Honeywell thermostat screen not responding

Honeywell thermostat screen not responding. Dead batteries do not let the thermostat respond on its screen. The thermostat’s screen doesn’t respond when invaded by bugs in its firmware.

Broken internal screen wiring won’t let the screen respond. Resetting and getting the thermostat bugs out can make the thermostat respond. The battery can make the screen work too.

I wanted to set my thermostat using its interphase or rather its screen, but when I checked the thermostat’s screen, there wasn’t any response from the Honeywell thermostat screen.

I couldn’t set anything on the thermostat without its display. I thought my whole thermostat was faulty, and without a new thermostat, my things won’t be set.

I consulted Honeywell services about the thermostat. They said before getting a new Honeywell thermostat, try setting the old Honeywell thermostat. The connection of the Honeywell thermostat should be checked.

Honeywell thermostat screen not responding

Having Honeywell as your thermostat makes the temperature setting of your residence pretty decent. You can get any temperature with your Honeywell thermostat by setting it through its screen.

But the thermostat sometimes can not be set through the screen as the thermostat’s screen leaves all types of responses.

The thermostat’s screen is unable to take input from you if it is broken, and it even becomes unresponsive because of that.

Firmware bugs in the thermostat can react with its screen too, and make it unresponsive. A glitch in the thermostat doesn’t let the screen respond either. Read more below.

Underpowered battery

underpowered battery

There are thermostats these days that mostly use a battery instead of HVAC wiring, and power in the battery in the thermostat battery deprives very fast.

As the power in the battery fades, the battery dies without it, and the thermostat with a deprived or completely dead battery remains unresponsive.

If the thermostat is not powered through the HVAC system and rubs on a battery, the simple thermostat screen fix is to get a new battery.

Check the Honeywell manual about its thermostat and see about the thermostat’s battery replacement. Typically in the Honeywell thermostat, the faceplate needs removal.

You may find the thermostat battery varying in replacement in different types of thermostat models.

The thermostat battery will have one thing in common most will have the same batteries, but still check the battery inside your thermostat and purchase a battery that is for the model of your thermostat.

If the batteries weren’t enough for your thermostat, then there may be something wrong with its screen.

Voltage issue

voltage issue

There is a transformer in both the heating system and the air conditioning system that is for sending voltage to the thermostat.

If your voltage from the air conditioner and the heating system isn’t sent properly, the thermostat doesn’t work.

If the transformer doesn’t send proper voltage to you, then there can arise issues with other components of the thermostat.

The thermostat components that can be aroused with the transformer include the thermostat screen not responding properly.

The overflowing drain pan can make the air conditioning system shut off on its own. This triggering can cut the thermostat’s power.

A tripped limit switch can be the reason on the heating side. If the transformer is sending the wrong voltage, then the voltage should be stabilized, and an HVAC technician can stabilize the voltage.

Circuit breaker issue

circuit breaker issue

The thermostat screen not even displaying rather than responding is a common circuit breaker-caused issue. When appliances overload the circuit, the breakers with the overload appliances can trip.

The thermostats are connected to the breakers, so the breaker trips off as the screen of the thermostat, like other thermostat components, power off.

The breaker box should be inquired to know if the breaker has been tripped off.

If the main box has the breakers that are tripped, then just turn them over. However, the breakers on the main o are not the only breakers. The HVAC system may have its own breakers for safety.

The assigned HVAC breakers may be the tripped ones. The access doors may not be closed, and the access doors are causing this issue. Tripped HVAC breakers or normal breakers just need to be cleared and turned on.

Faulty wiring

faulty wiring

The screen of the thermostat may not power because the wire behind the thermostat that should be properly attached is not attached properly, and it may even have faults.

The wire of the thermostat present behind the thermostat, if faulty or loose, should be detached and even replaced.

The cover of the Honeywell thermostat should’ve been removed to reach the backend wire and to get a better look for the replacement of the wire.

Remove the cover of the thermostat gently from both sides of the thermostats. The abs e of the base is secured with 2-4 screws is that the thermostats remain placed.

A bundle of thin wires under the cover appears. Check the fastening screws and see if the fastening screws are missing any wires. If they are moved away from the fastening screws.

Place the wire on the fasting screws and tighten them. Faulty wires can also be present rather than loose wires. The wires in the thermostat may be broken from the middle.

You can attach the wires of the thermostat together and tape the broken wires, so they don’t get separated again.

Adding an extra wire to connect the wires is a pretty trick for a wiring connection. The faulty wires can be completely changed with matching wires.

Screen faults

screen faults

If the thermostat doesn’t have any wiring fault and the power to the thermostat doesn’t seem to be low, and the batteries of the Honeywell thermostat are completely fine, the thermostat screen can be the issue itself.

Check the thermostat screen for physical damage from the outside. The wire to the thermostat screen can be loose as the thermostat may have fallen, and the wire got loose from the shock.

The shock of falling can break the thermostats too, and the falling shock isn’t how, so the whole screen of the thermostat may have broken.

The broke screen may not turn on, and even if the thermostat screen turns on, it may not be able to respond to your interaction with it.

The screen of the Honeywell thermostat can be replaced by the Honeywell services or a proper thermostat technician, so leave the screen of the thermostat to them.

Thermostat firmware

After the screen doesn’t have any physically visible problems and checks that the screen is on, but the response is not working, move to the firmware.

The firmware of the Honeywell thermostat can be fixed with your change in the firmware. The change in the firmware is the update of the firmware that will remove the thermostat bugs present in it.

The updated thermostat firmware, be it Honeywell or any other, will remove the old bugs and even get new thermostat functions for you.

The firmware of the Honeywell thermostat can be upgraded through the app of the thermostat. If the firmware of the thermostat doesn’t have an update, then the thermostat should be set to default.

To set the thermostat back to default, resetting the thermostat is needed. Remove the batteries of the thermostat, or the HVAC system should be shut off if it works on HVAC.

Let the Honeywell thermostat remain powerless for some time, and then power the Honeywell thermostat should be powered.

The Honeywell thermostat will have its screen working after the reset is complete. A reset inside the app or on the thermostat may be available.


The Honeywell thermostat with screen issue will have no control over the interface and even have no response from the screen either.

About 6 Honeywell screen response issues are addressed. Check the thermostat issues above. Screen faults should be fixed completely for control. Thanks for reading.

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