail so that you can easily try them at home to protect your concrete as well as wooden structure tightly.

Tools required

If you are not using the drill machine to penetrate the nails into the concrete, you still require some particular tools to work on the concrete surface, but it depends on the wooden material and the type of work you have selected.

Securing wood with epoxysecuring wood with epoxy

As I mentioned in the article introduction, the most commonly and easily used method to tighten the wooden structure on the concrete floor is using epoxy glue because it is only made for such fixtures.

Before you start your work, clean the dust, grease, and other dirty stuff from the wood, concrete, and working area to secure the epoxy bond tightly.

Now, start your work by cutting the epoxy glue and applying the glue in vertical and thin lines to the surfaces to join them tightly.

Place your concrete and wooden surfaces on a flat surface and put in the epoxy. Now, press both surfaces with each other tightly and clean the extra glue with a soft cloth.

Ensure to clean the extra epoxy glue before it dries out because if it dries out and gets hardened, it becomes very difficult to detach it. If it unfortunately hardens, use a putty knife to disconnect it from the surfaces.

The usual epoxy glue drying out time is 3 days but ensure it because it is written on the packing, so check it on the manufacturer’s instructions.

Brick nails

Brick or masonry nails are also used to brick nailsfix a wooden material into the concrete surface. These nails are steel made and penetrate the wall with a hammer.

You can use a hammer and masonry nails to fix something like a wooden picture on the wall without any dust or disturbance.

Some people think this is inappropriate because it is a sloppy fix, and the nails do not give a good look to the picture.

Brick nails are used to connect wooden furring strips to the concrete surface but ensure to hang a light-weighted wooden structure with 1 nail.

Powder-actuated fasteners

Poweder-actuated fasteners are also used to attach wood to concrete surfaces without drilling. But before you use them to start your work, remember that gunpowder is very toxic and dangerous to eye and hands safety.

These powders are mostly used to tighten the wooden structure to concrete floor or wall but protect yourself before you use the powder-actuated fasteners.

Hardware hangers

Hardware hangers have many nails put up in the plastic hook to handle the concrete wall. If you have a small thing below 20 pounds weight, use hardware hangers because these are planned for wood structures, but some are suitable to hammer drill into an uneven wall.


Some people use a sledgehammer and concrete nails to attach wood to concrete without drilling because these nails are thick and easily make a hole of 1 inch into the wood and the concrete wall.

Only use steel concrete nails and sledgehammer for this purpose because they are only made for penetrating concrete surfaces.

Remember one thing you can not penetrate the steel nails with a steel hammer because it creates sparks when you hit the steel hammer with the steel nails so always use the sledgehammer to secure these types of nails.

If you have not hired professional labor to connect wood and concrete surface then hit the nails with full power by keeping the nails straight to make the wood secure and firm on the wall or floor.

Air-powered nail gun

If epoxy glue and a sledgehammer are not currently available, then you can also use an air-powered nail gun is another useful tool to fix the wooden frame on the concrete. It is not a common tool, so you can take some time for someone to complete your task.

There is a specific method to using an air nail gun, so ensure all methods to use this gun properly; otherwise, it is just a disaster and risky for you to operate it without learning how to use it.

Then you must know the concrete material like if the concrete floor is fragile and breakable, then do not use the air-powered gun because it will damage and break the floor or wall.

If you want to hang heavy objects like furniture on the wall or want to fix a wooden floor on the concrete surface, then use air powered gun for this purpose if you want to avoid drilling in the concrete.


The final thoughts on this article are that if you want to attach wood to concrete without drilling, you can use various methods and tools to connect the wood with concrete.

You can use epoxy glue, a sledgehammer, brick nails, air powered nail gun, hardware hangers, etc., to contact the wood structure to the concrete surface.

Wear hand gloves and eye goggles for self-protection and clean the area before and after the task. I am hopeful after reading this guide, you can attach the wood to concrete without drilling.

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