How to make wood stairs non slip

How to make wood stairs non slip. Fond of classical, dark wood staircases? I know, I know many of us have a strong liking for wooden staircases. Not only do they look stunning with their shiny surfaces, but they are also an adornment to the interior of your house.

But, let’s face the fact that at least once in our lifetime, we have been a target to our wooden stairs and fallen with our next few days lying on the hospital bed.

Having a wooden staircase is no doubt fancy, but it also comes with its flaws and demerits.

Keeping your staircase and removing the slippery factor, that’s what I have done for you, deduced some very convenient and less demanding ways to solve this inconvenience.

How to make wood stairs non slip

how to make wood stairs non slip

To get this disaster resolved, you need to know the factors that cause the slippery texture of your wooden staircase. It is said that when you know the problem, you can sort out the solutions to it.

Hence, let us peek into the various possibilities that might be that is cause for this trouble.

Varnishes and waxes

The thing is, when you are getting your staircase polished up and shiny, the thing you forget is to check whether the quality of waxes or varnishes you are using.

The quality of the product greatly matters because if you are compromising the quality of these little things, then that means you are accepting the consequences that you will have to face because of this.

The low-quality waxes or varnishes you use will definitely make your stairs slippery.

Dry and dusty contaminants

Wooden staircases, unlike others, have a very soft texture and are more vulnerable to slipping. Hence, the dust and other dry contaminants make them even more liable to walk on easily.

Sometimes there is grease, water, or oil on the stairs, and you don’t watch out. The stairs are already slippery, and these things add to the reduction of friction on your stairs.

So, if you plan on having wooden stairs, then you should be extra vigilant and keep an extra eye.

Catch the carpenter

Look! Those slippery stairs might not be your fault. Just get the orientation and formation of your stairs checked because those slips you’ve had all this time might be because of the carpenter’s fault.

The rise of your stairs should be at least 7 ¾ inches. The depth should be at least 10 inches.

The width of each stair should be minimum of 36-38 inches, the handrail, if, on both sides, it will be better, but if there is only one, then it should be almost 35-38 inches tall.

Your stairs should be formed with complete accuracy and precision and must be uniform because even a single mistake might lead to a huge error that could lead to a broken arm or leg or a twisted foot.

Potential ways to make your stairs less slippery

how to make wood stairs non slip 2022

The staircase trouble is of a bit of concern, and you don’t wanna spend the rest of your life breaking your bones, so I suggest you should do something about your wooden staircase.

Now, there are plenty of ways that might help you out. I have gathered some information about how to get rid of this slippery staircase problem because you know the person who has passed through this trouble understands your pain better.

  • Decor and more

There is a very easy and stylish solution to this problem of yours. To avoid the slippery staircase, you can add an adornment of a staircase carpet or a staircase rug.

That will greatly help you to cover your stairs, prevent them from getting dirty and protect you from any damage if you fall.

The carpet is a more common solution to this problem and does not require much hard work. Yet it adds to the glory of your staircase and gives it a more royal look.

But, like its pros, it also has some cons, like the edges of the staircase will get worn and torn with time. And carpets are also very hard to keep clean.

  • Apply the stair runner treads

apply the stair runner treads

An alternative for the carpet is a staircase tread. These are small pieces of carpets that are individually placed on each stair.

They also give a pretty neat look and have some benefits over the carpet. They are easily in the applicant and have been cleaned without any effort.

But, they are small and do not provide much protection if not applied correctly. They are also slippery because they are not fixed, and this might cause even more damage.

  • Anti-slip finishes for stairs

They are less common, but anti-slip finishes are also a considerable solution to this slippery-stairs issue. These are present in the markets and easily available.

The anti-slip finishers are liquids that give out a rough texture to your stairs and still do not ruin the shine. But after a few years, the effect of these finishers fades and requires reapplication

  • Get help from epoxies

Using epoxies is a totally mind-blowing idea to prevent your stair from being slippery and still enhance the beauty of your staircase. Epoxies can be customized and embellished beautifully with some artwork touch.

But the epoxies are also quite difficult to apply and maintain, and if not properly implemented, they give bubbles that do not look nice.

  • Adhesive strip

adhesive strip

You might have heard about the translucent adhesive strips that are used instead of a carpet. These are pieces of carpet that actually cover the edges of your wooden staircase.

These strips are an amazing alternative as they provide greater coverage. But the flaw to it is that it might damage the wooden stairs while removed, and the edges will also be damaged within a few weeks.

There are translucent plain adhesive strips that are clear and blend in with the color of your staircase. These transparent strips will retain the glory of your beautiful staircase.

  • Paints and varnishes

Painting and varnishing methods have been long considered to be an easy way to make your wooden staircase non-slippery and improve the grip of your feet by providing more friction to it.

  • Get rid of the wax

The waxes are famous for giving your wooden staircase, diamond apparel, and your stairs look as clear as crystals, but they are equally as notorious as they are famous for their extreme slippery texture.

Hence, getting rid of the waxes on your staircase will be the definite solution to your problem.


How to make wood stairs non slip. All the options are right in front of you, and as I’ve described above, all the possible ways to get rid of the slippery factor of your wooden stairs.

Moreover, for your convenience, I have described the pros and cons of each way. So, it’s all up to you now. Choose what suits you best.

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