Honeywell thermostat wifi setup

Honeywell thermostat wifi setup. Honeywell thermostat is a system that aids you in maintaining the temperature. This system is quite useful as it aids in ventilation, heating, and even the air conditioning system.

A box is what it is. It shows the temperature of the house or just the specific house. It is temperature-sensitive. Meaning it accords to temperature.

It turns on the heating if the temperature is low and turns on the air conditioner if the temperature is high. You can set the optimum temperature on your own. You can set it to the degree where you want it to be.

The Honeywell thermostat will not allow the temperature to fall under the set level, and it will not let the temperature rise above the set level either. You can set the temperature by using your voice.

Honeywell thermostat wifi setup

honeywell thermostat wi fi setup

Setting up a Honeywell thermostat with Wi-Fi is really easy. It enables you to use distinct features of the Honeywell thermostat.

The functions that are displayed on the thermostat can be controlled remotely through the use of your phone.

You just need to connect the phone you have with the Honeywell thermostat, and you will perform all the functions using your phone.

There are types of Honeywell thermostats based on their control. One is the thermostat with a touchpad, and the other is the one without a touchpad.

Setting up the Honeywell thermostat Wi-Fi

The two Honeywell thermostats above are set up with Wi-Fi through distinct steps. Let us discuss them separately and briefly.

Setting Honeywell thermostat without a touch screen

It is the old version of the Honeywell thermostat, but it is still used by some people, so let us discuss it first.

Activating Wi-Fi

The 1st step of this is to put your Honeywell thermostat on Wi-Fi mode. To do that, check the screen. If you don’t find it, first use the arrow keys to move around the list till you find it.

Change the numbers on the screen press next to turn it to 39 and down an arrow to set it to zero.

Finding the correct connection

Now get your phone and open Wi-Fi. You need to find the connection given by the thermostat. Scroll down if you don’t see it on the front.


The name of the network or Honeywell thermostat is probably given as “New Thermostat”. Connect to the Wi-Fi by tapping on it. There is no password required for it.


Depending on the device you are using. You will be redirected by the server to a list of the available networks through which you can connect your thermostat network.

After completing the above steps, check your Honeywell thermostat. You will see a waiting symbol on it. This symbol will disappear after you have connected to your network.

You can use both the website of Honeywell and the mobile app to control the thermostat with your phone.

Connecting a touchscreen thermostat

connecting a touchscreen thermostat

Connecting to the touchscreen version of the Honeywell thermostat is much easier than the one without a touchscreen.

Opening Menu

Tap the menu option on the screen of the touchscreen thermostat. The menu is usually dialed in the front, so you will easily find it. If not, you can scroll around and find it there.

Wi-Fi options

After tapping the menu, option settings will appear. There you will be able to locate the Wi-Fi option. Tap the Wi-Fi setup option. When you tap it, you will see the list of the available Wi-Fi networks in the area.

Tapping “Your Network”

You will see different options. You can use arrows to move around for more networks. But what you need to do is to tap the “Your Network” option available on the screen.

Entering password

After tapping the dialogue box of the network will appear, enter the password. If there is one otherwise, just tapping the network will connect it automatically. If you cannot find the password, check the sticker on your router.


When the password is entered, and you have connected, then click Next. You will see there is a confirmation page or message when you are done. If not, forget the network and try again.


The setting of the touch screen Honeywell thermostat is much easier when compared to that of the one without the touch screen.

So if you want to buy a Honeywell thermostat, I recommend the latest with a touch screen.

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