Honeywell thermostat recovery mode

Honeywell thermostat recovery mode. Thermostats are commonly used by many people. This is because they have such pleasant fiction. The Honeywell thermostat functions actively. You can customize the setting to your taste.

The new updates on the Honeywell thermostat can not be neglected. Here we shall talk about the recovery mode that is available in the new upgrades.

This mode helps you relax as the temperature is reached at the required level, and that is at the proper time that you set. You can just return home from the office, and it will be on before that.

Honeywell thermostat recovery mode

honeywell thermostat recovery mode

Recovery Mode is a mode in the Honeywell thermostat. When the thermostat is in this mode, it shows the temperature that you had set for the device is being achieved.

When operating in this mode, the HVAC is automatically switched on by the thermostat before the scheduled time so that the required temperature can be got at a scheduled time.

Steps to set override the recovery mode

There are certain steps you should follow if you want to set your temperature on your own. This can be done by overriding the recovery mode and setting your own value. Steps to do so are down below:

  • Go to your thermostat and tap or click ‘settings’. You can see the setting option on your display screen.
  • In settings, look for preferences and then tap on the option.
  • In the menu, you will see the option of “Smart response technology.” Tap on this option to go further.
  • Then you will see recovery mode options. Tap and turn the recovery mode off. This will disable the recovery mode.
  • Select the ‘Previous Menu’ on your display screen. Then tap home to return to the back..
  • You will be back on your home screen after tapping it.
  • Now you can see and rest assured that the recovery mode is turned off. But what we need to do is to override it, not turn it off.
  • You can do this by tapping the reset button on the menu. It will allow you to adjust the time and temperature on your device.

Reason for thermostat being in recovery mode

reason for thermostat being in recovery mode

The reason for the thermostat being in recovery mode can be simple:

The company has set the recovery mode for your safety. You might have turned it on by yourself. And you do not remember.

You have accidentally turned it on, and you do not know. You might have just forgotten to disable it.


There are multiple advantages to the use of recovery mode in the Honeywell thermostat. Let us find what they are:

You can use recovery mode to attain the required temperature. The recovery mode can be used to get a certain temperature. You can set the time for the thermostat to work.

You do not need to keep it always on as the temperature will be obtained at the required time.

Y0u will be able to save energy as the energy will only be used at the time you had set to start the Thermostat. You can turn the recovery mode on easily. You can turn the recovery mode off easily.


They are hard to install in your houses. They are really expensive. You have to choose between a large variety, and that is not easy.

The installation cost is also very high for them. There are too many instructions on it so you might not be able o interpret it.


Why turn on the recovery mode in the Honeywell thermostat?

The major advantage of this is that you can be lazy later on. You have already adjusted the temperature. This will help you not to set it again and again. The temperature will also be set on time.

Does recovery mode help save time?

Yes, as mentioned before, the time can be saved by the recovery mode; you do not have to set the temperature again and again.


The advantages and disadvantages of the recovery mode of the Honeywell recovery mode have been discussed already.

So you can conclude the result according to your own thinking. This entirely depends on you.

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